Exploring The Latest LED TV Prices In Pakistan Online 2024

Smart LEDs have become an essential household appliance. The latest Android LED price in Pakistan starts from 35,000 PKR. The Invention of TV has changed the way we spend our leisure time at home. Since the last century TV sets have transformed from black and white boxes to smart LED TVs. This evolution in the TV industry has revolutionized our entertainment time. With high-definition picture quality and various sizes, LED TVs are available in different price ranges in Pakistan. 

led tv in Pakistan

Exclusive Discounts On Led Price In Pakistan

Leyjao offers the best LED prices with up to 20% Discounts on branded LED sets. These LEDs are available in different sizes starting from 21 inches to 86 inches. You can choose LEDs from different brands with free shipping from Leyjao. Whether you want local brands or multinational-branded LEDs, you can get them in easy monthly installments from Leyjao. Leyjao has the best tcl smart led tv price in paksitan along with Samsung LEDs in Pakistan. 

Overview Of Modernization In Tv

With the evolution of TV, big television sets took the shape of LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). LCDs rapidly took the place of conventional television sets because they were smart and sleek in appearance with low energy consumption. It is made up of tiny cells that have liquid crystals and when electricity passes through them they allow the light to pass through them. 

Similarly, the LED TV price in pakistan is higher because of the advanced technology. It has light-emitting diodes which light up when electric current passes through them. LED is high in picture quality as compared to the LCD TV.

However, if lcd price in pakistan is compared to LED, you will find a huge difference in the price ranges. The reason behind the difference in prices is the picture quality and advanced technology of LEDs. An led tv gives you high-definition picture quality with high energy efficiency. 

Which Type Of Tv Is Best For You?

Both LCD and LED TVs are widely used in Pakistan. The first major difference among both types of TVs is their price. For instance, the lcd tv price in pakistan is relatively cheaper compared to the LED price in Pakistan. However, if you have a well-defined budget, you can choose a 32 led tv according to your budget. 

Whereas if you want to enjoy online features such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube, a smart led tv is the perfect choice. The price of Simple LED is different from the smart tv price in pakistan. The smart led tv price in pakistan varies from brand to brand. 

Leyjao offers free home delivery on various LEDs along with the best price. You can get the cheapest haier LED TV price without any delivery charges. We have all kinds of TVs from LCD to LED and smart TVs. We have the best price led smart tv in different sizes. You can get your favorite TV set from us at a reasonable price.

What Is The Difference Between Smart Tv And Regular Tv?

Internet accessibility has become a utility because every household has smart devices that connect them with the world. Regular TV sets Such as LCDs and LEDs are only good for watching capable shows and movies. The led tv smart tv has an operating system that allows you to connect to the internet and enjoy your favorite OTT apps.

Watching OTT platforms has become a rising trend. The smart led tv features include a memory storage option that allows you to install apps on your TV. However, if you are looking for a cheaper option for a smart TV, Android LCD is the perfect choice. You can get the lowest android lcd price in pakistan if you want to watch OTT content. 

Similarly, The best led tv in 2024 is the smart LED TV. Now there are better versions of the such as LED, OLED, and QLED. These LEDs give a high-quality display with advanced technology integration. Leyjao offers smart led tv cheapest price with free home delivery.

Pros And Cons Of Led Tv:


  • Wide viewing angle which enhances your cinematic experience.
  • Energy Efficiency can save you money on your electricity bills
  • Better color information that enhances the picture quality.
  • Long durability which makes your investment worth it.
  • higher picture quality and viewing angles. 


  • Repairs are costly
  • Expensive than conventional TVs
  • Color distortion can limit color accuracy
  • Smart LEDs have security and privacy concerns 

Few Factors To Keep In Mind Before Buying A Tv

There are a few factors that should be kept in mind when you are buying a TV set for your home entertainment. These are the following factors:


Size is one of the most crucial factors when you are buying an LED for your home. You have to consider your viewing habits when you are buying an LED. For instance, if you are someone who watches a lot of sports, you should choose an LED with a high refresh rate. If you are watching sports on 52 led tv size, you might get a higher refresh rate as compared to the 32 inch led tv during live streaming.

However, if you are addicted to watching movies, your preference should be high-quality pictures. The most widely used size is 32 smart led tv because it is cheap and you can enjoy a beautiful experience after watching movies on it. Similarly, you can use different sizes of LED according to your convenience.

You can use an 18-inch led tv for viewing CCTV cameras. You can choose a small led tv 12 inch if you are installing fewer cameras. Similarly, you can choose a bigger android led tv 50 inch in size if you have installed too many cameras for monitoring. 

