Xiaomi Smart Watches

One of the most prominent brands to emerge in the tech space in the last few years is Xiaomi. Xiaomi smart watches and phones are both extremely popular in Pakistan due to affordability and quality.

Xiaomi Smart Watches

Major Attractions

  • Great Affordability: One of the biggest attractions of a Xiaomi watch is that you will find a watch that suits your budget. They make everything from lower-end to middle and even flagship-level products.
  • High Quality: This point ties into the previous point. Even at a low price, the best Xiaomi smart watches absolutely do not compromise the quality of the product.
  • Large Variety: Another great thing is the variety that you will find in these watches. From circular shapes to more rectangular ones, plastic construction to metal, Xiaomi has many diverse options available.
  • Fitness Tracking: Xiaomi smart watches have all the major health and fitness tracking that you would want in a watch. From heart rate and blood oxygen levels to different sports modes depending on the watch, these devices have you covered.
  • Great Battery: The majority of Xiaomi’s wearables have really great batteries that will last you through your activities. Some models even support fast charging so the down time in between use and tracking is as small as possible.

Popular Xiaomi Watches

Xiaomi, through its own brand and its many affiliated brands, has a huge number of options in terms of watches. These are just a few of the more popular ones from Xiaomi’s own line.

Xiaomi Watch S1

Price in Pakistan: Rs. 52,999/-

The Xiaomi Watch S1 is the closest to a flagship watch from Xiaomi that is currently available in Pakistan. This also gives it the distinction of being one of the best Xiaomi watches in Pakistan. The Watch S1 tries to emulate a traditional watch in terms of its design. The slim circular shape combined with the leather strap means that it will look good on all occasions. The watch, being a top-of-the-line watch, comes in a stainless steel construction, making it in line with the other flagships on the market. The screen is a 1.43-inch AMOLED display that is also covered with Sapphire glass, making it an extremely premium quality watch. Built-in Alexa functionality that allows you to control both the watch and all smart home devices adds to the premium-ness of this watch. This, along with NFC cashless payment systems, makes it a great all-around watch to suit your needs.

Redmi Watch 4

Price in Pakistan: Rs. 27,999/-

The Redmi watch 4 is the main flagship watch of Xiaomi’s more affordable ‘Redmi’ line. In terms of price, it comes in at the mid-tier of watches. The watch comes in a rectangular shape case with an overall slim design. This slim design is one of the reasons it is a great Xiaomi smart watch for women. This watch is made out of an aluminum alloy construction, and the screen itself is a 1.97-inches AMOLED. This means that it is an overall high-quality and premium-feeling watch. There is also a rotating crown on one side for easier navigation. The watch also comes with an always-on display. And even with that on, Xiaomi claims the watch will give you around ten days of battery, which is excellent.

Mibro Watch GS

Price in Pakistan: Rs. 19,999/-

Xiaomi markets its ‘Mi’ line of products as its more affordable options. Thus, the Mi watch price in Pakistan tends to be lower than that of Xiaomi’s other watches. The Mibro Watch GS is probably the most popular watch in this line. The chunkier design of this watch also makes it one of the more popular Mi smart watches for men. This also probably goes some way to explaining its popularity in general. This, combined with the 5ATM water resistance, means the watch is meant to be a more sports-focused watch. Seventy different sports modes record virtually any kind of major exercise you can think of, from the more common ones like running and cycling to slightly more niche ones like canoeing and rock climbing. The great built-in GPS helps to make this tracking data even more accurate.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What can the Xiaomi smart watch do?

Even in sunlight, the Always-On Display* shows time. Shows incoming calls, alerts, fitness, and other vital information.

Can Xiaomi Mi Smart watch answer calls?

The gadget contains a speaker and microphone that enable you to answer calls made to your smartphone.

Is Xiaomi smart watch accurate?

Xiaomi Watch S1 Active heart rate is correct. The sports smart watch showed only modest variations from a Polar H10 chest strap. The average pulse was 3 bpm lower, while the highest was 4.

What is the refresh rate of Mi Watch?

60HZ is the refresh rate of Mi Watch.

Is Mi Watch scratch proof?

The Mi Watch supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, heart rate monitoring, and eSIM for 4G connection. It also has a 1.78-inch AMOLED display made with damage- and scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass.