Undergarments are an important part of a woman’s life. In recent days, buying branded undergarments for ladies increased due to the comfortable material and affordable price range. The main reason behind the increase in sales of branded undergarments is their availability on online platforms. This makes it easier for women to choose from a variety of ranges available at online stores.


Our drawers are full of pairs of undergarments that either do not fit or are not comfortable enough. Wearing a bad pair of undergarments can make you annoyed if it is itching or does not fit well. The purpose of wearing an undergarment is to protect your genital organs from exposure and protect your clothes by providing an extra layer when you are on your period. Here the durability of your underwear is tested because, during the period cycle, the blood may come down to your pants. When you rinse your pants to wash blood spots then the durability of your undergarments is tested vehemently.


Although, for some people, these two terms may sound familiar they are actually different. Underwear or undergarments is what we wear under clothes. It has a typical function as compared to the innerwear of ladies, undergarments are related to covering your genitals. Whereas women's innerwear is worn at night and does not have any clothing layer on it. It is worn on to look attractive and sexually appealing to your partner.

When a woman is choosing her innerwear, she makes sure that to look attractive and maintains her feminine look, and makes her powerful. These things revolve around the purpose to intimate with your partner. Generally, ladies inner wear is all about how she feels about it. How exquisitely she can attract her spouse matters the most.


Undoubtedly, ladies' inner wear is an exclusive item but the myths confined to it are rather not true. It is believed that fancy undergarments for ladies are made with luxury fabric or silk. This is totally a misconception about the inner wear ladies use in their daily life. It is made of one of the most commonly used fabrics called cotton. Because it keeps the person comfortable and relaxed due to its soft texture. The inner wear for women's uses hygienic fabric that keeps moisture away from the skin. As described before this is counted as an exclusive product in undergarments. There are usually laces around the innerwear you buy. That does not make them expensive but it increases the beauty of the product, indeed. Innerwear is usually soft and may have silk fabric which makes it more expensive than any other undergarments product.


The basic difference between cheap underwear and innerwear is that both have different fittings. This gives girls inner upper hand over normal underwear. If you want to experience this difference you can try some of the branded undergarments for ladies in pakistan such as leyjao. It will give you an idea about the difference in the price of women's undergarments and innerwear. It also has some exclusive bridal lingeries that are way more expensive than local pakistani bras and has a price difference of almost ten times higher.


Pakistani culture is changing dramatically, it was considered taboo to wear lingerie and women were too shy to even ask for them. The main reason behind that was the physical market and bazaars were full of male owners and women were not comfortable asking such things from a man. The female undergarments brands in pakistan has targeted this specific customer gap by making online ladies undergarments shopping in pakistan possible. Now the trend has changed all the way, where inner wear for girls is available with just one click. This allowed women to open up and shop for whatever they wanted without any hesitation or hindrance. Now they can have sexy nightwear for women without being ashamed because they do not have to ask the shopkeepers.

However, the scope of these products is increasing day by day. The brands have never known the potential of these products, so these products did not have separate sections at the physical stores. Sapphire became the first brand to introduce a separate section to break this stereotype and introduced a separate section under the name “Sleepwear and intimate”. This made other famous brands of women under garments to have expanded their arms.


Talking publicly about undergarments is still taboo in Pakistan. Women who went to the market for their undergarments face different types of dilemmas. The first hindrance they face while buying undergarments is that they have to deal with the male shopkeeper. They feel embarrassed to ask the man what her bra size is or what kind of woman panty does she wants. If you ask a woman shopping for ladies undergarments lahore area you will find them saying they are tired of the loose fitting of their undergarments. Almost seven out of ten women are not satisfied with their bra fitting. You will find them saying that the quality of these bras is not up to the mark and it becomes worse when the summer season arrives.

Women are seen complaining in the summer that in summer they suffer from itching due to sweating. And this ends up in making rashes around the cups. Being a woman they have to invest so much time and energy in buying undergarments. They want a pair that is comfortable while wear but in local markets, they are unable to find them. Moreover, these undergarments are so much lower in quantity that the wire under the bra comes out and it can cause serious damage to the skin.


Undergarment is an important accessory in our daily life and it stays with us throughout the day. Women who have a dispensable income prefer to buy womens innerwears that have good quality stuff. They are interested in branded undergarments because they do not become rough or out of shape after the first wash. However, if you are interested in foreign brands and want to shop ladies undergarments karachi products, have a look at leyjao marketplace's wide range of products. Whereas, ladies undergarments shops in lahore also have branded undergarments at affordable prices.

