Pine Nuts (Chilgoza چلغوزہ) Price in Pakistan

Chilgoza are nuts of pine tree that only grows in parts of Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan, as well as in the Himalayas Forest zone. Pine nuts are a great source of both carbs and protein. This enhances their importance to incorporate into our daily routine for a healthy body. Pine nuts can be eaten raw, dried, or fried in oil, and all of these are good ways to prepare them for salads.

Price of Pine nuts in Pakistan is a bit high because these nuts are grown only in one region of Pakistan. Pine nuts price in Pakistan varies from city to city because of the transport. Its price per kg starts from PKR 7,000/- and goes up to 20,000/-.

Some Types Of Chilgoza In Pakistan

Below, we will discuss some types of pine nuts available in Pakistan. Some of them are imported every year from Afghanistan. Let us begin with its types and chilgoza price.

Types Of Pine nuts

Prices Per Kg

Afgani Chilgoza

Ranges between PKR 6,000 - PKR 7,000

Chilgoza Without Shell

Ranges between PKR 18,500 - PKR 20,000

Gilgit Chilghoza

Ranges between PKR 8,000- PKR 10,000

Afghani Pine nuts price in Pakistan

Chilgoza, imported from Afghanistan, is one of the best pine nuts in the world. Afghani pine nuts price In Pakistan is around PKR 7000/- per kg and Rs 3500/- per 500 gram.

Gilgit chilghoza price in Pakistan

The quality of the Chilgoza that is cultivated in certain parts of Gilgit is outstanding. If we are talking about how they taste, we can't say enough good things about them. The Gilgit pine nuts price in Pakistan varies with the changing of each season. This chilgoza price in pakistan 1kg comes near PKR 8,000- 10,000/-.

Chilgoza With Shell Price In Pakistan

Chilgoza, available in Pakistan, is in a hard shell. If we talk about their price, it varies from PKR 6,500/- to PKR 8,500/-. This Chilgoza rate in Pakistan varies from Afghanistan to Gilgit Baltistan.

Chilgoza without shell price in Pakistan

The price for Chilgoza with and without a shell is obviously very different because when the hard shell is removed, it becomes lightweight. The price for Chilgoza price in Pakistan without shells starts from PKR 18500/- and goes up to PKR 20000/- depending on the quality.

Chilgoza 1kg price in Lahore

Pine nuts price in Pakistan varies in every city of Pakistan. Some of the types are imported from Afghanistan, and others come from Gilgit Baltistan. There are too many transport expenses involved. Its price per 1 kg is around PKR 7200/- in Lahore.

Chilgoza 1kg price in Quetta

Pine nuts price per kg in Quetta is a bit lower than in Lahore because of dry fruit availability there, and rates are a bit lower than in other cities. Chilgoza's 1kg price in Islamabad is a bit higher than that of Quetta. 

Medical Benefits of Chilgoza

  • Chilgoza nuts are tiny and sweet. It contains antioxidants, proteins, and monounsaturated fatty acids. 
  • Pine nuts contain plenty of vitamins B1, B2, and C, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus, and a modest quantity of iron, calcium, zinc, and manganese. 
  • Chilgoza contains several healthy plant compounds that decrease cholesterol, eliminate free radicals, lessen heart disease risk, and help individuals lose weight.
  • Getting lipids from nuts is popular. Linoleic acid (51%) and oleic acid (37%) make up nearly 90% of the beneficial unsaturated fatty acids in Chilgoza pine nuts. 
  • Pine nuts are heart-healthy fats that protect the heart, prevent heart disease, and promote heart health. 
  • Pine nuts have enough saturated fats such as palmitic, stearic, lignoceric, arachidic, myristic, and benzoic acid. This ratio lowers cholesterol and improves lipid profiles.
  • Chilgoza nuts are a wonderful weight-loss snack. Pine nuts provide plant-based protein and are a viable alternative to other nuts for vegetarians.
  • Pine nuts contain a balanced amino acid profile, making them a healthy protein source. Cereals have little lysine, an essential amino acid. 

Nutritional value

  • Pine nuts have 28% pinolenic acid.
  • Chilgoza pine nuts contain 51.3% fat (Fatty Acids).
  • Pine nuts from Afghanistan and Gilgit have 8.7% of water and 13.6% of protein.
  • Chilgoza contains 22.5% starch, 0.9% fiber, 3% minerals, and ash.
  • Their fatty acids include stearic acid (1.2%).
  • Pine nuts contain 2.8% of linoleic acid.
  • Chilgoza has 2.3% of oleic acid.

Where To Buy From?

When you go to a traditional market, the dried fruit sellers will give you different prices based on the quality, type, or category of the dry fruits & nuts. At, you can buy anything at a reasonable price with high quality. Buy pine nuts at a discounted price from our marketplace online. 

Final Words

Chilgoza is among the most delicious Pakistani nuts. They are mostly grown in Pakistan and then Afghanistan. If you want to buy the best Chilgoza in Pakistan at lower rates, visit our website and place your order.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What is Chilgoza Called in English?

Pine nuts are a kind of nut that is also referred to as chilgoza in Urdu. Despite their Urdu moniker, pine nuts are utilized in a wide variety of regional and traditional cuisines all over the world.

What is the Health Benefit of Chilgoza?

Chilgoza contains gallocatechin, catechin, lutein, lycopene, carotenoids, and tocopherols. Chilgoza nuts fight oxidative stress and cell damage with their antioxidants.

Is Chilgoza Expensive?

Due to the time required to produce the nuts and the labor required to separate the seeds from their protective covering, pine nuts CHILGOZA are one of the most expensive nuts on the market.

Does Chilgoza Increase Sperm Count?

Chilgoza has enough zinc to make sperm count and movement better, so it can be used to get pregnant. Zinc helps your immune system, heals wounds faster, and keeps you from getting colds.

Is chilgoza good for the brain?

The iron in chilgoza is good for your health because it helps your body carry and store oxygen. Also, they are good for the health of your brain. When you roast them, the iron inhibitors in them have less of an effect on the body.

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