A bra is an essential item in a woman’s wardrobe. And it is a vital thing in their life and stays with them till they live. And when they get married, its role in their life is enhanced. Their first-night matching set is considered mandatory. However, sexy pakistani bras are worn by brides to seduce their partners on their first night.PAKISTANI BRAS


It can get very confusing for a desi Pakistani woman to decide what she should wear on her first wedding night. This question pops up in every woman's mind one day before the wedding when she is choosing to wear undergarments on her wedding dress. Although, lingerie can get awkward for a desi woman if she has never worn it. The option remains if she knows lingerie will make her look sexier and seductive on the first night. The romance on the first night is always a special moment for both husband and wife. Maybe they could be connected emotionally, but on this night, their connection becomes physical, and this bond gets stronger and stronger with every passing day in life.


This question is not new in the context of Pakistan, where people laugh whenever you talk about undergarments. Typically, the face of a man can go red if he is buying a bra for her spouse because it is not expected in Pakistan. Whereas in other parts of the world, when a husband wants to share his romantic feelings with her wife, he buys her sexy lingerie from a lingerie store or a bra of his favorite color so that she may look attractive whenever she wears that specific color bra. The trend of shopping for undergarments for your women is still not viable enough in the physical world of Pakistan. But due to the availability of ladies bras online, men are much relieved in buying undergarments for their partners or wives. At the same time, online bra shopping in Pakistan is increasing because men also take the opportunity to see their wives in their favorite color or design lingerie.

A man never goes out with any woman if he is emotionally and sexually satisfied by her partner.

And, maybe it can happen if your partner is not into you emotionally and sexually. Sometimes if your wife is showing cold behavior towards you that does not mean that she needs a gift or luxury. She may need intimation from your side that can spice up your relationship and get it back on track again.


The stereotype related to buying bra for womens has deep roots in Pakistani society. The bra is perceived as a sign of sexual intimation in society by men. They do not take it as just a piece of undergarment. Specially stereotypes that are related to men buying undergarments and bra for ladies has still not changed. They feel shy and uncomfortable even if they are buying women bras for their spouses. To break this stereotype it is necessary that they could be made to realize that it is just a piece of cloth until it is not worn by a woman. For example, the garments industry in Pakistan is located in the city of Faisalabad. As female bras are also prepared in these factories, women and men are working together in these factories. When a man passes a woman working by his side the male feels shy, but after a certain type, he realizes that it is just a piece of cloth like shirts and jeans. And soon the men working for undergarments will realize that it is a part of their job. Similarly, to make it interesting for men to buy bra in pakistan, it is pivotal that they should not feel shy if they go out to buy bras in a physical shop. Thanks to online bra sales and discount options that has made men more relieved to buy bras for their women.

In this way, they will urge women to buy online bras in pakistan from marketplaces like leyjao where they easily exchange bought bras if they don't fit well. They are often greeted with more respect in the undergarment section for women. The ideal thing to make men interested in bra ladies wear is that they should be encouraged to shop for the bras again. In this way, your relationship takes a new turn. For instance, if you like a printed bra, you can gift that bra to your wife. And it will make her more inclined toward you and help you take your relationship with her to a new extreme.


A woman always needs a bra, and she also wants to look sexier when she is looking at herself in the mirror. But due to many tantrums in life, they tend to spend more or less on their bras. Her kids and husband are always her first priority. She saves money for them or to go on vacations. But bras for womens have a special place in their heart. You can give her an expensive and luxurious bra that is comfortable according to her size and shape. This will excite her more than anything. She always wants to spend more money on buying bras that make her look sexier and more attractive to her partner. This will create an affectionate bond between you and your wife and you care about everything that is related to her. Whenever they are buying bras they look for affordable branded bras for ladies at the shop. They can buy generic and mediocre type bras themselves but she needs you to be a savior and buy her a ladies sexy bra so your intimate relationship may not feel any dilemma.


Love is the only thing that does not fade away. It is an essential element to living a romantic and happy life with your partner. But sometimes the spice in life is missing from either side. You miss the emotional and romantic moments in life. The bridge which womens sexy bras and sexy panties can build at this moment of your relationship nothing else will do. The divorce rate is rising in Pakistan, and one of the reasons behind it is the lack of intimacy between husbands and wives. Their relationship is taking a turn and they have no clue how to deal with it. When you feel attraction towards your partner you try your best to keep him/her with yourself.