The main reason that women are eager to buy undergarments from the branded store is that they were either having no choice before or they are too expensive but this dilemma is dealt with carefully by the branded undergarments shop. They can buy the branded undergarments at price within their range. Stereotypes are changing swiftly in Pakistan thus creating space for so many new things. The branded undergarments from the UK are mostly loved by people in Pakistan. There are people who are now preferring branded undergarments over local undergarments in Pakistan. Pakistan is a patriarchal society where you find men doing everything. Although there are women undergarments online trends in the market, modernization has hitted our culture too. No one can imagine that men could be buying ladies' undergarments for their spouses or girlfriends in Pakistan. But this trend is welcoming because many taboos have struck society over the years. It should be treated like a piece of cloth while buying from physical shops. In some areas men feel ashamed while asking for women under wears, however, it should not be taken as an element of seduction all the time. The taboos associated with this specific category of clothing are somehow resolved by ladies undergarments online shopping in pakistan in recent years.


Since the arrival of online vendors and marketplaces, online shopping emerged in the Pakistani market rapidly. That not only helped the ladies under garments online sales but also made it easier for female inner wear consumers to buy their favorite products. The variety and quantity of undergarments are available at e-commerce websites like which gives end consumers the liberty to shop without any hesitation. The barriers of shyness and non-communication remained imminent during the last century in Pakistan. People do not talk about undergarments in Pakistan. For example, if you buy lady undergarments and sit in front of your friends, they will start laughing at you. This inconvenience is resolved by the online platforms.

Whereas, the best ladies undergarments brands in pakistan have made it easier for women by offering girls under garments at a discounted price. The boom in the buying behavior of people is emerging faster than any category on online marketplaces. The most important aspect in this category is that women had to wear it all day long but they are still shopping for ladies undergarments online in pakistan without even touching the product and checking whether it is comfortable or not. There are two main things offered by marketplaces that you buy.

The first thing is that the quality they are giving to customers is way better than those of the local products. As mentioned above, the undergarments industry in Pakistan has seen a rise since the arrival of online marketplaces.


The undergarments are not limited to bras and panties, there are various types of products that married people use like couple night dress to create a good bond. This is indeed getting very popular among couples. They are inventing new ways to create an emotional and physical attachment with each other. However, in recent times night dresses were usually a product concerning women and girls. But this trend is changing and now couples are buying the same dresses to wear at night.

The sleepwear category is improving day by day and people are getting more attracted to products in sleepwear. The womens inner wear includes nighty suits and fancy ladies undergarments which they are using to maintain a good relationship with their partner. Fancy undergarments are used to spice up the relationship if it is going through a hard phase.

To look attractive and charming in sexy innerwear women look to make their partner allure towards themselves.

The other undergarments items include girls' stockings which they usually wear while attending parties and events to look elegant. Stockings are generally seductive items and women wear them to seduce their partners. Although it is not worn at parties around Pakistan, women wear it for their spouses and boyfriends. Another use of the stocking is that it keeps the legs warmer in the winter season. Winter undergarments are also a popular item in northern areas of Pakistan.


Pakistan is a climate-diverse country that contains areas where the weather remains cold throughout the year. So people in these areas need warmer clothes and ladies inner wear for winter to fight the cold weather. Women who live in these areas wear body warmers and thermal suits. The demand for ladies' inner wear for winter is higher as compared to the other parts of the country. However, women who visit the northern area as tourists go to ladies undergarments shops in islamabad as the nearest and most developed area in the town. The body shapers for womens also serve as a warmer in the winter season. There are different types of shapewear that come in different sizes and shapes. If you are looking for winter inner wear for ladies during your visit to tourist places, buying online is the best option. Search for ladies undergarments near me and find them just on leyjao e-commerce website.


Every human has a different shape and body structure and it means that if something is looking good on someone it will also look good on you and your body shape. Your body type and undergarments have a great relation. If you are not going to wear undergarments that suit your body, your appearance will be undermined. Lingering has a great impact on shaping the body of a woman. Although it is an undergarment it influences the personality of a woman. Different items like laces and other sensual materials are added to lingerie. It gives her a confident and confined look ultimately making her happy. So it is essential to wear lingerie of your body type to gain attention.


