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If there is one electronic device that close to every single person in Pakistan either knows about or has, it is the smart phone. Life in the modern age is more or less unshakably linked to these devices. Nowadays, the range of smart phone price in Pakistan, and the options available, have become quite expansive. Many different brands and companies combine and introduce different features and aesthetics to make their product your next purchase.

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Affordable vs Flagship Phones

When talking about smartphones, there are often two major categories – flagship phones and affordable phones. Flagship phones are what are usually the front line product of the company. They are the most feature-filled, and subsequently, the most expensive. The latest smart phone price in Pakistan for flagships is usually above at least 1 lac rupees. On the other hand, smart phones in low price in Pakistan are put in the affordable or budget category. These phones compromise in some way in features or quality to offer you a more affordably priced phone. They are usually anywhere from 15k to around 45k.

The main reason to buy a flagship is, of course, that these are the best smart phones in Pakistan. So those that can afford them often jump to get them. But just how worth it a flagship is over a cheaper option, and how much additional value they add to your life, is highly debatable. The emergence of the ‘middle tier’ especially has made it even less attractive to go for the absolute top end. These phones offer many high-level features while still maintaining a decent price, which is why most people who buy mobile phones go for this category.

Major Brands of Smart Phones

There are many different brands out there offering new smart phones in Pakistan with different sets of features and prices. These are the major brands of smart mobile phones in Pakistan. 

Alcatel Mobile

Alcatel Mobile is quite an interesting company in the smart phone space. They are owned by Nokia, and operated under license by TCL. This means they certainly have quite major names backing them in terms of quality. The Alcatel mobile price in Pakistan tends to stay inside the ultra-affordable category. They try to hit the niche of making phones for people with the absolute minimum budget in Pakistan. Although not as well known as most other brands on this list, they do offer some compelling cheap smart phones in Pakistan. Those looking for a low-priced phone should absolutely not be ignoring this phone maker.

G’Five Mobile

G Five mobile phones used to be some of the most popular phones in the early days of the smart phone era. Their popularity dropped off as time went on, but their phones are still out there. The smart phones by the company are certainly quite decent options if you want a low-budget option. Options come with anywhere from 1 to 3 GB of RAM, usually with a quad-core processor to go along with. Their phones do have Android operating systems that are recent enough not to feel extremely old. But they will still be older than the latest versions of Android.

Honor Mobile

Honor as a company has been independent since back in 2020. And yet, it still is often thought to be a Huawei sub-brand. Huawei smart phones thus often overshadow Honor phones. But we think these phones should still not be ignored. Their products are quite high-quality phones, as is evident from their history as a part of Huawei. These phones are very powerful, fast and have great batteries as well. The Honor mobile price in Pakistan ranges from the affordable end, all the way up to flagship prices.

Infinix Mobile

One of the newer entrants that has made a name for itself in the Pakistani phone industry. Infinix phones are good at many things, among which are powerful batteries and large displays. Something that is great about these phones, though, is that they still manage to maintain quite a thin overall profile. This means that they are a great option for those looking for a slim smart phone in Pakistan. The Infinix mobile price in Pakistan tends to hover on the more affordable end of the market. This is especially true when you compare their prices to the features that you get.

Realme Mobile

One of the most well-known Chinese phone manufacturers in Pakistan. Realme mobile phones often offer flagship comparable features at prices much lower than you would expect. Realme smart mobile phones in Pakistan are known particularly for being powerful. They are one of the few Chinese companies that tend to usually use Qualcomm hardware in their phones. They also tend to try to make their phones especially visually appealing. The Realme mobile price in Pakistan, as stated above, is usually surprisingly low for the specs and features that you get. Realme has carved out a space for itself in the market by offering compelling options for buyers.

Itel Mobile

Another decent option for those looking for cheap smart phones in Pakistan, Itel is a Chinese phone company that offers phones at some of the most affordable prices for a smart phone currently available. Some of the big attractions of these phones are, firstly, durability. These phones are very resistant to regular wear and tear. Secondly, they have batteries that last quite a long time. The Itel mobile price in Pakistan even at the absolute upper end does not cross 50k. And the most popular options all hover either around or under 20k.

Jazz Digit 4G Mobile

If we talk about the latest smart phone price in Pakistan, probably the lowest price from a well-known brand is the Jazz Digit 4G line of feature phones. Jazz Digit 4G price in Pakistan goes at maximum to close to 12k rupees at the moment. These phones are surprisingly popular among people who either do not want to spend the money on a smart phone, or just want to get a smaller secondary phone in addition to their main one. These phones can also be a great way to disconnect yourself from today’s constantly connected world. Basic functionality like Wifi and WhatsApp actually make it possible to maintain basic communication. But, you stay away from the big distractions of modern technology.

Apple Mobile

If there is one company whose smart mobile phone price in Pakistan is easily leagues above most other companies, it is Apple.  Apple mobile price in Pakistan for the overwhelming majority of its models is above at least 1 lac. Many people debate whether this price is worth it, as they can find similar or better features from other companies at lower costs. However, there is something about the allure and the brand image of the company that makes them so popular. Combined with the refined experience and the unique ecosystem that they offer, these phones remain a compelling product.

