Bathroom Scale Price In Pakistan

Everyone wants to look smarter and healthier by maintaining his/her weight. For this, mass scales are great tools to measure body weight. These come in different types, styles, and variants that have different rates.Bathroom scale price in Pakistan varies with its specification and sense of accuracy. They can be analog or digital scales with specific and smart features that you would love. Also, smart apps are being used for connectivity and analyzing heaviness digitally.

One who is suffering from diabetes or heart disease should keep the body measurement daily and it is essential to have a top-quality weighing scale. On the other hand, gymgoers and old ones can check and realize their body mass accurately. There are specific types of scales for mass measurement including the slim mass Scale and scale for older adults. Having a mass balance or weighing machine can help anyone to analyze and fluctuate the load.

No matter, what is the place for placing a scale for testing mass balance, it can be used anywhere in the home. In the U.S., this scale is placed in bathrooms that’s why called the bathroom scale. Buying Bathroom Scales for calculating body fat percentage or estimating body composition metrics helps to maintain a balanced life. The price of weighing scales matters to the features and specs included and the size of the device.

Types Of Bathroom Scales

Bathroom scales come in several types with different designs, layouts, and functions to proceed. One can choose related to the needs of users like someone can select simple and general scales for quantifying weighing effortlessly. Some are difficult to use for kids and old people because of complicated systems and huge metrics like ounces, millimeters, and fluids calculation. Here are some major types of bathroom scales that we mentioned below with their specific qualities.

Balance Scale

A balance scale is one of the common types of washroom scales used for identifying mass or load normally. Usually, it is positioned at the gym or a physiologist's office to determine the grams and kilos of a body. The balance mechanism system can be less accurate and feels like an old-fashioned technique but it works undoubtedly. Its platform is common and easy to use even a sensible person having no studies about this can use it correctly.

Mechanical Scale

Probably mechanical scales are used for weighing body mass. These scales are easy to use and reliable having an analog dial on the top of the platform. They are less accurate as the mechanism is not digital. The screen of the analog dial displays only in 500g and 1kg increments. It is not for conscious persons or ones who want accurate results for balance or heaviness. For the right scale for measuring the value of load in the body, you can scroll down to others.

Body Fat Scale

As its name, the body fat scale is available in the market as well as Pakistan’s largest online shopping store, at They are used to get error-free results for body fats, muscles, and the percentage of mass for each organ described. From complete body balance to focused parts, the scale offers to-the-point outcomes. With easy-to-use features, it's an amazing product for weight-conscious players having the latest technology of measuring units on screen.

Smart Scales

Smart scales work as same as called, they are smart, and they are convenient. These scales are known for their smart features like Bluetooth and WIFI that connect them to mobiles. One can communicate easily using the application made for these smart scales. One of the best things in these scales is portable connectivity like a laptop, tablet, or phone. You can connect and check your previous record for weighing that’s quite outstanding!

Digital Scale

When it comes to the digital scale, the mind sketches a powerful display. The digital scale for computing burden is such a great tool that shows outputs to the display glass screens. The accuracy of scales can be adjustable or tolerance based like some + and – for the overall force. 100g is the number for its precision for bulk tracking. Digitalization of the scales means that they have batteries and can turn off after being overused.

BMI & Other

The BMI scales come in different sizes and styles. If you are looking for weight scales then these are the best fit for you to check your body mass index, muscle, and water content in your body. With the capability of the (BMI) calculator, it counts the mass of a body by dividing the actual heft and height of a person. Men and women both can be facilitated with its useful system and weighing key points.

Features To Consider When Opting Bathroom Scales

Prices of bathroom scales depend on the features they have. As most of us rely on the best match when choosing any product. The same rule applies when you go for a weight scale purchase. A well-designed and feature-packed mass balances should be the priority of one’s who want to evaluate body size correctly. There can be many options to find the perfect scale for testing body metrics but always focus on its qualities.

First of all, checking the brand name of the product is a necessary step to prevent in-future issues. Some low-price mass balances from different local companies can hurt you by offering cheap and low-quality weighing scales that are useless after some time. It is the responsibility of the user to check the credibility of the item first like the automatic on-off power button. Let’s know about the things which are important to consider one.


Quality material last longer! The weighing machine comes in varies qualities like a Camry Personal Scale (Weight Machine) has powerful structure, 4 sensor technology for accuracy, 6MM strong glass thickness, and 150KG max weight support. If you are going to getting weight machine then do not compromise on quality including design, sensitivity, compatible with, shape, and auto power on/off. Also, the weight measurement units and surface of machine should be considered before catching it for use.


