Are you looking to buy your new analog watch? And you want to look classy and sophisticated in your formal events and functions. Analog watches for girls with jewelry and accessories look perfect with their party wear. Analog watches are also available with designs and styles according to your taste. You can also have a girly dial for your wristwatch if you want to give yourself a girly look.

Watches For Girls


Girls always want to fancy their style with every accessory they wear. A wristwatch is more than an accessory for them. They also want to keep plenty of options for them to wear with different dress codes and suits. This makes them buy womens sale watches because they are available with exciting vouchers. And makes it easier for them to increase their collection of wristwatches.

Having a different watch for every dress code is a luxury in itself and it allows you to use the sale watches women's and enhance their overall appearance. Sometimes, keeping it simple is the best fashion accessory. If you are wearing a formal dress then a leather strap is the best option whereas you also wear a stainless steel bracelet watch if you are not interested in wearing leather straps.


There is no doubt that a wristwatch helps you express your stylish side. And it allows you to check the list of branded watches for ladies trending these days. It is a simple thumb rule that if you want to look stylish, you have to wear trending watches for women to show their best side of you. It not only enhances your appearance but also ensures that others will get to know more about your personality.

This is interesting thing to know that a wristwatch shows what kind of personality you have. And it tells more personality traits about you. Like, if you wear square dials in wristwatches you should be ambitious and committed to pursuing your career and getting successful by achieving your goals, the only shortcoming for such type of people is that hardly compromise on anything. They need perfection in life and if it does not go with them they are rigid enough to let others go. However, your style and personality can change and evolve with time.


Fashion female watches are designed in a way that they can complement your outfit. You can choose different fashion watches for womens according to the color of your dress. It is essential to note that branded watches for women come in different designs that can add grace and elegance to your personality. Most women prefer to match their watches with the design of their outfits. There is a common notion about wearing your watch according to the style of your dress if you are wearing a formal dress it cuts out all the causal watches you have in your drawer.

Outfits style tells you what kind of accessory is best for the current event. You cannot wear a sports or diving watch while going to a family event. You have to change your watch according to the engagement. Outfit style helps you a lot in choosing the best wrist watch for girls to look presentable in the evening.


A woman knows very well how to take attention when it comes to wearing accessories and outfits. There are two different things if we want to talk about watch for girls with bracelets. The first one is the watches that go with your bangles. Women in Pakistan and the sub-continent cannot give up on the bangles. When they are getting ready for any official event or function, bangles and bracelets are essential items in their whole outfit. So they prefer to choose the right style of watch with bracelets.

Girls like to wear big dials with bracelets because they think that it makes both accessories visible and complements each other. Sometimes they like to carry womens clutches that match their watch. It is important to understand that choices are different for every woman, some of them like to wear double-strap watches with few bangles and some like to wear chain bracelets with their watches.


A wristwatch is more than a luxury these days. It is a known fact that mobile phones and other electronic gadgets have changed's preferences of everyone. But the wristwatch does not lose its importance for humans. It is more than an electronic gadget. If you are going for an important interview a classic ladies watch can make you more presentable in front of the interviewers.

Wearing a wristwatch is symbolic and it shows that you are punctual and care about the time. And similarly, the color and style of your watch reveal much about your personality. Demands and descriptions for every job are different. Our gestures and actions reveal more about our personality than we think. If you're being interviewed for a job that has to interact and communicate with people, it is suggested to wear a round or oval shape watch. And most women classic watches come in this shape.

Women who wear round shape watches are friendly, sincere, easygoing, and have a good sense of harmony. They are more open to communication and interaction with people but they also have a flaw in that they hardly trust anyone in sharing their emotions. Anyhow, it depends that what specific watch you want to choose with your outfit and which hand is best for you to wear the wristwatch.


There are some common myths about wearing a ladies stylish watch in everyday life. You will hear people saying that women wear watches on their right hands and men wear watches on their left hands. However, it is not true. The general rule is always to wear a watch on your less dominant hand. It also depends on the choice of a woman because some of them always want to wear it on a dominant hand for purpose of comfort and convenience.

