Leyjao offers the comfiest night dress for girls online. Summer is arriving and after spending the full day in tight clothes, you want a comfortable dress. A sleeping dress is the most comfortable dress before going to sleep. As a woman, you also want an attractive dress even during sleep at night. Different types of attractive night suits are available at Leyjao. Moreover, leyjao offers special discounts on trending designs. Leyjao ensures that you get the stylish and comfiest sleep.

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Designs and prints are one of the most crucial things when girls are buying night dresses. They always want to wear a print that resonates with their vibe and personality. It is all about changing into a comfortable outfit for the night. However, night suits for girls are available in vibrant and stylish prints at Leyjao. 

Trouser shirts and Pajama sets are some of the most commonly chosen sleepwear online. Moreover, if you want nightwear with cartoons and abstract prints like butterflies, leyjao has a different variety. The best thing about these sleeping dresses is their adaptability. 

You can wear them while doing jogging, yoga, and workout. However, for girls who like to stay cozy and casual at home, it is the best outfit for them. Similarly, there are different styles and patterns in night dresses for girls. The details of these night dresses are 


Leyjao understands the Pakistani culture. We provide different types of sleeping dresses that make your sleep comfortable. Pajama suits are available in a variety of colors. Whether you want a vibrant yellow or you are looking for confident black, you can buy these colors from us. 

However, if you are looking for a night dress for girls in pakistan with minimal price, leyjao welcomes you. Even though you can buy a pack of two-night suits at a reasonable price from us. 

Other than that, the night suits are available in different floral prints with various fabric materials. For instance, you can buy nightwear for women in cotton, silk, and satin. These fabrics are breathable and lightweight. Moreover, you can get a wide range of styles that fit in the Pakistani culture. 


Nightgown sets are nightgowns for ladies or mature women. It is a long maxi-style gown. It is usually worn by married women. When they want to feel attractive and comfortable, it is the best choice. However, leyjao has nightgown sets in different unique styles. 

First of all, it is comfortable for all types of age groups. You can choose various cuts in this sleepwear style. This night dress for women comes in quarter, half, and sleeveless cuts. Moreover, you can wear this style while doing your daily tasks and chores. 


Nighty sets are the best choice to wear in the summer season. These are nighty sets for ladies that have fancy lace detailing with embroidery. It is lightweight and covers the knees. If you are looking for a sexy night dress, it is the best choice. You can wear it according to the situation. 

It is a women's night dress that gives them confidence in their body. It helps them feel positive about their body. Moreover, they can embrace their sensuality in this beautiful outfit. However, if you have just got married, you can choose bridal nighty sets. 


Bridal nighty sets are designed with sensuality so you can look sexy on your honeymoon. The bridal nighties for honeymoon have lace detailing and embroidery. Moreover, it is crafted with luxurious fabric materials like silk. It gives you a sensory touch. 

However, when you are buying a night dress you should consider some important factors. Such as 

  • Climate Condition 
  • Quality 
  • Size 
  • Style & Design 


Climate condition is the most crucial factor when you are buying a night dress for ladies online. If you are buying a sleeping dress for summer, you should consider highly breathable fabrics. Cotton allows your skin to breathe and it absorbs sweat in the hot summer season. You sleep peacefully without waking up at night.


When you are buying something online, quality matters a lot. Leyjao ensures that a female night dress is made with high quality. Moreover, you can check the reviews at leyjao which will give you an idea about products at leyjao. 


Size and fitting is a major factor. It assists in comfortable sleep/ When you wear a Pakistani night dress it is usually loose in fitting. It does not reveal your body parts. However, if you are looking for a night dress that accentuates your body features, you can choose corselette and babydoll nighties.


Women do not neglect style and design while buying night suits for ladies. Even if it is a sleeping dress fashion should not be compromised. The style includes different cuts whereas designs include prints and embroidery. Similarly, a newly married couple shares emotions of love by wearing a couple's night dress. It brings positivity to your relationship. 


Leyjao is renowned for providing high-quality and trending night suits for women. With a wide variety of colors and designs, you can get different fabric materials. Cotton, linen, Silk, and satin are some of them. However, leyjao brings something for everyone. If you are looking at nighties for women, we have got you covered. You can buy all types of nighty sets, gowns, and bridal nighties from leyjao at a reasonable price. So do not wait, and sleep with the comfortable leyjao sleepwear collection.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Which Is The Best Night Dress For Summer?

Night dresses made with breathable fabrics like cotton are best to wear in the summer season.

What Is The Difference Between A Nightgown And Nighty?

Nightgowns are shirt-style gowns or slip dresses that are loose around your body. Whereas, a nighty is a short dress that usually reveals your body parts.

What Night Dresses Are Usually Called?

Night dresses are known as sleeping outfits that assist you in comfortable sleeping at night. Leyjao gives you different night suits at a discounted price.

Which Night Dress Style Is Popular In Pakistan?

Pajama suits and trouser shirts are mostly worn by women in Pakistan. Leyjao offers a wide range of Pajama suits with different colors.

Is There Any Refund Or Exchange Policy At Leyjao’s Night Dress?

Yes, you can ask for an exchange and refund within 5-7 days of delivery.

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