Have you fallen in love with your body? If your answer is no, try wearing sexy lingerie to fall in love with yourself. Lingerie is a unique undergarment that should be part of your wardrobe if you are a woman. It makes your love movements more intimate. It is the most private, secretive, and personal layer of clothing which only you and your partner sees. It makes you feel like the goddess you actually are after wearing your lingerie.



You wear the best dresses that make your personality shine wherever you go throughout the day. At the gym, you wear tight gym suits to show how beautiful your bodies are. Similarly, at events and parties, you wear the best lingerie from your wardrobe that fits well into your body. It empowers you and helps you look confident and elegant wherever you go. Lingerie is what we wear to conform with ourselves, it makes us fall in love with our bodies.


Indulging yourself in something that makes you feel happy is essential in today’s busy and hectic life. The importance of a lingerie dress is the same in your life. The need for intimate apparel is necessary to make you feel beautiful and sexy. Sometimes self-acclamation proves pivotal in life giving you the self-confidence you were looking for all the time. Self-love is not a harmful thing until it turns into narcissism.

It is not mandatory to have ladies lingerie only if you are married. As a single woman, you should also celebrate your body and love yourself by buying lingerie that makes you look exotic and appealing. You deserve every moment to cherish and love yourself. The real purpose of buying lingerie is to make yourself happier and enjoy your self-love.


Lingerie is not just an undergarment but a weapon to drive your partner crazy. A woman should know how to wear her hot lingeries when she is having a romantic date night with her partner or spouse. Make sure that when sees you in the lingerie, he will crave your body. Create the sexiest ambiance around him and let him do the rest for you. Make sure that he forgets all the work stress and difficulties he faced during the day. Perfect lingerie according to your body type can help you allure him like he never expected.

If you do not look attractive to your man, he may find someone that attracts him more than you. It is critical for your relationship and you need to captivate him by wearing your sexy girls lingerie from time to time so that he wishes to be with you every time he thinks about romance. His romantic language should start with you and end with you. It has become a trend for men to have extramarital affairs because their wives failed to seduce them. They look for a romantic life outside of their home which is creating a disturbance in their relationships.


The ratio of divorce is rising in Pakistan and one of the reasons is sexual compatibility. Sexual compatibility means how comfortable you and your partner are in sharing your sexual needs. It comes deep like how satisfied you feel during and after sex. For this relationship to get stronger, you should know what turns on and turns off your partner. For example, if he becomes excited when he sees you in bralette lingerie, it is his turn and you should wear it very often before having sex. This will make him realize that you care for his likings and dislikings more than him. And, you are adaptable to make him happy at every moment. Even though you feel like a bralette does not suit you well, you are wearing it for the sake of your husband’s happiness.

At times it becomes quite difficult to know what your man likes. As humans, our choices do not remain the same as always and we keep on looking for different options. It is also the same in the case of our dressing habits. The taste of lingerie for women's keep changing as their body transforms into different shapes with time.

The body shapes of women are mostly affected when they get married and have kids. They have to suffer significant changes to their body. They have to adopt these changes positively which can make their body look different. And in doing so they have to choose wisely which lady lingerie will go perfectly with their current body type to make them look appealing to their partner.


Most relationships suffer a bad phase because there is a lack of understanding between both partners. For a healthy relationship, it is necessary that you may communicate with your partner about everything. Even what he or she needs when it comes to their sexual life. It happens most of the time that either of the partners is not interested in being romantic. The actual purpose of sexy night wear for women is to seduce their partner to make love at those moments when he is missing the energy.

Sexual feelings may not be the same as we move into our relationships. One of the best ways to make things work is to plan special moments for each other. In creating special moments make sure that you have managed your lingerie sleepwear to give a perfect end to your romantic moment. According to research, planning for intimate life makes the moments last more happily in our memories. Just like the first night of a wedding, it is one of the most planned nights and that makes it one of the most memorable nights in your life. The bridal nighty is worn to allure your husband on the first night. Not in the sexual life but a woman also needs lingerie in her professional life. It motivates them to do better in their life.


Embracing feminism in you is not a bad thing. Whether you are choosing it for yourself or for your partner, it brings the actual women in you to show up to the world. The use of womens sexy lingerie is not restricted to seducing your partner, it helps you feel the best version of yourself. It can change your whole personality, so choose wisely before picking up lingerie for ladies while buying it online. Lingering makes a woman more desirable but it also changes the way you dress up. However, during professional meetings make sure to wear lingerie that is not too revealing or proactive. It can lead the attendees to be distracted by your appearance. It is preferred to wear neutral colors that will complement your outfit and appearance.

