G’Five Mobile Phones

GFive Mobile Phones used to be some of the most popular devices a few years ago. Nowadays however, they are less common. However, the company still makes reliable devices that are good options in the market.

G’Five Mobile Phones

Prominent Features of G’Five Phones

  • Dual SIM Support: Many of the regular keypad feature phones made by Gfive come with Dual SIM support. So this means that you can enjoy the benefits of multiple cell carriers in one phone.
  • Great Battery: G Five mobile phones have batteries that are able to last several days on a single charge. So this means that you can go about your daily activities without having to worry about charging.
  • Multimedia: The GFive keypad mobile options have many multimedia options like MP3 and video players, a camera, FM radio, and torch light. Some models even have options for Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Wireless Charging: Some models of G five phones come with the option of wirelessly charging the phone. This allows you faster and more convenient charging at an affordable price.
  • Gesture Control: Some of the newer G five phones come with the option for gesture control. What this means is that you can perform some actions on the phone by waving your hand over the screen.

Popular GFive Phones

There are a large number of g five mobile new model options that are available on the market right now. These are just a few of the more popular options.

GFive Gold

G Five Gold Price in Pakistan: Rs. 2,199/-

This phone is a great g five keypad mobile option. For those looking for either a secondary phone or even a primary option to detach from the digital world, the G Five Gold is a great option.  This phone comes with a 1.8-inch screen. Even in its tiny size, it has Dual SIM support, which means that you can connect two different networks. In addition, GFive has managed to fit a 3000mAh battery in such a tiny-sized phone. Not only does the phone support MP4 and AVI videos, but it also supports Bluetooth connectivity. This means that you can connect your earbuds or other devices to use with this phone. This way, you can get the ultimate usage experience.

GFive President Gold 10

G Five President Gold 10 Price in Pakistan: Rs. 12,999/-

GFive continued the ‘gold’ name with a smartphone from their President line of phones. The President series is GFive’s premier line of smartphones right now. This GFive mobile new model phone comes in four different color options that are unique in that they fade from one color to another. This adds to the stylish look and feel of the phone. The phone comes with 3GB of RAM combined with a Quad Core processor, which means that all your apps will run fast and smoothly. The phone runs on Android 9.0 as well, which means that you will get all of the latest features.

GFive Stark

G Five Stark Price in Pakistan: Rs. 9,999/-

This is the other popular smartphone option that is available from them. The G Five mobile price, as you can tell, is quite affordable compared to many of the major brands on the market. The phone comes in four different colors, with a lighter-colored stripe running along the center of the backside. This phone, being a more affordable option, comes with a 1GB RAM option with the Quad Core processor. There is 16GB of built-in storage along with. This all still works on an Android 9.0 interface, though.

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