Huawei Mobile

Possibly the biggest name not just in Pakistan but even in China itself when it comes to smart phones is Huawei. They have been in the smart phone space for a long time, and have honed their craft immensely at this point. If there is any Chinese company that might possibly be able to be compared with the likes of Samsung or Apple, it is Huawei. From great performance, quality and materials, you will find few better options than this phone maker. The Huawei mobile price in Pakistan is actually quite varied. While they do make options that have flagship features and prices, you can also find options on the budget side as well.

Lenovo Mobile

Lenovo is most well-known for making extremely high-quality, reliable computers and related electronics. But they also make very high-quality phones, bringing to them the innovation that they are known for. Lenovo mobile phones are particularly well known for being very powerful gaming devices. Unique features like shoulder buttons and special cooling systems bring a level of uniqueness that you will hardly find anywhere else. Even though they are known for gaming phones, Lenovo mobile price in Pakistan actually varies a decent amount. Other than expensive, powerful gaming devices, you can also find budget phones.

Nokia Mobile

There is little that needs to be said of Nokia as a company. They were by far the most well-known and popular company in the pre-smartphone era, not just in Pakistan but the entire world. Nokia mobile phones have unfortunately taken a hit in popularity since the advent of smart phones. Some unfortunate decision-making at presumably the upper management level has caused them to fall behind others when it comes to sales. But believe it or not, they are still making phones. The Nokia mobile price in Pakistan goes from the affordable level up to firmly in the middle tier of phone prices.

OnePlus Mobile

OnePlus is one of the more maverick companies in the smart phone space. Not as well known in Pakistan, in the West, they are very high-quality enthusiast phones. These enthusiast phones usually tend to be comparable in many ways to flagship phones. They are sometimes even better in one or two aspects. And yet, they maintain a price that is almost shocking for what you get. The Oneplus mobile price in Pakistan is one the higher end, though, because these phones are not normally found at Pakistani stores. In addition, their brand image as enthusiast phones also likely adds to their price.

Oppo Mobile

Oppo has entered the smart phone space more recently than many other brands. And yet, to call it anything other than extremely popular would be inaccurate. They have made a name for themselves, offering great phones at even better prices. Oppo phones are often known, among other things, for being fast-charging mobile phones. They are one of the few companies to offer 120W fast charging on a device. They put a special emphasis on the batteries of their phones. The Oppo mobile price in Pakistan usually hovers somewhere around the upper end of the budget to the middle price tier. But, their phones are normally well worth the amount of money that they ask for them.

Samsung Mobile

The one company with the highest smart mobile phone price in Pakistan in the Android category is Samsung. They are maybe the only company out there that competes with Apple in every major way. The Samsung mobile price in Pakistan is always high, especially for their two main flagship lines – the S series and the Note series. But, they do offer a slightly more affordable category nowadays with the A series. The price, while high for these phones, is often justified by the level of innovation that they bring. Their combination of quality, features and design are often unbeaten in the Android phone space. They are some of the best smart phones in Pakistan.

Q Mobile

Q Mobile was by far the most popular phone company at the beginning of the Android smartphone era. This was mostly due to the fact that they offered these phones for the first time at a price that most Pakistanis could afford. And what’s more, the company was Pakistani-owned and operated. This certainly made it a popular option for those looking to buy mobile phones back then. But as phones in general started to become more affordable, their popularity lessened. The Q mobile price in Pakistan, as stated before, has always been on the affordable end. Even today, the majority of their popular phones cost less than 30,000 Rs.

Tecno Mobile

Tecno is a good option for people looking for smart phones in low price in Pakistan. One of the lesser-known smart phone brands, Tecno is a company that originates from China. They make very affordable smart phones. The Tecno mobile price in Pakistan does actually go all the way up to the flagship tier. However, the majority of the phones popular in Pakistan are budget-priced or entering the middle level.

Vivo Mobile

Vivo is one of the few companies to be extremely popular not just in Pakistan but in many neighboring countries as well. Those looking for a slim smart phone in Pakistan should also not ignore this phone brand. Vivo mobile phones are known for putting a big emphasis on the cameras of their phones. In addition to this, they are known for putting special effort into making their phones as visually appealing as possible. The Vivo mobile price in Pakistan for most of their popular options does not go above the middle price tier. But you can find phones that cost a lot more as well.

Xiaomi Mobile

Xiaomi is one of the most well-known and common smart phone brands in Pakistan right now. They are known for offering a level of quality unparalleled at the price range. It might not be incorrect to say they sell more new smart phones in Pakistan right now than any other company. The Xiaomi mobile price in Pakistan is thus some of the most varied that you will find. Everything from the most affordable products to flagship competing prices can be found from this manufacturer. Xiaomi mobile phones are also among the best among fast charging mobile phones, with the highest-end models offering 120W fast charging capability. Very few devices currently offer something this fast.

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