Everyone has a different choice when it comes to wearing a nighty dress. So the question is what are different fabric materials available in nighty dresses at Leyjao? There are different types of fabric materials such as silk, satin, crepe, and velvet. You can choose different styles and cuts in the nighties according to the weather conditions.

As winter is arriving, silk velvet gives you a warm and smooth feeling during your sleep at night. Winter fabric also helps in regulating your body temperature. It was proven with research that fabric has an impact on your sleep regulation at night. 
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Nighty dresses ought to be worn only in intimate moments. There are several misconceptions about nighties that you need to clear if you are interested in buying yourself a sexy nighty in the future. The nighties are meant to provide you with a smooth and comfortable hug before going to bed. 

Nighties help you regulate your sleep properly because you do not feel any irritation or itching while sleeping. When you go to bed while wearing a nightie with comfy and relaxed fabric material, you sleep like a baby. The comfy and smooth fabric of the nighty does not stick around your body and wake you up from comfortable sleep.

Different Fabrics In Nighty Online 

Leyjao helps you sleep with style and comfort. A wide range of variety in girls' nighties makes your sleep a peaceful experience without compromising on style. Leyjao is famous for offering a wide range of designs in the same color. For instance, you can buy a silk cami set from Leyjao in a variety of designs.
However, leyjao also offers a variety of sexy silk nighties in different fabric materials. Such as Satin Nighty Dresses 

Satin has a smooth and sensory touch against your skin. It is the best nighty for women who want to look stylish and sexy on their wedding night. Women wish to look attractive and appealing in nighties for wedding night. Satin has a shimmery and attractive look which enhances your appeal. 

Silk Nighty Dresses

Leyjao has different cuts and styles in wedding nighties. A black nighty dress for women with embellishments like lacework is one of their best-selling items. Moreover, you can get different cuts from their marketplace according to the shape of your body. If you buy nighties online, you should try Leyjao’s nighty collection

Silk Velvet Nighty Dresses

Silk has an alluring and smooth sheen which gives you a warm hug in the winter. A silk red nighty will be the perfect choice for chilly winter nights. Silk velvet is one of the most expensive fabric materials. It has a luxurious feel which makes your winter nights cozy and stylish.

Some Unique Styles in Nighty Dresses 

Leyjao offers stylish night dresses for girls suitable for your daily routines and special occasions. Whether you want a short nighty to feel your femininity or a net nighty dress to reveal your best body features, you can buy any style conveniently from Leyjao. 

Camisole Nighty Sets 

Camisole is the most versatile and comfortable sexy nighty for girls online. You can wear them to feel your feminine sensuality. Camisole sets come with different variety of bottom wear, such as you can wear them with matching shorts or a pajama according to mood and weather conditions.

Babydoll nighty dresses 

Babydoll is the first preference of brides when they are buying a bridal nighty. Due to its popularity, it is available in different fabric materials. You can buy this nighty style in cotton, silk, satin, velvet, fleece, and net fabric materials.

If you want to look stunning, attractive, and appealing on your first night, changing into a net hot nighty for bridal wear from your wardrobe will be the best possible choice. It is a perfect hot nighty dress on the first night. 

Long Nighty dresses 

Long nighty dresses are often called nighty gowns. They are comfortable and cozy for peaceful slumber and lounging. With a long nightgown for women from Leyjao you stay comfortable during the night. 

Nighty With Robes

Two-piece nighty sets are popular options for women as they can wear them in a variety of ways. If you feel like embracing comfort with style, nighty sets are the optimum choice. Leyjao offers the best nighty sets in Pakistan at a discounted price. 

Nighty Dresses for Everyone

Leyjao takes care of its valuable customers belonging to every social group. A unique variety of designs and a vast price range make it convenient for everyone to buy online nighties in Pakistan. The price range is suitable for women from every sector of the society. To get the best nighty dress for a girl price in Pakistan, you can check exclusive discounts on nighty dresses at Leyjao.


Following the trends has become inevitable. It is necessary to stay updated with the latest fashion trends to look like a fashion sensation. The fashion trends for a nighty dress in Pakistan are adopted from the Western world. And the stereotype of wearing a sexy nighty for women is broken by adopting these trends. 

sexy nighty dress


There is a wide range of variety in colors and designs available for women who want to buy a nighty dress for a girl at the cheapest price. The biggest benefit of buying your nighty from Leyjao is that you can choose from different styles and shades without going shop to shop.

The best nighty online shopping experience is offered by Leyjao. They ensure that even when the price is low, the quality is not compromised. These are comfortable against your skin and do not irritate when you wear them at night. 


Nighty dress should be worn according to the body shape. The body shape of a woman is measured by the size of her shoulders, bust, waist, and hips. Every body type has its unique features and structure and you should feel confident in your skin. 

Brands design nighty dresses according to different body types in consideration. Wearing your branded nighty to look the best version of yourself results in creating an impact. Leyjao offers nighties from different nighty brands in Pakistan at a reasonable price. Brands like AHU and Loravia are available in our marketplace.


Different myths and misconceptions try to sabotage the growth of online shopping but it is moving comprehensively and customers are relying on this mode of shopping. Leyjao customer reviews and comments give you an idea about the quality of sleepwear for girls. Different designs with a huge range of shades and styles make it a more convenient option for girls from every social class to buy nighties online.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What Do You Call A Nighty Dress?

A nighty is a sleeping dress designed with embellishments and lacework on the neck and hemline. It is made with different fabric materials such as silk, satin, cotton, etc.

What Are The Different Types Of Nighties?

Torsolettes, Chemises, Camisoles, Babydolls, and nightshirts are different nighties for women.

Why Do Women Wear Nighty Dress?

Women wear nighty dresses to keep themselves warm and comfortable during nighttime sleep. However, sexy and sheer nighties are used on romantic nights.

When Can You Wear Nighty Dresses?

Nighty dresses can be worn for comfortable and peaceful sleep at night. Other than that, you can also use them as a party according to their style and cut.

Can Pakistani Women Wear Nighty Dresses At Home?

Yes, Pakistani women can wear nighty dresses at home. The long-style nighties fit perfectly according to the culture and values of the society.

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