Viewing Distance

An optimal viewing distance is described as the distance between the screen and the viewer. If you have a 39 inch led tv or a slim led tv 32 inch, the ideal viewing distance would be 5 feet. Whereas larger screens like the best 65 inch led tv, the perfect viewing distance would be 8 to 10 feet. 

However, the best viewing distance would be the one based on your personal preferences. If you have installed a smart tv 55 inch led in your bedroom, you have to check your viewing habits. You need to make sure that it is not causing any strain on your eyes. 


Resolution is an important factor when you are buying an android smart led tv. A small led smart tv requires high resolution to display content that is legible from a distance. If you look at smart led tv specifications, you will get an idea that screen resolution is measured through the height and width of the LED. 

The aspect ratio is another factor that defines the size of the screen. The most common aspect ratio is 16:9. If you have a 50 inch 3d led tv, or a 50 inch android led tv, you need to check the video area to get an idea about the aspect ratio of your smart led tv in pakistan. It is an important factor that affects the quality of content on your LED.

Your Personal Preference

The resolution of a simple led tv is measured through pixels. The pixels determine the quality of the picture and its sharpness. For a smart led tv small size, a resolution of (1920 x 1080 pixels) is sufficient. It is suitable for 32 inch smart tv whereas if you want to enhance the picture quality, you can go for a 4k uhd led smart tv. There is a difference between the 4k and UHD LED TVs. 

The tv price in pakistan is not stagnant such as a 4k led tv price in pakistan varies depending on brand type. The Orient LED price in Pakistan is high compared to the ecostar lcd price in pakistan. The major reason behind the difference in prices in Pakistan is the import of LED devices. Leyjao makes it easy for you to buy the best led tv brand in Pakistan. Here are some of the popular LED brands in Pakistan.

However, here are the latest prices of LEDs offered by Leyjao. You can easily identify an LED that suits your budget. 

Led Tv Prices List

Top 15 LED TV Products Price
TCL LED TV 85P735 UD/4K 795,000 - Rs
TCL LED TV 75C635b QLED/4K 444,500 - Rs
Samsung QA65Q70BAU 4K 65 Inch Smart QLED TV 369,000 - Rs
Samsung LED 65"- Q60B 300,000 - Rs
Samsung LED 65"- BU8000 265,000 - Rs
Samsung LED 43" - T5300 95,000 - Rs
Dawlance 50" 50G3AP 4K UHD Android LED 114,500 - Rs
Dawlance 43" 43G3AP 4K UHD Android LED 86,500 - Rs
Dawlance 65" 65G3AP 4K UHD Android LED 185,500 - Rs
Philips - 4K Hdr Console Gaming With Ambiglow 55'' Inch LED TV 350,000 - Rs
Philips - Ambilight 7400 Series 55'' LED TV 195,000 - Rs
Philips - 7400 Series 55'' LED TV 180,000 - Rs
Champion 75" Frameless Voice Control Smart LED 300,625 - Rs
IZONE LED MNT-58A2000 4K SMART FRAME LESS 58″ 131,200 - Rs
Haier H43K6FG 43 Inch Smart LED TV 82,900 - Rs


Changhong Ruba is a renowned TV brand in Pakistan. The LED size range starts from 32 inch led tv in pakistan and goes to a 75 inch led tv price in pakistan. The user-friendly interface makes it an easy-to-operate device and children and adults can easily operate the TV without any difficulty. 

Changhong Ruba LED devices are available in three different varieties. These are simple LEDs, Music LEDs, Smart LEDs, and UHD Smart LEDs. All these LEDs are available in different sizes and price ranges. The 32 inch led tv price is only 32000=/ PKR. Similarly, the price is different for 36 inch led tv from this brand. The best thing about LEDs is that they are compatible with a wide range of devices. 

It means that you can easily upgrade the Changhong Ruba TV without worrying about compatibility. However, if you are looking for accessories like smart led tv remote and adapters, you can easily buy them from leyjao.pk at a reasonable price. Leyjao has the cheapest Changhong ruba android led price in pakistan with maximum discounts. 

You do not have to worry about the budget when you are choosing Changhong Ruba LEDs. If you are looking for the best china led tv price in pakistan, your quest ends with this brand. Changhong Ruba is the best led tv in pakistan at a reasonable price. 