To look good, it is pivotal to choose undergarments according to your specific body type. For example one of the most typical body types is Hourglass with a 36-24-36 figure measurement. Women of this body type should wear lingerie that can make them more exotic with their hot body type. The waist and shoulders are of the same measurement which creates an option for the waist cincher. The waist cincher is usually worn for 8 hours a day. But sometimes you can customize it to wear during exercise and burn fat to shape your body accordingly.

Then comes the triangle body type, the woman of this body type has a bigger waist than her shoulders. To give yourself a sexy look you can wear busty lingerie to make your breasts more visible. This makes your waist and upper body look in balance to give you a sexier look. If you are choosing lingerie for a rectangle-type body then you should look for corsets and teddy lingeries as the first option for you. Usually, athletes have this type of body where your body measurements are almost straight. The most attractive type of innerwear womens with inverted body types can wear is a halter neck. If you have a flatter bum then go for teddy lingerie. These different lingeries are easily available at online shopping undergarments ladies websites in Pakistan.


Lingerie is an exclusive item. It is offered by brands that are popular in undergarments for womens online, and you can buy it at a discounted price. The difference between local and branded lingeries is that every lingerie type has different specifications and if you want a genuine experience you should buy it from an authentic lingerie store to feel the desired look.

Different types of lingerie sets help you live your imagination with your partner. For example, a garter belt lingerie is one that comes with 4 straps, a lace bra, and a panty. If you are imagining a wilder look with your partner, you can wear it under your dress. It may sound complicated to you but it is not. You should try it once in your life.

If you want to take your romantic life to another level, you can wear a camisole. These are functional and practical which does not make your romantic life boring. The womens camisoles in pakistan are popular among ladies from the financially established class. They like to wear it under western dresses to look attractive to their partners. That makes the branded lingerie a popular undergarment because it is used mostly by married couples.

Branded undergarments can groom your look but they are a bit expensive. Just like it, matching sets is a premium option. It is undoubtedly heavier on the pocket but totally worth it. Gives you an aesthetic look when you go in front of your partner.


If you talk to a woman about undergarments she might be able to explain to you better if you do not know the difference between both these products. However, if you ask a man about it he may not be able to answer it. It is also important for a male to know about the difference between these products as they may also get a chance to buy for their partners. The major difference is that lingerie is a type of underwear that is worn to give yourself an exotic look for your spouse, whereas shapewear is worn to give shape to your body. Both undergarments have immense importance and both fall in the underwear category.

The functions and structure of shapewear and lingerie are quite different. For instance, you can wear shapewear to give a perfect look to your outfit. To make your tummy, and bums look flatter. Whereas, the purpose of lingerie is to show minimal clothes. Another essential component in these undergarments is fabric technology. The fabric is generally softer in the case of shapewear as it has come under the outfit and makes you embrace yourself comfortably.

The confusion is when you need to wear shapewear and when you should wear lingerie. The answer is not that difficult. When you want to be elegant and have an impression on others, it always matters how you are dressed. People judge us by our outfits and appearance. A shapewear gives you a perfect look and makes you confident to stand out from others. On the contrary, lingerie comes to use when you are not wearing anything except it. The best use of lingerie might be at a wedding for the bride.


Every woman wants to feel desirable and sexy for his partner. She wants to be the only woman his man will love and try to make love with. But the hectic routine and managing a complete household makes them tired throughout the day and the same goes with men who are working from day to night to earn money. When a man comes home after being tired and exhausted throughout the day and his woman treats him well this gives a start to a special connection which leads them to make romance at night. And if the woman is well prepared for the moment she will be wearing her sexy lingerie. Lingerie is becoming instantly popular in Pakistan and ladies undergarments brands pakistan stores are making sure to keep their product shelves flooded with online undergarments for ladies to boost their products.


When it comes to choosing undergarments everyone has their own choice. Some people are very conscious about choosing their undergarments and some take it as a casual thing. Those who take it consciously have a certain affection for brands and especially women who love shopping under garments for ladies online love wearing branded undergarments. There is no doubt they are more comfortable and relaxing to wear. These products are 100% genuine and original. If you are anxious about the sizes, then do not worry. You can have a wide range of sizes that ensure to get your undergarments.

On the contrary, there are people who prefer to buy local undergarments because they are relatively cheaper and are easily available on demand as compared to branded undergarments. Most ladies wear cheaper products in their daily lives. For example, ladies tights are a widely used product by ladies in their daily life. They do not prefer to spend too much on their tights.


