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The air cooler price in Pakistan starts at Rs. 15,000. Leyjao offers economical room coolers at a 28% discount. You can buy AC/DC and hybrid coolers at a reasonable price. We offer room coolers at 0% markup with up to 18 months of installments. You can buy high-quality room ACs from different brands at Leyjao.

Air Cooler in Pakistan

Best Air Cooler Price in Pakistan

Summer is arriving in Pakistan, and the weather is getting hotter daily. This season, the demand for room coolers rises. Finding the best air cooler price in Pakistan has become easier now. Leyjao gives you the cheapest air cooler price with a variety of options.

Furthermore, these options include room coolers from famous brands in Pakistan. You can compare the cost of air coolers from different brands at Leyjao. For instance, Leyjao offers a 12% discount on Super Asia air cooler prices in Pakistan. Moreover, we have various types of room coolers that are used in Pakistan. These room coolers are:

Solar Air Cooler

Electricity prices are continuously rising in Pakistan, and tariffs change quarterly. Solar installation has become an important source of electricity in Pakistan. Moreover, Installing solar systems has opened the space for solar devices, such as Solar Ceiling Fans and air conditioners. Solar devices run on 12 volts.

Moreover, these devices include everything from Household & Appliances. Solar Room coolers are gaining demand. It is because they are cheap and energy efficient. The 12-volt air cooler price in Pakistan is around Rs. 8999.

There are two different types of solar room coolers in Pakistan. The first one is a DC 12/24 Volt solar room air cooler. It is cheaper and easy to install. The price of a 12-volt DC air cooler in Pakistan changes with capacity and model.

However, the other type of cooler is an AC/DC inverter cooler. It is a 12-volt DC air cooler. It is easily switchable to other sources of energy as well. 12-volt is the best air cooler in Pakistan. It is convenient to install and saves money on your electricity bill. Similarly, other branded room coolers provide comfort in the scorching heat of summer.

Window Room Cooler

Window room coolers are among the most common coolers in Pakistan. They are typical water-room coolers. Leyjao offers the cheapest water air cooler prices in Pakistan. You can Install these coolers directly in window spaces to pull fresh air from outside.

Similarly, locally renowned home appliance brands in Pakistan offer quality Climate Control devices at reasonable prices. Super Asia is a trusted local brand in Pakistan. Moreover, it offers high-quality appliances at a reasonable price. Super Asia air coolers are highly durable.

Moreover, it is the ultimate cooling machine with evaporated cooling pads and a full-power copper motor. Similarly, boss air coolers are one of Pakistan's best products for climate control. Furthermore, they have ample water tanks, allowing you to sleep peacefully at night.

Portable Air Cooler

small portable air cooler suitable for two people. Personal room coolers are sufficient for small rooms. A personal room cooler is the best cooling device for your living room. Moreover, it is easily moveable, compact, and designed to cool smaller spaces.

Leyjao offers the best portable air cooler in Pakistan. We have room coolers from different brands, such as Haier, Kenwood, and izone. Moreover, we offer a special summer discount on room coolers every season.

The room air cooler price in Pakistan depends on the capacity as well. The capacity of the personal room coolers makes them suitable for everyday use. You can quickly move these room coolers from one place to another. They comfortably fit in a small space in your room.

Desert Room Cooler

It is a cooling device that maintains the temperature of your room. It cools down your room with water evaporation. Desert Room Coolers are suitable for climates with dry weather. They have the best air cooler fan in Pakistan. Moreover, these coolers condition the air with moisture, making the environment breathe fresh.

Furthermore, desert coolers are used in the industries. They are bigger. And they have a large capacity. It can have a capacity of more than 90 liters. You can also operate them on solar plates. It can save your electricity bill.

Moreover, Leyjao has the best solar air cooler price in Pakistan. You can choose different room coolers from Leyjao at a reasonable price. However, selecting a room cooler can be strategic. There are certain factors to consider when you are buying room coolers.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Air Coolers

Finding the most suitable air-cooling device requires careful consideration. Due to climate change, the temperature is continuously rising, making it inevitable to have a cooling device at home. Along with price, different factors affect the temperature of your place.

Size Of Your Room

The size of your room is crucial before buying a room cooler. For instance, the mini air cooler price in Pakistan is low. But it is useless if it does not cool the atmosphere. Here, the price does not matter. The height and width of your room do.

Leyjao offers many options for selecting room coolers, including branded and budget options. We sell Dawlance, Royal, and other locally manufactured coolers at a sale price. The Dawlance air cooler price in Pakistan changes with functions, features, and size.

Temperature Conditions

No one knows the temperature of your living place better than you. For example, choosing Mist Fans in humid conditions will not cool your place. If the weather is dry and hot, it will give you sufficient cooling.

You can buy a small room cooler that fits the size of your room. The average small air cooler price in Pakistan is Rs. 13400. It is a suitable and budgeted choice for a small family. You can choose different models from various brands online. The Royal air cooler price in Pakistan is Rs. 25000.

Similarly, buying branded room coolers won't help in these conditions. Air conditioners are the best choice for humid places. However, they can be a bit more expensive and consume more electricity.

Cooling Pads And Water Tank Capacity

The cooling pads are an essential part of the room cooler. The room cooler in Pakistan has two cooling pads: honeycomb and wood wool. The plastic air cooler has honeycomb cooling pads. That is why the plastic air cooler price in Pakistan is higher than in the Lahori cooler.

Lahori coolers are relatively cheaper. However, the Lahori 12-volt air cooler price in Lahore is around Rs. 5000, Which can vary according to the size of the cooler. Wood wool cooling pads are usually found in Lahori coolers. They are also available in used condition. At the same time, the new air cooler price in Pakistan is around Rs. 10000.

Similarly, the water capacity and other parts also influence the price of air coolers. The fan size of a room cooler is adjusted according to its body. You can customize fans in Lahori coolers. The price of an air cooler fan in Pakistan varies with its size.

Keep Your Room Cool With Paying Later Facility

The best air cooler price in Pakistan is available at Leyjao. You can buy renowned Pakistani brands from us at easy monthly installments. With Pakistan's best inverter air cooler price, we give installments of up to 18 months. It means you can save money on electricity. And you can buy these devices without disturbing your monthly budget.

However, you can also compare Kenwood air cooler prices in Pakistan with the available coolers at Leyjao. We provide the cheapest prices with high-quality products. You can also compare branded Haier air cooler prices in Pakistan to the room coolers at Leyjao. You will get the most suitable price for air room coolers for your home.

Affordable Room Air Cooler Price in Pakistan

Leyjao is the best online store in Pakistan. It has a wide range of temperature control devices. You can keep your rooms safe and relaxed with these devices. Air Curtain keeps your room safe from insects and mosquitoes. Moreover, it also keeps your room cool. Leyjao has the most affordable air room cooler at a discounted price. You can convert the payment of these room coolers into easy monthly installments according to your monthly budget. Furthermore, if you are brand-conscious, you can get one of the most famous brands in Pakistan from Leyjao. So, what are you waiting for then? Enjoy the cool air at the best air cooler price in Leyjao. Shop now!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Does The Air Cooler Work On Solar Energy?

Yes, solar coolers are available in DC and hybrid models that can be easily operated on solar energy.

Are Air Coolers Better Than Ceiling Fans?

Yes, air coolers work by evaporating water and cooling the air. They are much better than ceiling fans.

What Are The Different Types Of Cooling Pads In Air Coolers?

Air coolers have two different types of cooling pads. Honeycombs are durable and require low maintenance. However, the wood wool is synthetic and highly maintained.

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