ECOSTAR LED Price In Pakistan

Ecostar is one of the popular electronic brands in Pakistan. It has the cheapest 32 inch led tv price in pakistan starting from 27000=/ PKR. Different models are available in Ecostar LED in Pakistan. Let us talk about 65-inch High-definition LEDs from Ecostar. With the best 65 inch led price in pakistan, you get a 4k resolution LED with 1.5 GHz and 2GB RAM that ensures you get smooth operation of Android applications on your LED. 

Whereas Ecostar has the most reasonable android smart led tv 32 inch price in Pakistan. With exclusive features and incredible graphics, you can enjoy your favorite TV shows on Netflix and other online streaming platforms. However, if you want a thrilling gaming experience at a reasonable price go for the 40-inch LED from Ecostar. Leyjao has discounted smart led tv 40 inch prices in pakistan with free home delivery.

The other popular size of Ecostar LEDs in Pakistan is 50-inches. It is a powerful LED from Ecostar and you can enjoy your favorite Android applications on this smart TV. With the best technology, Ecostar has the cheapest 50 inch led tv price in pakistan online. Another available size with a minimal price difference is a 55-inch smart TV. Ecpstar 55 inch led price in pakistan is up to 99000=/ PKR. 

HAIER LED Price In Pakistan

Haier is a leading LED TV brand in Pakistan. Haier LEDs have distinctive features that make them one of the best possible choices for your home entertainment. Hair is known for introducing the best quality products. With top-notch QLED screens that enhance the picture quality, you get one of the best 4k led tv in pakistan. Some distinctive features of this android led tv are that you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies with vibrant color pictures and sharp images.

With powerful graphics and high-speed processors, Haier-branded led tv in pakistan are one of the best. The latest haier LED series has unique features like you can control them with your voice command. Other than that, you can get a different range of sizes in Haier LED TV sets. Starting from 32 inch smart led price in pakistan, it goes to 75 inch led tv price with affordable prices. 

Haier LEDs are paramount for different prices with high-quality products. Haier has the best 40 inch led price in pakistan with the latest features. Whether you want a 40 inch uhd led tv or you are looking for an android led tv 40 inch in size, you can get budget-friendly options from Leyjao. 

SAMSUNG LED Price In Pakistan

Samsung is a brand that this not new to anyone, it is famous for producing cutting-edge technology without compromising on style and designs. Samsung has the best smart led tv 32 inch price with some innovative features. The price range of LEDs starts from smart led tv price 32 inches to the most cost-effective 85 inch led tv price in pakistan. You can enjoy different types of content on your Samsung LED device. 

The size range of Samsung falls between 32 to 85 inches. It has the best 43 inch led tv which is perfect for a small room size. However, you can enjoy Xbox games on a small led tv which is the 43 inch led tv online. The unique features of Samsung TV include conversion into a fully working Personal Computer (PC). With the cloud option, you can store data with up to 32GB storage led tv for pc. Samsung has one of the most reasonable hdmi led tv price 32 inch in Pakistan. 

Other than that, Samsung LEDs have a wide color gamut that can display a wider range of colors than traditional TVs. You can get the best samsung led price in pakistan from Leyjao. At Leyjao we offer exclusive discounts on different sizes of the Samsung LEDs. You can get the cheapest 60 inch led price in pakistan from us with high quality check. 

Samsung LEDs has a built-in Apple TV app and Airplay which allows you to enjoy the original app series with ease on your Samsung Device. The led tv price depends on its size and features. Samsung devices are a bit expensive but they have led tv all size list which makes it easier for you to choose your LED TV according to your budget. 

Other Top Led Tv Brands In Pakistan

Several LED brands offer High-quality LEDs in Pakistan at a reasonable. TCL, LG, Hisense, and Sony are one of them. TCL LEDs are low in price and they are available in different sizes as well. If you are looking for the cheapest android led 32 inch price in pakistan, TCL can be the best possible choice. 

TCL LEDs are available in different sizes and types at Leyjao. Whether you want to buy a normal 32-inch LED or you want a 40 inch led tv, leyjao gives you exclusive discounts on every purchase. Further sizes are 42,43,50,55,60,65, and 75. However, the 42 inch led tv cheapest price is offered at Leyjao.

Some brands like Hisense offer big-size LEDs up to 100 inches. To get the 100 inch led tv price in pakistan, you have to check the prices of Hisense LEDs. Other big sizes are 84 and 86 inches. You can buy LG LEDs in these sizes. You can get a size 84 led tv price online at a discounted price. 

LG 86 inch led tv price in pakistan varies according to the model. However, if you choose to buy a quantum LED with 4K resolution, it is a bit expensive. The other available options in 4k android led tv price in pakistan are from different local brands like Dawlance.