An undergarment that is lighter in weight and breathable is comfortable to wear all day long. Made of soft nylon microfiber that makes it. A few decades ago, brands used to make products that were durable. But they soon realized that their products are not getting rough or damaged. That is decreasing their demands. So they preferred to make products that may get no use after a certain time. However, in today’s fast-moving world, no one wants to keep the same undergarment or night suit all throughout the year. There are womens undergarments online stores that keep recommending more and more good options for yourself. And, eventually in the end you go to buy the product. Whether you intend to buy or not. The one major thing to keep in focus on while buying your undergarment is that it does not fit your body tightly. If you have the habit of moving around the bed, you may get twisted or stuck around your clothes and it can disturb your sleep pattern, which is essential to get up fresh in the morning.


Although all types of undergarments help you maintain the health of your genital organs, the best thing about them is that they help you get cozy. For example, a nighty gown is worn when you want to free your body from a tight dress that you were wearing throughout the day. Night Suits also hold the same importance as the other outfits you wear throughout the day. If you are tired from all day's work and you go to sleep in the same dress, it might not make you feel comfortable. You have to change your clothes to snug into the bed. In the summer season, it is hot and humid outside so using air conditioners will ultimately make your sleep better with the night dress.

Some general things should be kept in mind while choosing your nightwear. It must be essential that you determine the fabric from which the nightdress is made of. Some people like to wear smooth and silk night dresses while some want cotton and breathable cotton dresses before going to bed. The choice remains in your hand of what kind of fabric material you want to buy. Before this, the most important thing is the season. You cannot wear a half-night suit in freezing cold weather. You have to choose a dress that makes you feel better throughout the night and keep you warm. Similarly, in summer we like to sleep half-naked so we can get some air to breathe. That makes a difference when we choose our night dress for any season. There are people who cannot wear a night dress because they like to live in extreme temperatures and they do not have the facilities to cover the harshness of the weather.

Style is very important if we are concerned with making our nights better. Do follow the trends but try to wear something that goes with your body and makes you look attractive for your partner or even for yourself. Loving ourselves is not a bad thing at all. Most of the time your special moments come from the way you dress. It is common that if you wear a sexy night suit or lingerie, your husband will definitely be attracted to you.


There is a common misconception about night dresses and undergarments. Lingerie comes in undergarments and it is usually worn at night when you are going to sleep. The same is the case with night dresses, you wear night dresses when you are going to bed. If both are worn during going to bed then what makes them different? Why a night dress does not fall in the undergarment category. The common sense answer to the question is that lingerie is worn when you want to seduce your partner and night dresses are generally concerned with your comfort and sleep at night.

In Pakistan mostly full-length cotton gowns are popular sleepwear because they cover up your whole body and are made of cotton. Cotton is the most commonly worn fabric across Pakistan. People love to wear it every season. Mostly in the summer season, it is a go-to fabric for everyone. Another important thing about night dresses is that it varies from age to age. For instance, teens love to wear cotton night sleepwear before going to bed. They usually like to wear it when they have shaped legs and maintained thighs. It makes them attractive and comfortable both at the same time. Not only in Pakistan but young girls around the world also love to wear this sleepwear.

One Piece nightwear is also very popular in night dresses because it allows you a comfy and girly look while you are in your room. It is generally made of cotton and has cute cartoons printed on it which makes it popular among young girls. And identical to that there is another product of sleepwear worn by young ladies, a jumpsuit. A jumpsuit is popular among girls because it makes them feel cute during the night. They usually prefer to wear it just before going to bed because it is not easy to wear but it is comfortable on the other hand because it is also made of cotton.

Moving from teenage to Adults, romantic night suits are the most popular item among night suits. Married Women generally keep pairs of two-piece nighties and red nighties to allure and seduce their partner during their honeymoon or at the start of their wedding days. A sexy night wear for women is very important in the starting days of the relationship. The first days of marriage are the most memorable days in everyone’s life, sexy nightwear helps you to look attractive so that you can make your love moments more special throughout your life. It makes your partner ultimately fall in love with you and he cannot resist your seductive night dress.


Most women love to wear tight dresses. You have to be careful while wearing undergarments under tight dresses. Because your underwear can be visible through your dress. And if you are wearing loose undergarments it can make you uncomfortable under the tight dress. And make sure that nothing looks through your underwear. Similarly, make sure to wear slightly loose underwear if you are wearing a loose dress. Fit dresses emphasize your curves and make layers of clothing visible on your dress. Choose wisely when you are wearing an undergarment under a fitted dress.