Sexy undergarments make your partner feel that you care about his sexual emotions and want to be intimate with him. The use of a sexy bra for women is generally to seduce the partner. Both partners have to give their best if they want to save the relationship. If a woman isn’t responding to your intimacy that means she is not emotionally connected to you. To make her connect you should give her a sexy dress to make her feel good. Similarly, Not everyone has the perfect body shape and size. This can also become a resistance to your smooth relationship. For example, if your wife has transformed herself into a plus-size woman, this might create a hurdle in your romantic life. But it is also a personal problem for some women because they do not know where to find plus size bras that fit them the best. Even for some women large size bras are like a challenge because they are not normally manufactured by retailers. Leyjao has resolved this problem for women with plus size. You do not have to wander around in the market to find your size bra. You can easily order plus size bras online from their marketplace which has a wide range of sizes and designs for plus-size women. A woman has more options to save the relationship as compared to men.


You do not want the flame in your relationship to die. So you need to find a blaze every time you feel that the relationship is getting boring. Try wearing a fancy bra set that will surprise your husband when he sees you in this seductive mood. That will also make him seductive and don’t let the relationship suffer boredom. The main idea behind a fancy bra is that men do not take interest in their women after they have children. They always find a reason not to be too seductive because they are tired. You as a woman have to find the turn-on point for him and keep rejuvenating your relationship and married life.


How will your husband find you sexier and more seductive if you do not feel it for yourself? You have to fill your wardrobe with sexy and hot nighties dress for your special moments. You have to feel within yourself that you are still sensual and seductive enough to make your husband crazy for you and let him crave more for your body. It will add more spice if you will wear women secret bra of his favorite color. You can also buy women's secret bra online if you want them on an urgent basis for an event. Sometimes action speaks louder than words, it will definitely make him feel seductive. Nobody knows better than you what is the turn on for him.


Every person is living with some fantasies. It is not hard to ignite his fantasies if you know him very well. You just need to kickstart those points that take him to the lusty fantasy world. You just need to order bras online that are part of his fantasy. If you want the most romantic man for yourself, let him think and speak about his fantasies. It will help you make the most of that fantasy and you will touch new heights of intimacy in your married life. Married life is about two different personalities together. Sometimes it happens that you have a romantic personality but your partner does not have the same personality trait. At this moment, you need to understand your partner and create moments that make him or her romantic to be intimate with you. A happily married life is just about healthy understanding between spouses.

If you want to keep him involved with you on a regular basis, do not stop yourself from looking for sexy bra online marketplace of leyjao. There is a huge variety of bras for sale in the undergarments category. You can shop for various quality products with just a click.


It is believed that the first impression is the last impression and it matters more than anything on your first night. You should have a bra collection that can make your husband believe that you have the best body features. Another essential guideline to follow is undergarments are the best thing to show on the first night. So he will realize how lucky he is to have her as his partner. The undergarments you wear on your first night can make your partner believe that his sexual life is going to be more exciting than he expected. Usually, bras for weddings come in a variety of designs and shapes. For instance, a baby doll is a popular nighty dress for bridal who wants to show her smooth and sexy legs to his spouse on the first night. Moreover, its fabric is so soft and comfortable that it makes you feel relaxed on your first night. Made with silk and laces it can be the best choice for your wedding night. It is important that you have at least tried your undergarments once before wearing them on the first so that you can check the fit and comfort because itching can spoil all your experience. So it is better to buy your wedding bra from online bra shops which will allow you to try them at home.


As a woman, it is one of the most difficult things to shop for your undergarments and bra from a bra shop in pakistan, but not anymore. In another case, the embarrassment starts when you enter the shop. His eyeballs have already measured your size and you murmur in a low voice about your size and he starts yelling at his employees to send the bra size. To make you more uncomfortable he keeps insisting on what bra size will be better for you like you do not know what size fits you well. But you can definitely avoid this embarrassment if you will shop from an online bra shop like leyjao which has a huge collection of sexy bras in pakistan in their marketplace.