If you compare 4k tv lcd vs led, you will find that LED has a better picture quality as compared to LCD. This is the major reason that lcd 42 inch price in pakistan is cheaper than the 42 inch led price in pakistan at leyjao. 

However, depending on the size of the LEDs you can use them for various purposes. Small sizes like 7, 14, 15, 21, 22, 24, and 26 are used for gaming and monitoring purposes. You can get the cheapest 21 inch led tv price in pakistan online.

Uses Of Small-Size LEDs

If you are looking for a cheap and quality LED for your CCTV monitoring system, you can buy a 24 inch for monitoring 8 to 10 cameras. You can buy various models of 24 inch led tv prices in pakistan online.

You can give a refined look to the monitoring place with a slim led tv 24 inches in size. You can get the best 24 inch led tv price in pakistan online with various models. Similarly, you might need various small LEDs from 7 to 26 inches for monitoring security cameras effectively. You can get the best 7 inch led tv price in pakistan online. 

If you living in a small space you can use the small-sized LED like 22 inches for entertainment purposes. Leyjao has the cheapest 22 inch smart led tv price online. We have the best small size led tv price in pakistan with exciting discounts. Moreover, you can discover various other sizes at leyjao such as you can get the cheapest 17 inch led tv price in pakistan online

Led Is A Perfect Gadget For Playing Games

Small LEDs are a great tool for playing games. If you buy an LED 22 inches it is sufficient to play games. The best thing is that you can get a variety of options for 22 led tv prices in pakistan. You can discover led 22 inch prices in pakistan online at Leyjao. 

smart led tv in pakistan

You can get the cheapest 26 inch led tv price in pakistan with greater discounts from Leyjao. Even if you search for 24 inch led tv price in karachi, you will find that Leyjao is offering the best mini led tv prices in pakistan with special discounts. 

Technology is expanding and foldable led tv is one of the revolutions. There was a time when 14 inch led tv was considered the biggest revolution. The 14 inch led tv price in pakistan was higher at that time. But with time and technology, prices declined. Similarly, now you have 12 volt dc led tv that can be operated on low voltage. Solar devices are also becoming popular among people in Pakistan. You can get the cheapest solar led tv price in pakistan online.

Brands like Sony and Panasonic were known for leading the technological evolution. Today a Panasonic LED TV is designed with quantum LED Technology. It has the best 75 led tv price which enhances your viewing experience. It also has the most reasonable 3d led tv price in pakistan online.

The Difference In Prices Of Local And Branded LEDs

The local LED brands have lower prices than the branded LEDs. Leyjao is a marketplace that has vendors from all over Pakistan. These brands include IZONE, Dawlance, Champion, and many more. The 50 inch lcd price in pakistan is quite cheap compared to the latest 50 inch led price in pakistan. Whereas the prices may vary according to the city and province. 

For instance, the led tv price in lahore is lower than the led tv price in faisalabad. Similarly, the 32-inch led tv price in karachi will be cheaper as it is a commercial hub and various products are manufactured in this city. 

Leyjao offers all types of LEDs, OLEDs, and QLEDs at a reasonable price. We have the best 40 inch smart tv price in pakistan due to our sales events and campaigns. You can also get the cheapest 43 inch led tv price in pakistan from us.

Why Choose Leyjao

Leyjao is a renowned online store that provides high-quality and trustworthy products at a reasonable price. Leyjao offers various LED TVs at an exclusive discounted price. Whether you want the best led tv in pakistan with price suitable to your budget or you want the slimmest led tv with a sleek design, Leyjao has got it for you. 

You can buy different sizes of LEDs from leyjao at a sale price. Leyjao offers almost every size starting from led tv price list 32 inch, you can buy LEDs up to 75 inches from leyjao. We also offer android device for led tv that makes your normal LED a smart TV. It is also called smart stick for led tv which enables you to enjoy internet access. 

Leyjao provides you assistance in buying smart led tv for sale. If you do not want to convert your normal LED into a smart TV, you can get the smart led tv price from leyjao with exciting discounts. With the best specifications, the slim led tv 24 inch price in pakistan is within your budget.

Buy Now And Pay Later With Leyjao

Leyjao offers led tv on installment which makes it easier for you to equip your home with one of the latest technology devices. Leyjao is committed to bringing ease and convenience to your life. Whether you want an led tv on installment in lahore or you are looking for installment led tv in karachi, you can convert your purchase into easy monthly installments from 3 to 18 months. 