Avoid using printed or too much visible type lingerie under your dress as it also distracts people. For example, if you have an hourglass body type, which has wide shoulders and a waist. You should wear a corset or babydoll to enhance your body appearance rather than other garter lingeries which makes you more uncomfortable throughout the day. Comfort is the basic thing during your official meeting or presentation so make sure to wear lingerie that makes you move freely because you cannot adjust your undergarment during the meeting as it creates a distraction.


Our personal identity is how we feel about ourselves. When we wear clothes as our second skin, it is how we will be perceived by the outer world and it makes quite a difference in society. It was found in various research that women find lingerie and underwear as powerful tools to be affirmative or assertive as it allows them to be their real selves which they cannot show to the external world. Lingerie allows women to express their desire and inner feelings that they cannot share with the outer world.

The dresses we wear are part of the cultural norm and societal values. We usually live in societies where we do not have the freedom to wear what we want. For example, Pakistan is a strictly religiously bound society that does not allow women to roam around even half-naked. It is considered one of the most inappropriate things in the country. Where you cannot control what you will do for the external world. You have the complete freedom to wear whatever is under your dress to empower yourself. The best thing about the lingeries is that you can wear it to be yourself, wear any type of lingerie that makes you feel confident and attractive.


There is no doubt that your lingerie can boost your morale and it can help you feel your existence. Lingerie is a piece of cloth that no one will know about except you. It is something you typically do for yourself and your self-care. Choosing lingerie that fits well and looks good on you takes time. It is not merely a process but a simple thing to make yourself realize that you also value the time which you have consumed to buy and wear the lingerie.

However, if you are disturbed by social needs like food, shelter, and clothes. Undergarments will not be your cup of tea. Mental satisfaction and social needs are related to each other. And you will not be wanting any attention for yourself or the outside world if you do not have an adequate amount of money to survive your daily life. Whereas if you have all the necessities of life, you should treat yourself well by buying yourself a nice piece of lingerie that can make you the center of attention everywhere you go.


You can be the center of attention when you look elegant to everyone in the room. And wearing your lingerie makes you confident and empowered throughout the day. The confidence in you speaks for yourself when you are at work or having a lunch or dinner date. When you feel sexy and confident it shows up in your personality. Those who are around you will be attracted to you if you are sexy and confident about yourself. Confidence is the sexiest thing to wear and the hottest lingerie will surely make you highly confident. The trend is changing rapidly every day and it is essential to maintain an attractive look within your circle. Some lingerie girls often wear to show care for their bodies. They love their body and love to buy lingerie online as they do not want to feel embarrassed while asking for their undergarment from a male.


It is all about speaking for femininity and sensuality when it comes to wearing your lingerie. Taking control of your body and your life is something extraordinary in your life and it makes you more efficient and determined in life and you care more about the things you love doing. For working women, it is essential to maintain work-life and family-life balance. It ultimately helps you explore those sides of you which were hidden from yourself. When a woman is confident and empowered she makes sure to take decisions that are in her favor.

Anyhow, Online shopping has made it easier than ever to find perfect lingeries that speak vehemently about femininity. The convenience of having control over a wide range of design and products not only made online lingerie shopping popular but a rising trend in women of all ages across Pakistan.


Finding lingerie that fits you well and makes you feel confident and sexy can be challenging sometimes. But thanks to the marketplace like which is providing the best quality products with a wide range of variety. You will definitely feel like shopping from the best sexy lingerie online store because it is one of the fewest e-commerce websites that does not compromise their quality. Sometimes, it happens to us that we did not find the range and variety of undergarments at the local shops. The lingerie ladies that they really like to wear is either too much expensive or lower in quality. Eventually, they cannot go from shop to shop and look for the lingerie they like the most. But ultimately this problem is resolved by lingerie brands in pakistan which are selling the best online products in the category. Most importantly, along with lingerie, you can also get different products like nightwear gown for ladies, and bra sets. You can easily scroll between the variety of products. The best thing about the lingerie store is that you do not have to worry about the prices. The prices are affordable and cheap which gives online marketplaces an upper hand over physical shops. The online marketplace is becoming the best shopping place for women because it is giving them a handful of choices that they see and compare with other available products in the category.


The perfect size and figure are essential when it comes to buy lingerie pakistan from an online store. To stay calm and relaxed it is essential to discover the best fit, you should first measure the size of your body to get a perfect look. You will find a chart about the different sizes and it will help you measure the size before buying the product. However, online shopping is the most convenient because it will give you a chance to try and check the size if it fits you or not. No matter whether you are plus size or slim smart, you can easily find lingerie or nighty set according to size at a reasonable price. Leyjao has the best return policy that gives the exchange of the product if it does not fit you well.


lingeries online

The collection of lingerie does matter because it gives you chances to be yourself. The lingeries are not body-specific but they should be worn in a way that will complement your body. The different body types have different types of lingeries online options. The purpose of lingerie is to turn on the sexy lady in you and make your partner fall in love with it. As mentioned it is not necessary that if you have a pear-shaped body, you cannot wear a babydoll or busty lingerie. You can wear any type of lingerie which excites your partner. The way you carry yourself matters at the end of the day. You know your body type better than anyone else and it makes sense how you carry your body in any lingerie.

