Affordable Dawlance AC Price in Pakistan 2024

Dawlance Ac price in Pakistan starts from Rs. 119,000. At leyjao, we offer a special discount of 12% on the different Dawlance air conditioner on models. It includes inverter and DC inverter air conditioners. You can choose different capacities in Dawlance air conditioners from leyjao. We have 1-ton, 1.5-ton, and 2-ton models at sale price. Moreover, we offer 0% EMI with installment plans from 3 to 18 months.

Dawlance AC Price in Pakistan 2024

Inverter Dawlance AC Price in Pakistan 2024

Inverter Dawlance AC price in Pakistan varies with the capacity and BTU. BTU is also called the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. Leyjao has various Dawlance Inverters starting from 12 BTU to 24 BTU. Choosing the right BTU size can help you save much money on your electricity bill.

A dawlance 1 ton ac has 12 BTU capacity. It is perfect for a normal room in Pakistan. However, a 12 BTU unit is sufficient for a room of 200- 300 square feet. The average room size in Pakistan is around 150-200 square feet. Furthermore, the location of your air conditioner also matters a lot. If you have a room that faces the sun, you need an air conditioner with a higher BTU.

For instance, a room with 12x14 dimensions facing the sun requires a dawlance 1.5 ton inverter ac. Inverter technology is designed to save you energy. When your room temperature reaches the normal 26 Celsius, it slows down the compressor's speed to save energy.

Difference Between Inverter And DC Inverter

Buying Large Household Appliances is a challenging task in Pakistan. The prices of air conditioners change every year. However, the priority is the price when buying a chiller air conditioner in Pakistan. Inverter and DC inverters are the first choice of Pakistanis.

Leyjao is offering inverter ac online and Changhong Ruba AC with DC inverter technology at a sale price. We at leyjao, offer your favorite brands at a discounted price. However, let us discuss the basic difference between an inverter and a DC inverter air conditioner first. The DC inverter saves more energy than introvert AC. The motor control is 10-30% more efficient. It controls the speed of the compressor. Moreover, it has no inverter link. Thus, a DC inverter is the best home appliance.

Furthermore, AC inverters convert the energy into AC power through DC power. DC inverters produce DC power in variable frequency AC power. Hence, DC inverters are more suitable appliances to save electricity. The dawlance dc inverter ac price in Pakistan helps you buy the best temperature control device for your home. It is cheap. And it is highly durable. Dawlance has the best AC appliances. Shop the most reliable brand now!

Dawlance Is The Name Of Affordability And Reliability

Air Conditioner is an expensive home appliance. For instance, a TCL air conditioner is more costly than a Dawlance air conditioner. Dawlance is a Pakistan Brand. It has the most affordable and reliable appliances in Pakistan. Moreover, it has a wide network of service centers. You can easily locate centers near you.

Moreover, Dawlance inverter ac price in Pakistan is low and affordable. They offer a 12-year warranty on the inverter compressor. They also offer a service warranty. Dawlance ac 1.5 ton price in Pakistan 2024 is the most suitable and reliable option for your home. It is affordable. And it saves you money on maintenance. So, you do not have to worry about service charges. It is a perfect household for your home.

Dawlance offers a wide range of options for air conditioners. It includes a dawlance split air conditioner and a floor stand air conditioner. Floor air conditioners are the best portable option for big-size rooms. You can move them around your place. They are worth their price. Dawlance 2-ton air conditioner is the most affordable option compared to orient 2 ton ac price in pakistan. It saves your money and gives you reliability. It brings convenience to your life. So, make your life easy with Dawlance.

Get The Best Dawlance Ac Price In Pakistan 2024

Dawlance has one of the best appliances in Pakistan. Such as dawlance inverter air conditioner prices in pakistan. Leyjao offers the best prices for Dawlance air conditioners with free home delivery and installation. You can also get branded air conditioners from us. We have the best Kenwood 1 ton ac price in pakistan. We give you a variety of options to explore. What is better than buying an air conditioner without paying the shipping charges and installation? So Shop with leyjao. And Keep your room cool this summer. Go and get it now!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Does The Dawlance DC Inverter Ac Save More Electricity?

Yes, DC inverter AC is an energy-efficient option and it saves you a lot of electricity. Leyjao has the best variety of DC inverter Air conditioners online.

Is There Any Difference In The Price Of Non-inverter And Inverter Dawlance Air Conditioners?

Yes, Inverter technology Dawlance Air conditioners are more expensive than non-inverter ACs. Because they help in saving more electricity.

Is There Any Difference In The Price Of The Air Conditioner With BTU?

Higher BTU units cool down your room temperature faster, so they are more expensive.

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