Leyjao ensures that you stay ahead with technology by offering you the best android tv price in pakistan. A slim led tv has become the need of every aesthetic place. Other than that, Leyjao has the cheapest curved led tv 32 inch price which makes it the best platform for buying LEDs. 

Free shipping is an advantage and who does not want it? Leyjao has the most reasonable price of led tv for sale in lahore. The most trending size and the best led tv for gaming is 40 inches. Leyjao gives you the best 40 inch led tv price in pakistan because of the free delivery. You do not have to worry about the shipment charges once you buy LEDs from Leyjao. 

Why Smart Leds Are An Essential Electronic Device For Your Home

We are living in the age of revolution where entertainment has become an essential component of our lives. If you want to convert your smart led tv with camera into a computer, it is possible. The Smart LEDs from brands come with storage capacity which allows you to store data. The smart led tv 52 inch price is higher than 52 inch led tv price because you can connect with various platforms with a smart LED. 

The smart tv led 42 inch is best for your home and workplace. It has a moderate size which makes it one of the best choices for entertainment purposes. Leyjao offers the cheapest led smart tv 42 inch price Online. However, if you are looking for the cheapest 40 inch led tv, leyjao has a lot of options for you. 

The led tv price in pakistan 40 inches size is one of the most commonly bought sizes. The best picture quality 40 inch led tv allows you to enjoy a more personalised experience. It is also called wifi Led. The best wifi led tv price in pakistan is available at leyjao. 

Leyjao is Offering Special Discount On Led Price In Pakistan

Leyjao is the best platform to buy LEDs in Pakistan. You can get all brands and sizes from leyjao at a reasonable price. Whether it is a small led tv of 15 inches or an 36 inch led tv size, you can get it from leyjao at a reasonable price.

Moreover, you can also get the lowest smart led tv 18 inch price in Pakistan from Leyjao. The 40 inch led tv price is available from different brands such as LG Full HD LED TV in 40 inches. You can also get the cheapest Sony-led price in Pakistan from Leyjao. So do not wait and avail yourself the free shipping with EMIs from Leyjao. Shop Now!

TCL P69B 43 inch 4K UHD TV With Official Warranty
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TCL P69B 50 inch 4K UHD TV With Official Warranty
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TCL P755 50 inch UHD Google TV With Official Warranty
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TCL P755 55 inch UHD Google TV With Official Warranty
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TCL P755 65 inch UHD Google TV With Official Warranty
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TCL C655 43 Inch Classic 4K QLED TV With Official Warranty
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TCL C655 50 Inch Classic 4K QLED TV With Official Warranty
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TCL C655 55 Inch Classic 4K QLED TV With Official Warranty
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TCL C655 65 Inch Classic 4K QLED TV With Official Warranty
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TCL C655 75 Inch Classic 4K QLED TV With Official Warranty
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What Is The Best LED Tv Brand In Pakistan?

Choosing the best LED TV brands in Pakistan depends on your preferences and budget. Famous LED brands in Pakistan are offered by Leyjao such as Samsung, Ecostar, TCL, LG, and Haier. Things like picture quality, smart features, and customer reviews can help you make an informed decision.

How To Choose The Right Screen Size For An LED TV In Pakistan?

Room dimensions and viewing distance are the most crucial factors in selecting the right LED size. A basic guideline is to have a screen size that is 40-55 inches for small rooms and 55-75 inches for larger spaces. Leyjao has a wide range of sizes for LED tv in Pakistan. Measure the distance from your seating area to the TV for an optimal viewing experience.

Are Smart LED TVs Worth It In Pakistan?

Yes, Smart LED TVs are worth it in Pakistan, they offer access to online streaming services, apps, and web browsing. Ensure the TV has sufficient connectivity options like HDMI and USB ports. Smart TV features provide a versatile entertainment experience and are increasingly popular in Pakistani households these days.

How To Troubleshoot Common LED TV Issues In Pakistan?

To troubleshoot common LED TV issues in Pakistan, start by checking power connections, replacing batteries in the remote, and ensuring a stable internet connection for smart features. If problems persist, consult the user manual or contact the manufacturer's customer support for assistance. Smart LEDs come in a warranty offering the best LED prices in Pakistan.

What Is The Average Lifespan Of An LED TV in Pakistan?

The life span of LEDs in Pakistan is 5 to 7 years. The following factors affect longevity including usage patterns, manufacturing quality, and environmental conditions and quality of the manufacturer. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning vents and updating software, can help prolong the lifespan of your LED TV.

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