You should let your body speak for yourself. Having pieces of the lingeries will strengthen your relationship with your body. When you feel sexy for yourself, you are embraced by your lover. It helps you build a relationship with your lover. It will make him feel that you are a person he was looking to be intimate with. It will definitely increase the level of intimacy between both of you and will help break your comfort zones in bed.


Body shaming makes most women all over the world and Pakistan wear baggy clothes. They always fear that they will be body shamed if they wear a dress that fits their body. The women in Pakistan are rapidly breaking the stereotypes and ordering everything they like or want to wear. The best lingerie online buy website is leyjao and it is providing its customers the quality and bold products without any hesitation. You cannot buy sexy printed lingerie from a physical shop and get out of that shop being unnoticed. This is the dilemma all across Pakistan for women. The women have to bear the gaze of the shopkeeper if they decide to buy a sexy undergarment from a physical shop.

This is not just a problem but a social taboo that men do not take the ladies' undergarments and especially lingerie as just a piece of clothing. They feel seduced and shy while talking about it publicly. Women in Pakistan are relieved from the gaze of men when they are buying

erotic lingerie. Online marketplaces have made it easy for to buy lingerie women by staying in their comfort zone. All kinds of dresses are bought by women from marketplaces like Leyjao. Women also want to have quality time and during this time they like to wear nighties dress and other comfy items like sleepwear and pajamas. Different branded and high-quality products are available in the marketplace of leyjao, which includes operating lingerie brands karachi and lingerie brands lahore in a single marketplace. You can buy all types of brands at a reasonable price with just one click.


The fabric of your intimate apparel is an important thing for you to carry on a long hot day of summer. Especially, in a country like Pakistan where the average temperature in the summer is above 45 degrees, a comfy material helps you survive sweating and itching due to moisture under your lingerie. Moreover, it keeps away the bad odor due to sweating and prevents bacteria and infection.

Cotton is one of the most recommended fabric materials to wear in Pakistan. It is breathable and it soaks moisture due to sweating. The other synthetic fabric which includes nylon and others traps the heat and does not allow the fabric to cool down. On the other hand, cotton is a fabric that keeps you cool and calm throughout the hot days of summer. Another benefit of cotton fabric is that it is softer and lighter in weight. The softness of the fabric makes you feel cool and calm. Another benefit of wearing cotton is that it does not retain the sweating odor, which makes it more convenient to wear during the long days of summer. Cotton has another quality in that it does not cling to your body after sweating. It rapidly dries and does not keep your clothes wet due to sweating. To keep yourself going in the hot days of summer do not forget to wear your cotton lingerie and undergarments.

Undergarments like night suits can also be a useful option in the summer season. The hot and humid temperature in the summer can be annoying and irritating if you do not have the right methods of cooling your living space. Thus the cotton night dress online pakistan and women have a close relationship because people have to survive the hot temperature with fans and room coolers. This creates a high demand for undergarments products made with cotton fabric in Pakistan. You can buy all types of cotton fabric lingeries from the leyjao website.


Like cotton, the blend material is also widely used in the summer season. The reason behind being so popular is the same it does not trap the heat too. They are best known for detracting moisture which makes them a great fit in hot humid temperatures. They are generally worn by athletes because it is easy to carry and lighter in weight.

One important thing that should be kept in mind while buying lingerie or undergarments in the summer season is choosing a light color to wear. It is a scientifically proven fact that light colors absorb less heat as compared to dark colors. So choose the perfect print and color that can complement your skin tone and make you look more elegant in the summer season. Different types of lingerie sets are suitable to wear in the summer season as they give you quality and sensuality both in a piece the set.

Bralettes are a great option for the summer season because they are lighter in weight with a comfy material. Designed with intricate lace and mesh materials, they are handy in giving both comfort and style together. Grace your feminine look of the summer with beautiful bralettes and do not miss the romance in summer. However, summer bodysuits are also a good option for the summer season but remember to choose breathable material for the summer season.


