Yolo Smart Watch Price in Pakistan

One of the most prominent local brands of smart watches to come out recently in Pakistan is Yolo. The Yolo smart watch price in Pakistan is on the more affordable side, making them a great option for a watch for most users.

Yolo Smart Watch Price in Pakistan

Prominent Features

  • Bluetooth Calling: Yolo smart watches are able to make calls by connecting to your phone with Bluetooth. This means that you can both make and receive calls without having to take out your phone.
  • Bright Displays: Yolo wearables also have large and bright HD displays that are good to look at in all conditions. With the largest option available being as large as you will find on the market.
  • Fitness Tracking: Getting a Yolo smart watch also means getting a large number of modes to track your different sports activities. Over a hundred different modes across watches are available combined with the health tracking features.
  • Water Resistance: Many Yolo watches come with up to IP67 water resistance. This means that they should be able to withstand things like rain and other light water immersion.

Popular Yolo Smart Watches

There are a multitude of different options with different designs and features for wearables available from Yolo.

Yolo Fortuner Pro Smart Watch

Yolo Fortuner Pro Price in Pakistan: Rs. 9,000 to Rs. 12,999.

The Yolo Fortuner Pro is a traditional design smart watch with a zinc alloy body. The watch has a 1.32-inch bright HD display that looks good to view from most angles. The watch not only allows you to take calls via Bluetooth, but you can also play back music from your phone using the built-in speaker in the watch. Over a hundred and twenty different sports modes mean that you can track practically any kind of sports activity that you can think of. This, combined with the multiple health sensors like heart rate, stress, and blood oxygen monitoring, means that the watch gives you a full health suite.

Yolo Thunder Smart Watch

Yolo Thunder Price in Pakistan: Rs. 8499 to Rs. 9499.

The Yolo Thunder watch looks most like a more conventional sports watch out of all of the watches by Yolo. This is accentuated by the matching colors of the band and the watch body. The watch monitors your heartbeat continuously, along with your blood pressure and blood oxygen levels. The watch also has sleep tracking to give you data regarding your sleep habits. The battery of the Yolo Thunder smart watch is a strong point. Depending on your usage, Yolo claims that the watch can go on for a week without needing to charge.

Yolo Watch Pro Smart Watch

Yolo Watch Pro Price in Pakistan: Rs. 7,999 to Rs. 10,999.

The name gives you some idea of where this watch gets its inspiration from. The watch comes with a 1.7-inch LCD screen that fits in its rectangular frame. The body is a zinc alloy construction. This makes it stronger than plastic but still affordable. The watch’s Bluetooth calling functionality means that you can make calls with the built-in speaker and microphone. You can also get notifications for all of your favorite social media apps directly on the watch itself. The Watch Pro has 28+ sports modes to track all the major fitness exercises and workouts that you engage in. From running to swimming to cycling, the watch will have you covered no matter what sport you prefer.

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