If we look back into history, we will find that it is related to customs and traditions. Pocket watches were popular in the past and people used to keep them on the left side of their pockets. Soon after the arrival of wristwatches, people started wearing watches on their left hands to follow the traditions but as we moved into modernization people started wearing watches on the less dominant hand.

The basic reason behind choosing a less dominant hand is to save the watch from scratches and getting damaged. The watches womens luxury use, are different from the other available watches online. They are expensive so it is better to take care of them. You are free to wear it on any hand if it does not make you comfortable for the whole day. Women can wear watches according to their convenience. Japanese women wear watches on the inside of their wrists so that they do not have to pop up their elbows. In this way, it saves a lot of time for them. Whereas other women usually wear watches under the wrist and loose in fitting. The preference changes because they have to wear some other accessories along with the wristwatch. However, the trendy watches women's prefer have embedded bracelets in them.


Do not be afraid because there are various ladies designer watches for women who want to wear the watches with the evening dress. If you want to look classy and want a glamorous watch that can suit well with leather bags for ladies to grace your look throughout the night, a shining and diamond-studded wristwatch is all that you need. It will increase the beauty of your nightgown and make you shine like a princess.

There are a few things that are recommended before choosing your watch with the party dress. Try to keep it simple, the best way to enhance the beauty of your party wear is to use minimal accessories. It will surely increase your elegance. Moreover, the material of the watch should be chosen wisely whether it is going with your dress or not. Silver and gold are the best materials to wear with your party dress but you can wear coated stainless steel watches. Because they give an exclusive and sophisticated look for the evening.

Another important thing that should be kept in mind before choosing a watch for party wear is its size. Do not wear a big or bulky size with your wristwatch as it will make your wrists weird. Always try to wear a watch that is smaller or medium in size and gives a sophisticated overall look to your party dress.

Classy and luxury watches always have status symbols. A wristwatch not only tells about your class and status but also depicts your taste in watches in general. However, most women prefer looks over durability when it comes to choosing watches. Stainless steel is one of the most widely used materials in the making of wrist watch women's use as it gives a contemporary look to the watch. And, it comes it allows you to choose a variety of colors like black, golden, silver, and, rose gold. The most important thing about stainless steel is its durability, distinguishing it from the other available material used in making wristwatches.


Character and personality show the class of women. Your personality makes you dominate in your professional career. Mostly women who are independent and have impactful personalities usually wear a timepiece with minimal alteration. They like sleek and nice designs that can give authority to their personality. It is important to identify that womens watch for sale are always considered a fashion accessory but this is not the case with every woman. Simplicity is always impactful and you do not have to force yourself into wearing too many accessories to look beautiful.

Talking more about the impact of wristwatches, you should know that they are within reach of affordability for everyone. You do not have to spend a lot of money when it comes to buying a timepiece. Women's watches are usually affordable in every country because they change their watches with every dress. Exactly the same is the case with women's watch price in pakistan because women in Pakistan feel the same as women in other countries.

Pakistan is a developing country and most women in the country cannot afford expensive ladies watches in pakistan as a fashion accessory. It is important to understand that they also have desires which look attractive and beautiful. If you will explore ladies watch design with price, you will find out that there is not that much difference in prices category. But you can still get a quality watch at a reasonable price.


watches for girls

Spending your hard-earned money can be painful but if the product is worth spending you will not find it difficult. Investing in a quality wristwatch is just like that and you have to confirm on the checklist that the watch is up to the mark. And to check the quality, price is the most essential thing. The ladies wrist watches in pakistan are available in different price brackets and you have to identify yourself which price bracket is suitable for you. For instance, if you want to buy ladies watches in lahore, the price will be different because you have a variety of options to buy wristwatches. Lahore is the capital city and no one wants to have an image regarding its products in the market.

However, you have to check the quality and durability of the wristwatch. There are a lot of fake and duplicate watches on the marketplaces so it is inevitable to choose the watch by yourself. You have to have certain knowledge about wristwatches so that no one can deceive you while you shop online. A female wristwatch should be made of stainless steel at least. The other material like titanium and ceramics are expensive but stainless steel should be your last option. Stainless steel is helpful in avoiding irritation due to perspiration.