Lingerie is an item to express the femininity inside you. It is the best way to show your personalized side to yourself. Lingerie fabric varies from season to season as the best fabric to use in summer is described above, the weather in the fall season is a bit colder. So you can wear thicker fabric like velvet to groom your look and stay warmer. Although, the fall season is the season in which the weather around is moderate where the summer season is departing and winter is arriving. So there is not any issue in wearing the lingerie fabric material that goes with your mood. And, if the weather is cold enough for you, you can go with flannel and fleece fabric to give yourself warmth and comfort in the winter season. Whereas, it is the perfect season to bring the romance back to life. As we generally tend to feel more intimate in the winter season when the weather is cold outside and we are sharing a blanket with our partner. To give yourself the best moment, wear sensual lingerie that makes your partner feel that he is having the best partner in the world, who cares for his intimacy.

The spring season has its own fragrance which makes the mood and weather both happier at the same time. The perfect fabric for lingerie in this season is silk or chiffon with pastel colors. These colors are generally lighter on the eyes as they have a blend of white and other colors. A floral design or lacy lingerie will be the best option in the spring season as it makes you feel the beautiful weather around you.


Lingerie can make your special moments memorable moments for life. It is the best time when you feel romantic and intimate feelings for your partner. It can be the wedding ceremony, marriage anniversary or valentines day. This is the moment to opt for the intricate and elaborate lingerie from your wardrobe. It is the exact moment when you want to look the best for yourself. When you feel confident and sexy about yourself he does not stand a single chance to be not seduced by you. The best thing about the special moments is that they help to repair the broken relationships that were suffering from the harsh time. It will make you feel that you are with the right person sharing your emotions and feelings.

The best lingeries to wear on these special occasions are bodysuits, corsets, and garter belts. Talking about the material, it should be satin, silk, or lace. Choose the color wisely according to the taste of your partner as it will help him unwrap the best gift of the night. You can wear a red and black combination or a full red if you're planning a date night together for valentine's. Smooth and softer shades can also be useful if you like them. Champagne and rose are among the best soft colors.


The lingerie sets include different types of bras such as padded bras, push-up bras, sports bras, and bralettes. Whereas, there are a variety of options in the panties like briefs, thongs, bikinis, and boys' shorts. Babydolls, chemises, and teddies are one of the most alluring and sexiest lingerie options. If you are wondering how you can get all these different kinds of lingeries, you do not need to worry because you can order your favorite lingerie with just a single click from the leyjao marketplace.

Pakistan is a stereotypical society where the male finds women a symbol of their honor and women are also very shy as compared to the other parts of the world. Today every woman and man has the leverage of using the internet on smartphones which was not even allowed a decade ago. The internet is flooded with all types of things and information, and people want to adopt everything they see on the internet. This created many aspects of modernization in Pakistan. Various taboos were associated with the adoption of western dresses in our society and a few decades ago it was not considered good for society. But now globalization has affected every nook and corner of the world where we see changes in culture and dressing. This ultimately made undergarments like lingerie a popular thing in Pakistan. As it is mostly related to sharing with your spouse, there are no hurdles from society.

To shop for the women lingerie pakistan online is one of the easiest things. You can choose the design and type of your lingerie with hundreds of available products on the leyjao marketplace. They are offering the best discounts on lingerie items.


Women are following models and influencers on social media. These social media platforms have influenced the lives of everyone. These influencers belong to different parts of the world. And, they wear all types of outfits in their social media posts which is making women crave these outfits. Lingerie is worn and adored by international models. The online availability of all the lingerie has made it easier for women to buy the lingerie that suits them the best.

The women in Pakistan can also feel the pleasure of wearing lingerie because they will not have to expose themselves in front of any shopkeeper and ask for the lingerie. Online lingerie shopping has broken the stereotype which Pakistani women were facing before wearing lingerie.


The choice of fashion and lingerie was never that easy for women in Pakistan. Due to restrictions and male-dominated shops, they had to do things against their will and choice. But online marketplace like leyjao has provided all the fashion wear under one roof. With a lot of lingerie options on the website, you can easily choose the lingerie of your style. The best thing about choosing lingerie from the leyjao is the variety in all sizes. You can easily shop for lingerie of your size from here and can replace the size if it does not fit well.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Which lingerie for bride is best on wedding night?

A sexy lingerie set is the best thing to wear on your wedding night. Lace lingerie is often considered as the best option on the first night.

Is womens lingerie an expensive item?

The price of lingerie sets depends upon the brand and quality. Anyhow, you can get a quality lingerie pair at discounted price from leyjao.

Which are the best lingerie brands in pakistan?

The best lingerie brands pakistan online are available at leyjao marketplace with easy exchange and cash on delivery option.

Which marketplace for lingerie near me is available at a discounted price?

The leyjao marketplace in your phone is the nearest lingerie shop for you which is giving a discount to everyone. You can also have the best lingerie brands islamabad products from this marketplace.

How to get affordable sexy girl lingerie online?

The best place to get hot sexy lingerie is leyjao e-commerce website. It is also giving special discounts on this product category. Go and shop now.

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