Although you have made up your mind to buy from bra shops, the difficulty is that you would not be asking him to give you the sexiest bra in his shop. And if you have shown courage and audacity to buy it how will you try it on? It is also not easy to go and buy bra sets at shopping malls. Most bra brands in pakistan have the tiniest of dressing rooms and there is a bigger fear of being spied on by hidden cameras. The malls try their best to ensure privacy but there are some rotten eggs who want to stick their nose into the ugliest of things. And they plant cameras at places where no one can see them. All these hurdles make the bras online shopping more convenient for women.


There are many reasons that make bra online shopping one of the rising trends in Pakistan. The stereotype and male shop bras embarrassment are enough to divert your mind to buy bras online but there are other benefits that are far more convenient and comfortable in person. Women are more inclined towards online shopping for bra because it gives the option to try the best bra of their size from the comfort of home. They just need to place the bras order online and it will be delivered to their doorsteps. This is one of the biggest reasons that women do not have to leave their homes and they will be getting their necessities without any hustle. You can shop bra online and try them on to check them according to your size and order. And if anything does not go well you can change and replace the bra. This is increasing ladies bra online shopping in pakistan on a daily basis.

Another benefit of choosing an online bra store for shopping for your bra is that no one is going to harass you for looking at the products. The salesman at the shop wants to sell the bra for sale as soon as possible. This sometimes turns into an awkward moment and you hastily buy the bra on sale just to avoid the inconvenience. But the bra shop online gives you the time and ease to look at the variety of fashion online store products. You can check the variety of sizes and designs according to your shape and taste.

The taboos related to buying an intimate bra are quite common in Pakistan. Women do not want to buy a sexy intimate bra from the shop because she thinks it will make them feel embarrassed that she is going to look sexually appealing to their husband. This taboo leads to making her more uncomfortable whenever she is shopping for her bras from local vendors or the ladies undergarments brands in pakistan, both situations are difficult for her to choose a sexy ladies' bra.

If you compare the bra shops online and the physical store, the choice, and variety that is available online is far better than the store. They have a limited space to display and they cannot display everything in the shop. The online store helps you decide to wear the best bras for women according to your choice. When you shop online no one is seeing you so be selective and decide on the best online bras options available for you.


It is quite debatable which type of bra is better when bought online. The Pakistan bra is almost of lower quality. Branded bras are durable and made of quality material which is checked and monitored by the quality assurance teams at the brands. They make sure that the customer gets the premium feel when they buy branded bra for women from their outlet or marketplace. Marketplaces like leyjao is offering different discounts on their branded ladies bras online and the quality best bra in pakistan with better promotions than its competitor. The quality and standards are checked and maintained by the marketplace so that the trust between customers and the retailer keeps growing with time.

branded bra for women

Whereas, locally manufactured bras are also available at cheap prices but these bras have many problems that damage your skin. Local products are undoubtedly cheaper, but they are not dependable. For example, if you bought an underwire bra from a brand and one from a local manufacturer. The purpose of an underwired bra is to make your breasts appear more in the front by giving support. If you buy women bras online it will give you a double-sided stitched underwire that ensures that the wire remains inside the bra. While locally manufactured bras do not take notice of this specific guideline and the wire can pop out of the bra and make you uncomfortable with damaging your skin. Wearing an underwire local bra always keeps your skin at risk of getting damaged.

Another important thing to notice is the ladies bra price for both local and brands. The difference in price is not that if you buy ladies bra in pakistan from a branded or local source. The local market is often flooded by the local providers but due to the cost of production, the prices fluctuate more often. Whereas brands have the task to maintain quality and customer satisfaction within a certain price range that their regular target audience can afford. They do a complete analysis of the market before raising the prices of the products because they know that the customers will not compromise on quality and price together.


The quality of the bra depends upon the seller. If you are shopping from a trustworthy marketplace like, you do not need to worry about the quality of the bras. A bra is like a part of the body for a woman, so she needs to be very careful about it. It can transform your look and body while helping you look confident and attractive. The type and fabric of a bra lady are wearing matters a lot. Some fabric materials usually instigate itching on your skin, so it depends on you which fabric type you prefer to wear in bras. Women wearing a bra in pakistan should choose bra stores online wisely because some retailers are not offering quality products.

The quality of the bra can matter if you have spent a good amount of money buying it. If it gets rough after one wash, it can make you feel bad because you spend your time and money buying that bra. So make sure to buy from leyjao to save yourself from inconvenience.