A thing that is overlooked while buying watches is the PVD coating also known as the film coating. The purpose of this coating is to make your watch retain its color. Whether it has black, silver, golden, or any color it should fade away. Your watch can discolor with frequent use, so make sure it always has a PVD coating. Another important to check is the water resistance capability of the watch most watches are up to 100m resistance. The easiest way to buy this kind of watch is by trusting a trustworthy marketplace like leyjao which checks all the things before placing watches on their digital shelf.


One of the biggest risks you will face buying online watches is the authenticity, that you are getting the right and quality watches as you are thinking. This depends upon the authenticity of the marketplace that people trust their pricing and quality mechanism. Like if they compare the prices of products in the physical shops they will get assurance that the prices are optimized. If they search for girl watch price in pakistan they will get the most competitive price.

Getting a ladies watch for sale is the best feeling for women. Leyjao is providing the best affordable watch brands for ladies at the most reasonable price. This is understandable that women have a craze for buying cost-effective watches because they have to change them every day. Women love to look for multiple options in a single item. They have a habit of comparing prices before buying, so they will not be buying anything before rechecking its quality and price.

The buying behavior of women is different from men, they always explore to their full satisfaction before buying anything. And when they are buying ladies watches online, they make sure that it goes with their personal style. They have to take care of their skin tone and other features before buying the new ladies watch online.


Branded items have their own reputation when we opt to buy something online. Not only because they have a well-managed image in giving quality products but also the trust associated with the brand. If you are using a branded wristwatch for ladies then there are fewer chances of you buying locally-made wristwatches. Women who buy branded watches always have a soft corner and loyalty to their favorite brand. That's why buying a ladies watch that is locally manufactured does not interest them.

Branded watches usually have more quality and durability. The brands do not want to spoil their name and they want to make the investment of their buyer worth spending. Usually, branded watches have exclusive craftsmanship which results in low maintenance for the watch over the years.

Another important aspect of buying branded watches is that they have the best resale value. Reputed brands tend to make watches that do not lose their worth over time. So it gives a sense of satisfaction that you have invested your money in a useful source.

The branded watches may be expensive but they give you mental satisfaction that at least you have invested in an exclusive item. Some branded watches are also budget-friendly and if you going low on budget and still want to buy a watch, explore the branded women watches from leyjao to choose the right wristwatch for yourself.


A wristwatch is the best choice for gift sets for women as it is a balance of romance, elegance, and utility. As mentioned above every personality has its charm and beauty. It may vary from to person what kind of wristwatch they like to wear, if your wife likes a studded chronograph watch that is her choice. Similarly, if a woman chooses to wear simple watches for ladies it is his opinion to do so, and you have to keep that in mind before buying a watch for your special person.

A wristwatch for women is more like a personalized gift for them. You can choose a watch that matches the style of your loved one. You can easily choose the material and color according to your taste. You know her preferences well, whether she likes a classic leather strap or a stainless steel bracelet and only you know which watch will be best for her. More watches are the best gift for every occasion, you can gift it on her birthday or at your wedding anniversary or a vacation, a watch is always appreciated as a gift.

You will find some women wearing old and nostalgic wristwatches which they have inherited from their mothers. It also proves vital as an heirloom for future generations which goes on and on if the watch is preserved and used carefully.

To understand the importance of womens watches as a gift, you have to understand their utility. If you gift her a wristwatch, it is not a throwaway gift and consequently, it will remain with her and keep reminding her of the love you showed to her. If you are looking for a gift that will remind her of you wherever she goes, a wristwatch is the one. It is a kind of reminder for her in daily life whenever she wears your gifted wristwatch. It is important to note that whenever we gift a wristwatch it is not a usual gift. It shows your interest and affection in a different way as it takes money and time together.


Selecting a gift for your special woman is a very difficult task. You have to select something close to her heart and it should be premium in quality so that you do not have to face embarrassment. But it is very hard to explore different markets at the time, like if you have decided about buying her a pair of stylish sunglasses for women and suddenly you came to know that she is looking for best brand watches for women on the internet. And you have found some best ladies wrist watches on her cart of Leyjao which she is thinking of buying for months.

The best and foremost benefit of buying from an online marketplace is that you can get all the things in one place. If you want to shop for a variety of gifts for her and you do not have the time to do so, leyjao is the best place to enhance your online shopping experience. The main thing which is often overlooked while buying a gift for the woman of your dreams is not making her feel special. The emotions connected to the gifts are more precious than the gift itself so make sure that you create a special moment for her.