If you are wearing a see-through dress then you need to choose your undergarment more carefully. You should be wearing matching underwear with the dress and your undergarments do make you look awkward in front of others.

Finding the right underwear for your bodycon dress may sound difficult but it is not. A brief thong will be ideal for you if you do not want to wear seamless briefs. Your choice of undergarment matters the most because your inner for women helps you feel comfortable and confident and relaxed.


Women in Pakistan usually wear different types of dresses, which is different for every class of women. The ladies undergarments in Pakistan also vary with the preference and body type of women as mentioned above. But the women undergarments pakistan are following the trends from social media and other blogging websites. We are living in the age of information where people love to wear all that they like and see on the internet. Before the arrival of the internet women in Pakistan were not aware of the designs and types that are available in undergarments. They were usually wearing granny panties as common undergarments throughout Pakistan. The reason behind that was the unpopularity of western dress in Pakistan. Women were only wearing their traditional ethnic dresses and Salwar kameez at festivals, family functions, or social gatherings. But now the recent trend of wearing jeans and other western dresses has created many options for women with undergarments.

The most important thing a woman wants to avoid is wearing an undergarment that will show her panty lines. Women feel embarrassed and uncomfortable if their panty lines are visible. And to avoid wardrobe malfunction outside, you should have thongs, briefs, a bikini, and hipster panties.


Although Pakistan is a male-dominated society, women are entering the workforce with equal responsibilities and chances. They have to be provided with equal opportunities to grow and contribute to society. They are respected at workplaces to encourage more and more women to enter the workforce. And, they are allowed to wear any dress that makes them comfortable during their working hours. If they are choosing vibrant and bold dresses they also take care to avoid their panty line embarrassment.

Bodycon dresses are gaining popularity in Pakistan, women embrace themselves when they are attractive and appealing. Wearing a bodycon dress makes your curves visible. A high waist boyshorts can be useful under your fit dress. It helps your body to look slimmer. On the other hand, if you are wearing skinny jeans, a pair of bikinis can help you hide your panty lines better than any undergarment. Moreover, it allows you to feel comfortable under your tight skinny jeans. You can also choose to wear cotton fabric that allows the air to breathe.

If you are wearing tight-fitting shorts you do not have to worry at all. A thong can resolve your problem better than anything else. Sometimes shorts appear to ride up and add embarrassment to your outfit. Thongs help you avoid the panty lines in this case. Exactly like this g-strings are one of the most important underwear to keep in your wardrobe as they provide you with a good handful of options to dress and help you avoid panty lines under the skin tight clothing. And now the most common version of the panties that you can wear under any kind of dress. It can be assumed as your everyday underwear as it allows the air to circulate down there and it is also helpful in making you more comfortable during your all-day work. It helps in avoiding moisture which prevents bacteria, and infection and reduces odor.


If you see in the context of Pakistan, women cannot go and buy all these types of underwear. Because they find it awkward while ask for a bikini from a shopkeeper. Normally expensive bikinis are not often to be found in Pakistan. So this problem is resolved by online fashion stores across the country. Women can easily order undergarments of their choice with the convenience of delivery to their doorstep. This is not only helping women but also the whole undergarment industry in Pakistan.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What is winter innerwear for ladies called in the local language?

Winter innerwear is often called thermal or long underwear because of its long length that goes to the knees in the women inner wear category

What type of women inner wear should you wear?

Typically, women innerwear depends upon the color of their dress. However, any ladies innerwears can be worn if you are wearing a dark color dress.

Why undergarments for girl are used?

The girls undergarments are used to protect outer clothes from getting dirty due to sweating. The innerwear for womens is also helpful during periods.

Which brand is best for online shopping of ladies undergarments in Pakistan?

Leyjao is the best place for ladies undergarment online shopping in Pakistan. Here you will find undergarments for ladies online shopping than other undergarment sellers.

How to find ladies undergarments shop near me?

To search ladies undergarments shop in karachi, you can go for innerwear for ladies in the search bar, and it will show your nearest located shops.

Which undergarments womens wear in summer?

For ladies undergarments pakistan summer season, women like to wear cotton underwear.

What do you mean by girls inner wear?

Girls' innerwear includes bras, panties, lingeries and night suits.

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