Iranian Almonds

Iran is one of the neighboring countries of Pakistan. The Iranian almond is distinguished by its long nut, which is formed by the fruit of the almond tree. The flavor of almonds can range from sweet to bitter (depending on the almond type) Consumption of almond nuts was widespread even in prehistoric times. There are three different varieties of almond trees in Iran; one of these trees yields sweet almonds, while the other two yield bitter almonds.

There are so many types of almonds in Iranian regions. Here, we are going to tell you all about Iranian almonds, their varieties, and prices in different regions of Pakistan, their benefits, and much more. If you are here to know about Iranian almond prices or want to buy them, you will be facilitated. The price of Iranian almonds, which are known for their great quality, is significantly higher than the price of other types of almonds.

Irani Almonds Benefits and Nutritional Values

Iranian almonds are rich in protein, minerals, and vitamins due to their higher almond oil concentration. Vitamin E keeps skin healthy and bright. This badam contains Omega Fatty Acids that help cholesterol sufferers. Zinc, magnesium, and riboflavin make a brain-fueling snack. Iranian badam may be eaten alone or dipped in melted butter.

Sprinkle Iranian almonds over granola bowls, salads, cereal bowls, mueslis, or yogurt for a buttery crunch. Crushing and adding dessert nibbles to brownies or cookie batter enhances them. If you want a healthy, sweet snack, drown them in chocolate and freeze them.

The seed of an almond tree gives the Irani Almond its characteristic buttery flavor and oval shape. They thrive in cooler areas and produce between 3 and 5% of the world's supply of almonds. For as long as anyone can remember, medical professionals in Iran have been recommending them to pregnant patients.

Available Packs

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Iranian Almonds Price in Different Cities

There are price differences in different cities in Pakistan. Let’s discuss these price fluctuations one by one.

Irani badam price in Lahore

If you are the one who lives in Lahore and looking for Irani almonds in the physical markets, don’t waste your time doing this tedious task. Buy online from at lower rates. Irani badam price in Lahore is almost the same as it is in Quetta and Peshawar, but the quality is not the same. If you order almonds from our platform, you will get a premium pack at lower rates than in other markets.

Irani badam price in Karachi

Although, Karachi is at the corner of the country and there is no cultivation or proper setup of Irani almonds, unfortunately, people buy dry fruits and nuts from physical marketplaces. But now, brings Irani almonds at the lowest rates to your doorstep. Buy this irani badam from at the lowest price ever.

Irani badam price in Islamabad

Despite Islamabad being the capital city of Pakistan and all the roots, roads, and highways connected to it, Irani almonds are being purchased at higher rates. Rather than purchasing almonds from physical markets, buy them from online platforms like and get discounts on high-quality fresh Irani almonds.

Iranian Almonds Prices in Multan

Despite the fact that Karachi is located in a remote part of the nation and that there is neither a crop nor a suitable infrastructure for Irani almonds, most people still purchase dried fruits and nuts from traditional marketplaces. But now, will deliver Iran's almonds to your door at the most affordable prices possible. You won't find a better deal anywhere than on for these Iranian Badam.

Iranian Almonds in Different Provinces

Among the provinces, KPK has lower prices for Iranian badam Giri then Gilgit. This is because there are areas in both KPK and GB where almonds could be grown. This variety of almonds poses a serious threat to the market share of the irani variety. iranian badam costs the second-most in Punjab, behind Khayber.

Baluchistan is where you'll discover the cheapest prices, even if Sindh isn't exactly cheap either. Quetta and Ziarat are two of the most important markets for fresh and dried fruits in all of Balochistan. Our marketplace is available throughout Pakistan, so no matter where you are, you can get your hands on cheap dried fruits, nuts, and other staples.

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