An online marketplace like is offering a bunch of trendy watch brands on its digital shelf. You do not have to wander around from shop to shop and search for the watch you are looking for. Simply go to their website and shop for the best-branded watches in town under one umbrella.

It is obvious that you should have done your research about the watches which you are looking to buy online. And you must have considered the key features carefully before buying your desired watch. If you are an athlete, you must be looking for a branded sports watch that can provide you stop-watch feature. And more importantly, it should be water-resistant and durable. It should have the endurance to survive harsh conditions as athletes usually do intense training. The shock-resistance feature is the key feature that enables you to buy sports watches. As a sportsman, you can wear a quartz watch rather than wearing a mechanical watch.


Mechanical watches are more reliable than automatic ones. And all the top women watches brands have mechanical watches in their collection and all these mechanical watches are available in the online marketplace. To understand why mechanical watches are better than automatic watches, you need to know how both these watches operate.

A mechanical watch is operated with clockwork which measures time where as an automatic watch is operated with the help of a battery. Mechanical watches can last for generations if they are carefully kept. It is undeniable fact that mechanical watches are expensive but they are also worth the investment. They are a timepiece to use for a lifetime.

And, the exclusivity of made-with-hands gives mechanical watches a premium touch. On the other hand, these are the best ladies watches because women are not careless about their things and they preserve everything carefully for use in the future.


Imagine wearing something, not of your choice. The most important thing about choosing a wristwatch for a woman is measuring the accurate size according to her wrist. If you are gifting it to your loved one then you have to be sure that when she wears it on her hand, she loves it right away. She should feel like that this gift was meant to be made for her.

The marketplaces like leyjao have a size chart that allows you to measure the size of your wrist and get the accurate size.


When you are reviewing different products online, you have great access to the internet which allows you to check and compare the specifications of the product. Moreover, if you are buying watches online from leyjao, you will get complete information about the size, shape, and design of the watch. Similarly, if you opt to buy from an offline source, for instance, you are buying ladies watches in karachi, you cannot verify the details and specifications on the spot. Obviously, it takes time to research anything. And if you will doing it in front of the owner he might be offended. But during online buying, you are free from all these hastily. You can compare the specification of your watch with other available products.


The trustworthy marketplace always offers a warranty on different items. For example, if you are buying stylish gloves for ladies from leyjao, they will give you a 7-day guarantee to check the product. And if you do not like the design you can change or return it within 7 days. Just like that if you are shopping for a watch do not miss checking the warranty of the watch. Sometimes, it happens that a watch might be damaged or not working properly. An authentic marketplace like leyjao offers a warranty with every watch.


An essential thing to check before doing online shopping for women is checking reviews from other buyers. Scammers are everywhere on the internet and they try to get your hard-earned money for misdeeds. The original product reviews allow you to analyze the product before buying. It helps you understand the quality of the product and whether it is fit for you or not. Authentic websites like leyjao have the best reviews regarding ladies' watches. They are providing branded and authentic wristwatches. It gives you credibility and social proof that other people are also buying the same product. It is similar to when going on shopping with our friends and asking their opinion about things, review sites give you the same endorsement on digital platforms.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Where can you find the best women's luxury watches in Pakistan?

Online marketplaces are the best source find luxury watches in Pakistan. You can look at the collection of luxury watches on Leyjao.

Where can you buy trending watches for women?

Leyjao’s online marketplace is the best place to buy trending watches for women

Can you wear women wristwatch with your party dress?

Yes, you can wear a woman's wristwatch according to the style and color of your dress. You can also match your watch with your dress color.

Which color is best in fancy watches for ladies?

Black, rose gold, and white gold is the most commonly used material for ladies' watches. However, you can buy platinum and ceramic to invest in high-quality watches.

Where can I buy luxury affordable women's watches?

You can buy the best-discounted womens sale watches from leyjao which is offering a variety of branded watches on sale.

What is the fancy girl watch price in pakistan?

The price of fancy girl watches varies from brand to brand, but you can buy fancy watches with up to 40% from leyjao.

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