If you are saving money to buy an exclusive bra design you need to keep visiting the leyjao website because it regularly offers big discounts on a bra for sale in pakistan to its buyers. Not only this if you want to avail of their bras online sale, you can also just simply visit their website to get exclusive bras at discounted prices. There are several promotions that help you increase your bra collection and help you get a sensual look for your partner whenever you need it. You will be having many handfuls of choices to sexually allure your spouse. These promotions are added to give maximum benefit to the buyers.

However, the purchasing power of women in Pakistan has seen a progressive change. They can undoubtedly afford expensive products. A few decades ago they were too dependent on their spouses to buy a bra and even wondered at the price of bra if it was expensive. However, bra prices are relatively higher now. Financial liberty has taken bra online pakistan shopping to another level and they are helping to lower the bras price in pakistan to make them affordable for everyone. Women generally buy bras on sale or at low prices for their daily use. The reason behind buying cheaper bras for daily use is, they have to do daily chores at home which makes the body sweat more and more and it can ultimately create embarrassment for you in the summer season.


As the summer season arrives, the body has a biological system to cool down the body temperature. It can happen in the summer and during exercise. And when body temperature is rising the glands signal the brain to produce sweat. This sweat makes you uncomfortable if you have larger breasts. Honestly speaking, it is a good sign for a healthy body but you can wear breathable bras to control moisture and avoid irritation and itching on the skin. Loose-fitting clothes will allow the air to go through your body and remove moisture from your bras. But women wearing bras can adopt a normal thing to sweat less in the summer season.

Mostly, bra sellers do not keep account of materials while making them. If you are making the bras for the summer season they should be using cotton as fabric, not synthetic or nylon material which does not allow the fabric to breathe. This is one of the reasons that cotton bra online shopping in pakistan on online platforms is growing rapidly. It has made cotton bras pakistan demand go higher in the online market. Cotton bras are a popular item in Pakistan. Because the temperature becomes too hot and humid and everything sweats when you go outside in the summer. There are several other things that can be done to avoid sweating in the summer season.

Wearing light-colored clothes is a useful tip to control sweating in the summer. It is a commonly known fact that the dark color absorbs heat and makes the fabric warmer. Whereas cotton also absorbs sweat that can generate a bad odor in your clothes but it would not irritate you. As a female bra is an unavoidable thing to do. They can choose not to wear a bra at home but when it comes to going out they have to wear a bra. The ideal thing to do when you are going out is to wear a cotton bra liner that will help the absorption of sweating. You can also buy a moisture-wicking bra, these are expensive but can be useful if you are going out to an event in the summer. Sports bras are not only for athletes. They can also help you if you have large breasts and you sweat more. They are designed and made with fabric to absorb sweating. However, fancy and fashionable bras can be too hot for you in Summer.


The bras also have a season too specific. You cannot wear a padded bra in the summer because it makes you hotter than you expect. Similarly, you can wear only a fashionable bra whether the weather is cold or during the spring season. That makes the winter season the best choice to wear lace bras in the winter. Women also wear shapewear or thermal suits in the winter. Shapewear and bra are the two different categories of undergarments for women.

Shapewear can help your body to look smart and attractive while also providing a layer in your clothing for the harsh cold weather. Every woman has a different body structure and she should wear bras and shapewear according to her shape. The bra size for every woman is different which means that she cannot feel comfortable in a bra that is comfortable for her friend. Some women prefer to wear simple bras and some want stylish printed bras for their daily use. Lace bras are the most commonly known fashion bras. The other available options are t-shirt bras, push-up bras, underwired bras, multiway bras, strapless bras, and many more. These bras are generally worn under tight clothes to make you look smarter and presentable. To buy this stylish bra online you can go to the leyjao marketplace and shop bras online that fits best according to your size.

It is also essential to check the quality of stylish bras, they can make or break the day. If you are wearing a local fancy bra without measuring your size and cup, it will irritate you that day. There is a difference between the bra women's wear and the body shapewear. As described above both fall in the undergarments category but have different applications.


