Apple Smart Watch Price in Pakistan

In this era, Apple is the biggest brand of smart watches. People talk both about the great design, and the Apple smart watch price in Pakistan often.

Apple Smart Watch Price in Pakistan

Prominent Features of Apple Smart Watches

  • Beautiful and Sleek Design: Apple watches hold the unique distinction of having the design most copied across the entire smartwatch space. Looking at them, it is obvious to see why.
  • Well-Rounded Functionality: Apple is known for having best possible hybrid between a fitness and productivity watch without sacrificing looks
  • The Apple Ecosystem: Apple has the most seamless and fast communication between its products, better than anyone else in the tech world. So if you use an iPhone then this is an easy purchase decision.
  • Excellent Health and Fitness Monitoring: Although it isn’t a solely fitness-focused brand, Apple is known for having some of the most accurate sensors out there. Some of them most brands don’t even have.
  • Multiple Options: Gone are the days when there was just one Apple watch that you either bought, or you didn’t. Now, Apple has different options tailored to different kinds of buyers. So, you can get the watch that best suits you.

The Apple Smart Watch Line

Apple has been making smart watches since back in 2015, and has consistently been the top wearable option since.

Apple Watch Series 1

Release: September 2016

Apple Watch Series 1 Price in Pakistan: Starting from Rs. 31,000/-

This was not the first Apple watch but it was the one that started the line as we know it. This watch showed the world that a smart watch was more than just a gimmick. It is something that can be used every day the same way your smartphone is. Although it lacked basic things like GPS and water resistance, it built the foundation that all other modern wearables stand upon.

Apple Watch Series 2

Release: September 2016

Apple Watch Series 2 Price in Pakistan: Starting from Rs. 40,000/-

The release date is not a typo as this touch watch was, in fact, released alongside series 1. Most akin to a second option rather than a new model. This is where Apple really showed everyone that they are taking the smart watch game seriously. Because features like GPS and water resistance showed the world what wearable tech was really capable of.

Apple Watch Series 3

Release: September 2017

Apple Watch Series 3 Price in Pakistan: Starting from Rs. 51,499/-

With their third watch, Apple again made a massive innovation: the ability to be detached from your phone. The new addition of LTE capability to the watch meant that you could do everything on the watch itself. From taking calls to streaming music, could all be done without needing to have your watch nearby. Fitness enthusiasts no longer needed to keep their phones on them as they moved around.

Apple Watch Series 4

Release: September 2018

Apple Watch Series 4 Price in Pakistan: Starting from Rs. 61,000/-

The watch came with larger screens this time (44mm instead of 42mm). And combined with the sport band style silicon strap, the design language was now cemented. The watch mostly innovated in health and safety. The only big additions were of the ECG sensor, that is now common, and the fall detection unique to Apple. This feature notifies emergency services if it detects a fall and subsequent unresponsiveness from the wearer.

Apple Watch Series 5

Release: September 2019

Apple Watch Series 5 Price in Pakistan: Starting from Rs. 65,000/-

Another major innovation that is now ubiquitous with Apple watches came this year, which is the Always-On Display. So what now seems fundamental in a smart watch, came only a few years ago to Apple watches. In addition came features like custom workout goals and monitoring to make the watch a more practical fitness utility.

Apple Watch Series 6 & Apple Watch SE

Release: September 2020

Apple Watch Series 6 Price in Pakistan: Starting from Rs. 77,000/-

Apple Watch SE Price in Pakistan: Starting from Rs. 66,499/-

Minor improvements during this year meant that people felt for the first time what incremental updates really meant. The release of the Apple Watch SE was the big new thing this year. Because this was supposed to be Apple’s response to complaints about how expensive their watches are. It kept all the fundamentals while trimming some of the more extravagant stuff.

Apple Watch Series 7

Release: September 2021

iPhone Watch Series 7 Price in Pakistan: Starting from Rs. 90,000/-

This is the point that subsequently the Apple Smart Watch price in Pakistan starts to go above everything else in the market. The only significant changes or additions this year were a slightly larger display, but which increased the screen size by only a millimeter. The other big change was faster charging as these new watches charged around a third faster than the previous ones.

Apple Watch Series 8, SE 2 & Ultra

Release: September 2022

Apple Watch Series 8 Price in Pakistan: Starting from Rs. 108,000/-

Apple Watch SE 2 Price in Pakistan: Starting from Rs. 83,000/-

Apple Watch Ultra Price in Pakistan: Starting from Rs. 215,000/-

Finally creating a full lineup of watches made this the biggest year for Apple in a while. The Series 8 only offered incremental updates but there was now the affordable SE series, the hardcore Ultra and the Series 8. Meaning a different watch for every kind of buyer.

Apple Watch Series 9 & Ultra 2

Release: September 2023

Apple Watch Series 9 Price in Pakistan: Starting from Rs. 119,000/-

Apple Watch Ultra 2 Price in Pakistan: Starting from Rs. 234,000/-

The most recently released line of watches contained mostly incremental updates for the new watches. Consequently the only major introduction was the unique ‘double tap’ gesture. This feature allows you to perform some basic functions by touching your thumb and forefinger together twice.

Buying an Apple Watch from Leyjao

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. Are Apple Smartwatches worth it?

If you are a pro athlete or adventurer, or if you are willing to pay more for the most advanced Apple Watch experience available, the Apple Watch Ultra should be considered. It is well worth the money. For everyone else, the Apple Watch Series 8 remains an excellent choice.

2. Why Apple smartwatch is so expensive?

Apple makes no compromises when it comes to the Apple Watch's durability and build quality, which is another area where it excels. Furthermore, this is another factor that contributes to the Apple Watch's higher price in comparison to other smartwatches currently on the market.

3. What is the cheapest price of Apple Watch in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, the Apple Watch will be priced at PKR 79,999. (Latest update: March 2023). An Apple Watch costs a total of 156,999 Pakistani Rupees on average. At the moment, the price of an Apple Watch fluctuates on a daily basis due to changes in the value of the dollar.

4. Can Apple Watch connect to Android?

Although it is possible to sync an Apple Watch with an Android phone, doing so will prevent you from using some of the Watch's functions. Although the Apple Watch is designed to work in tandem with an iPhone, some programs may not work correctly (or at all) when connected to an Android phone.

5. Do celebrities wear Apple Watch?

Apple Watches are becoming increasingly popular as a result of their exceptional functionality. They can read your text messages, change the music you listen to, track your health and fitness statistics, and even call 911 on your behalf if an emergency arises. Given all of the wonderful features, it should come as no surprise that celebrities are also purchasing Apple Watches.

6. Has an Apple Watch got a camera?

No, because the Apple Watch lacks a camera, it is not possible to take photos with it. You can connect to your iPhone's camera by downloading the Camera Remote app from the App Store.

7. Does Apple Watch have WhatsApp?

There is currently no official WhatsApp app for the Apple Watch. Replies to messages, on the other hand, can be sent through the Apple Watch's notifications system.

8. Is The Apple Watch Waterproof?

Is it possible to get water on an Apple Watch? The Apple Watch has a water resistance rating of 50 meters (165 feet), but it is not waterproof. For example, you can wear and use your Apple Watch while exercising (sweating is not a problem), taking a rainy walk, or even washing your hands.

9. Where do Girls Wear Apple Watch?

Apple watch is intended to be worn on the LEFT hand. This applies to both male and female readers. It makes no difference whether you are right-handed or left-handed; that is the correct way to wear it at all times.

10. Is Apple Watch a luxury item?

The Apple Watch is undeniably a high-end and luxury item.

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