There are significant bathroom scale companies that offer almost all types of scales for sizing body. The platform is the major component of a scale that can’t be ignored. It should be sturdy and comfortable because anyone can slip due to a slippery surface. Anti-skid and plain-surfaced scales are considered the best ones. In the U.S. Etekcity is known as one of the best mass scales having a big platform of 11.9 x 11.9 inches.

Minimal Design

Do not compromise on your style and get a suitable scale that should be compatible with all your needs. Minimal and sleek designed mass balances can be placed anywhere and provide a different look. It is not a slim size concern, getting a small bathroom scale can place in your bedroom, living room, or anywhere that matches your home and lifestyle. The nominal size of your mass scale will also add value to your specific area as it is a useful tool for everyone.


Accuracy is a factor that cannot be forgotten when selecting a bathroom scale. If one picks up the scale for acquiring body load or a sportsman wants to measure the exact size then the weighing scale should be error-free. With a great price for weightiness balances, we at offers durable scales with high-precision sensors to ensure the right output. If you do not get the results surely then it is best to use a simple weighing meter instead of a digital scale for gauging.

Screen Display

Mass balances come in different variations and styles along with separate specifications. Some scales have an analog display and others have a digital screen for a better show of measurements. The area of displaying numbers or increments can be small, big, or aligned with the top or corner of the front side of the body. The digital weighing scale contains the number and the analog has a needle for the force or mass calculation.


Quality bathroom scales can connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to check your weight and see the previous record. There are many metrics in smart scales you can use them as required. From transmitting data to your smartphones to storing it in a specific app installed on your phone, the high-tech mass scale will get you covered. Whenever you put your step on the platform of a scale, the information of measurement will be sent to your android mobile phone which will help you to note down lately or in your free time.

Time to Read

When you look for a scale to test or track your body composition and mass then it is crucial to check its time to read. At least 5 seconds of the result of your body burden should be displayed on the scale’s screen. It depends on the display or screen quality and its backlit time as smartphone has a feature to extend screen time. But it’s a weighing machine and need more accuracy. Also, the size of screen should be clear to read the forces correctly without any difficulty.

Top Brands Of Bathroom Scales For Accuracy

The accuracy of a bathroom scale matters as you choose it for gaining the best result for your health. As we discussed above, Etekcity is one of the most accurate bathroom scales in the United States as well as all over the world. The other is called EatSmart Precision Plus, with a weight capacity of 400 pounds and a large display. The more powerful compared to the others that have glass body, the Tanita HD-351 compete them.

Last but not least is Withings smart scale for Body+ Body Composition. It has built-in WIFI to connect with devices. Using the apps, you can make a complete sheet of the previous record that’s an outstanding function to reverse and look forward to analyzing your body heaviness.

Where Can I Place A Bathroom Scale?

A bathroom scale can be placed anywhere and is easy to use for getting poundage quantification. One can take advantage of these at the home, office, on farms, and even in a hospital or lab. There are several kinds of scales for specific reasons to get. Some categories of weighing scales are special and have a strong battery and backup that can be used in outdoors. Hence, a lavatory scale has no boundaries to lay.

Online Bathroom Scales Vs Physical Market

Buying bathroom scales online is now easier as everyone knows about the trends and leading platforms that offer only standard items. You can get weight balances online easily instead of physical market because the online shopping is now famous all over the world. is a well-structured firm, an online marketplace that never misguides or provides fake products. We ensure the quality, reliability, and functionality of the product before packing it off.

Where To Buy Bathroom Scales In Pakistan

Finding top-tier bathroom scales online can be difficult for someone because of misconceptions related to e-tailing. But the facts are different from unpleasant behavior and fraud. is one of the best online shopping markets in Pakistan offering top-notch weight gauges at challenging and reasonable prices. We have a variety of scales for all types of uses like a digital weighing scale for kids, a smart scale for gymgoers, a mechanical restroom scale for home, and many more.

Give us call or select a product and add it your cart to ready for buying. Furthermore, by putting your billing address and payment detail, you will get the well-packed bathroom scale at your doorstep. We ensure the product is fine and able to delivered otherwise the faulty items are scraped. So, hurry up! Order now!

Wrapping It Up

Bathroom scales are available at If you have no idea about the price of bathroom scales in Pakistan then scroll through our vast range of scales. We have almost all standard weighing scales/machines for all kinds of usage including a smart body fat scale and DEXA for body bones testing. No matter, which type of body weight analyzer machine you want to purchase, just search on our website, or call us and get the best one at the lowest prices.

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