A woman’s drawer is full of ladies inner wear bra options and undergarments that can help her throughout the different seasons. Have you ever wondered why from this handful of options, you always tend to choose a bra that is your little favorite? What type of bra will enhance your appearance and personality? The longline bra has always remained a classic option that gives you a retro and classic look to look elegant in your circle. This style makes you fall between two different extremes, one is vintage and the other is 21st-century’s elegance. A woman loves to be in control of everything she wears. Whether it is at the workout or the party time with your besties, if your bra has provided you a perfect shape, it will definitely enhance your appearance and personality. You are the one being followed by all your friends and they always look up to you for what they are wearing. A padded bra gives you more control over your breast and it makes you strong and independent to deal with other walks of life.

If you are wearing a racerback bra it shows that you love helping others and especially your friends when they are in any difficulty. You are the most practical one in your group circle who tends to look out for the solution to every problem. It is just because you have empathy in your nature which makes you help others. However, a plunge bra shows different personality traits for you. You are one whose calling is fashion. You always want to jump on the bandwagon by looking on Instagram about what kind of fashion is trending these days. That clearly depicts that you're out there to show people what kind of fashion they should be following from now onwards.

Babydoll sets make you look truly wonderful and that is what matters after all. You are quiet but friendly at times. You do not open up yourself to people very often and once they get to know you, they will be amazed to know this side of you. They will definitely want to engage with you and be friends with you. And once they know the humorous side of you, it will keep them intrigued about what will be coming next. If you adore a lacey bra that means you have a planned and intricate personality. That shows your plans work whenever you work on them and try to execute your plans vehemently. You are very complex to understand in the first meeting which makes others always guess your personality.

When you wear a bralette it shows people how content and confined you are as compared to others. The hardships and worries that you have faced all through life have made you a sophisticated soul that you do not wonder about things if they do not go according to you. It allows you to show the best version of yourself to the world and you are not afraid to share your experiences with the world. A strapless bra is your best companion if you are a party animal. The moment your friend invites you to a party you are definitely going to rock the floor and dance along with them all night.


It doesn't matter now where you live. Online shopping is becoming an essential thing in our life today and has made us addicted to buying undergarments of every type from the couch of our room. Leyjao is the best marketplace if you want to explore the best available options in the category. You can have the best ladies tights online pakistan options on the leyjao marketplace. Especially for Pakistani women, it is more convenient they do not have to feel embarrassed while buying a bra from a shop. The word of mouth and quality of products available online are making women fall for the trend. The ease of return policy and convenience of trying bras of their size at home is making bras online shopping a never stopping trend.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Which is the best brand for online bra shopping in Pakistan?

The best bras for women are available at leyjao. You will definitely find the best quality of bras as compared to the bras shop in your area.

Which month is best to avail bra sale online in Pakistan?

The bras sale increases on the days of festivals and holidays. Different brands put bras on sale online during these days.

Which material is best for bras in the summer?

The best material is cotton on bras without any lace. Because it is more comfortable for women in the summer. And, it is making cotton bra online shopping more popular in Pakistan.

Why are online bra stores getting more popular?

The bra stores are giving a wide range of variety in the bras which is making them popular. The women's bras online variety varies from brand to brand.

What is the ladies bra price in Pakistan?

The price is different for local ladies bra brands in pakistan because of the quality and material. The branded bra price in pakistan is higher because they provide premium quality material. Leyjao is providing value for money products.

What is the difference between womens bras with wire and without wire?

Both bras can provide the same benefits if they have a band and are supple with stretchy fabric. The women's bras without wire are relatively more comfortable. The wire bras at Leyjao are made with quality fabric material.

How to buy perfect bra sizes in pakistan from online stores?

The ladies bra size is the most critical thing before choosing online shopping bra articles at the stores. The stores like leyjao have increased sizes due to bras online sale. They have a huge size collection at their marketplace.

Which type of bra womens like with bra panties while shopping online?

The bra shopping online depends upon the taste and personality of the women. You can buy a padded bra if you want an enhanced appearance or a sports bra if you like comfortable bra for women at a reasonable price. Leyjao has the most reasonable price in the market.

Which is the best brand to buy bra online at lowest price in Pakistan?

The bra with price range suitable for you economically is available at leyjao. Lejao is providing the best branded bras in Pakistan.

Why is the bra online buy behavior changing in Pakistan?

Due to bad product reviews, people who buy bra online pakistan are changing their mind. This is creating a negative impression on online bra buying behavior. Ensure to buy from a trustworthy marketplace like leyjao their products are gaining higher reviews in the market.

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