Q Mobile Price in Pakistan

One of the biggest companies to emerge during the initial smart phone era, Q Mobile is a well-known Pakistani phone maker. Nowadays, the Q Mobile price in Pakistan and products tend to be on the lower end of the space.

Q Mobile Price in Pakistan

Big Attractions of Q Mobile Phones

  • Affordability: Q Mobile has always been known for making phones at a budget price point. But the Q Mobile latest smart phone options especially are found at very affordable prices.
  • Variety: A Q Mobile new smart phone can look like anything from a feature phone to a smart phone with different functionalities. No matter what kind of phone you are looking for on a budget, you will find a Q Mobile phone.
  • Battery: Many of the q mobile latest smart phone options have long-lasting battery life that keeps them going. So if you are a person who spends long days outside, this can be a useful feature for you.
  • Dual SIM Support: Most Q Mobile new smart phone options come with Dual SIM support in them. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of two different cell networks in a single phone.
  • Local Brand: One of the most understated benefits of buying a Q Mobile for sale is that you support local companies by doing so. Supporting local industries while going about our purchasing is something that all people should strive for.

Top Q Mobile Mobile Phones

Being one of the biggest companies over the years means that there are a huge number of options available. These are just a few of the currently popular Q Mobile smart phones in Pakistan, along with their prices.

Q Mobile S1 Pro

Q Mobile S1 Pro Price in Pakistan: Rs. 8,500/-

This is a great option if you are looking for a phone in the Q Mobile price in Pakistan 5000 to 10000 range. The Q Mobile S1 Pro is an older device, but it works fine for those looking to buy a basic smartphone. The phone comes with a 5-inch HD display that is decent enough looking for a budget phone. The processor that comes in this Q Mobile for sale is a quad-core CPU which for the functionality of this phone is great. All the apps on the phone will run fast and efficiently. The rear camera of the phone is 5 MP with auto-focus and an LED flash. It also has features like panorama, HDR, beauty modes and more. The front camera is also a 5 MP camera with a beauty mode.

QSmart Blaze

QSmart Blaze Price in Pakistan: Rs. 19,999/-

This option is great for those looking for a proper modern smartphone at an affordable Q Mobile price. The QSmart Blaze comes with a large 5000mAh battery. This means that you will get a battery that should last you through all of your daily tasks with ease. When you do have to charge, the phone should charge completely within two hours. The phone comes with 64 GB of ROM and 4 GB of RAM to make all of your major apps run fast. In addition, the 4 GB of RAM can be extended to double up to 8 GB of RAM total. This means that you get the smoothest experience possible.

QSmart Ultra

QSmart Ultra Price in Pakistan: Rs. 26,999/-

It might not be wrong to call this the Q Mobile best smartphone available at the moment. This phone boasts a 50MP Samsung AI Triple camera setup on the back. This means that you get a powerful camera with a large sensor and some additional features. These include a night mode and other modes. The screen is a 6.8-inch large HD display that all kinds of content looks great on. This combines with a 90 Hz refresh rate on the display. So, not only will your content look good, it will run extremely smoothly as well. The 6 GB of RAM that can be doubled via RAM expansion to 12 GB is another reason why this is the QMobile best smartphone. It combines with 128 GB of ROM to store all of your apps.


Q150s Price in Pakistan: Rs. 2,599/-

Another great option for those looking for a very low Q Mobile price is this feature phone from the phonemaker. This phone goes even lower than the Q Mobile price in Pakistan 5000 to 10000. This feature phone comes with all of the essential functions that you expect in a basic phone and no more. This means that it can be a great way to detach from our modern, excessively connected world. The essential features of this phone include a smart camera, a powerful battery, an FM Radio and a flashlight. There is also the feature to automatically record calls for future reference. 32GB of expandable memory means you can store and listen to your favorite songs.

Getting a Q Mobile Phone from Leyjao

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Is Q Mobile still available in Pakistan?

Yes, even though their phones are found much less commonly than before, they are still available, especially online.

Who owns Q Mobile?

A Pakistani entrepreneur by the name of Zeeshan Akhtar is the owner and founder of Q Mobile. He founded the company in 2009.