-About Leyjao

Leyjao is a fast-growing online shopping platform where customers can buy quality products at reasonable price and retailer/sellers/brands can sell their products to their target market at seamlessly.

One Stop for Shopping

Leyjao brings multitude of products in different key categories, including fashion, consumer electronics and health. Buyers for our products and services are located in above 300 cities and regions of Pakistan. So, on daily bases several visitors communicate with our vendors and each month over 200 vendors join Leyjao to increase their turnover to deal with logistical challenges of online shopping industry, Leyjao uses service of TCS which is well-known for its expeditious and secure delivery in above 500 cities of Pakistan

Company’s Time Line

January, 2019

A Few years before the idea of Leyjao was incepted by Siraj Mahmood and Awais Gallani. This idea to initiate an online shopping hub in Pakistan depicts high entrepreneurial orient of founders. The rational to first tap the online shopping market of Lahore was grounded on two basic tenets. First is the reputation of Lahore as being a tech city of Pakistan and it is rich with technical human capital. So, organization of technical resources for Leyjao seems to be bit easier than other cities in Pakistan. Second, in metropolitan city of Lahore there is massive chunk of consumer and vendor who just started to accept the norms and values of e-commerce. It means market of Lahore was not saturated instead, founders assessed that online shopping market in early 2019 was at embryonic stage of industry life cycle and benefits for new entrance could be high. These rations led founders to official launch Leyjao in January, 2019 with a nominal capital of Rupees. 3.0 million.

April, 2019

It did take much time for founders to analysis online shopping market and expand its operations all over Pakistan. So to comply with development objectives, Leyjao shifted its operations from carport, near Siraj Mahmood’s home to a 1000 square feet office at heart of Lahore.

September, 2019

To best serve the needs of our stakeholders, Leyjao at its early stage of development has incorporated one-clicking buying facility for its customers. The basic purpose of this technique is to make sure that every time when a customer visit and order from Leyjao, he/she should not has to manually insert its billing and postal detail. In fact, a customer can employ one-click buying to use a pre-specified address and card number to shop one or more items.

February, 2020

At the start of last year the Leyjao’s philosophy to offer solutions to its customer’s problem started to provide concert results in shape of increase in vendors and consumers of Lejayo. So at the first quarter of 2019, 250,000 client made purchases by using out platform.

July, 2020

It was in mid of last year that Leyjao arranged an agreement with TCS to deliver its vendors offerings seven days a week to customer’s door step almost anywhere in Pakistan.

October, 2020

The incremental improvement in business operations and ties with other service providers paved the way of growth for Lejao and in October, 2019 turnover of Lejao showed a significant upward trend.

January, 2021

Leyjao pushing the limits of its development in Pakistan, Amazon sets off a race between scores of urban communities over the Pakistan to have its subsequent central command. Offers incorporate rich assessment motivating forces and land for the grounds, among different treats.

May, 2021

We offer quality products at reasonable price to our consumers. Moreover, we always endeavor to keep our promises made through our platform of Leyjao with our market entities, so Leyjao primarily centers its strategies on values it can generate for stakeholders like vendor and consumer.

Company Board

Awais Gillani

Co-Founder & Chairperson

Awais Gillani is a skilled entrepreneur with high business acumen. His core expertise is in the domain of “marketing” particularly, he possesses over 12 years of experience in areas of direct and digital marketing for local and international markets. At, present Awais Gillani doesn’t only own and governs the affairs of “Emenac”, a global technology consulting Corporation but in fact, he is one of the founding member and chairperson of Leyjao.

Siraj Mahmood

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Siraj Mahmood is an erudite and young entrepreneur, who started to acquire business intellect in 2012. Siraj.M has 4 years foreign expereince in his tech field as a CEO. Spend 8 years in digital marketing and web development with tech-savvy teams. Working in Leyjao with development, logistics, marketing, data operations departments.

The utmost challenge, we encountered in commencing Leyjao was to form a team of creditable, capable and dedicated staff, who could manage the operations of online shopping at Lejao in most efficient way possible. Basically, Leyjao is an e-commerce portal that excels in satisfying demands of buyers, sellers and all other stakeholders, who are a part of Leyjao’s value chain. Moreover, adhering to core marketing axiom that “customer is the king”, Leyjao intends to create a brand image by putting its customers at the core of every strategy, policy and offerings. Therefore, products and services that we offer at Leyjao are created to generate maximum value for its customers.

—Siraj Mahmood
Message from Co-Founder/ Managing Director

Our Story

Leyjao continuously strives to provide an efficient and effective online platform for its customers. So, an underlying objective of Lejao is to facilitate the interaction between sellers and buyers in safe and convenient way possible. Moreover, Lejao also tries to develop and improve its business process by keeping the needs of its customers at first. This customer centric philosophy enable us to provide offerings that generate true value for customers.


To be a leader in e-commerce industry by creating a bond of trust between stakeholders through ethical practices, continuous streamline of supplies and by creating a reliable financial support system. Adhering to this philosophy of transparency, Leyjao aims to provide a most trust worthy platform of online offerings in Pakistan. So, in this competitive industry as trusted online retailer, it requires that we sustain our profitability and also, continuously evolve by improving and enhancing our online product and services, which is why Leyjao is an active participant in job fairs, trade shows and exposes.

Brand Perspective

Leyjao is an online e-commerce platform that basis its services on care, consideration and compassion for its stakeholder. As an organization in the retail sector, we do not only endeavor for customer satisfaction but we also try to satisfy vendor requirements through financial strength derived from profitability and cash flows. Leyjao brand is synonymous with reliability for stakeholder who are in relation with Leyjao. Our business philosophy depends on the principle of perseverance for growth by adding value through ethical contribution of human resources motivated by compassion.

How We Came To Be.

Leyjao is a brainchild of Siraj Mahmood and Syed Awais Gillani, founded in 2019. After the review of e-commerce industry of Pakistan, Leyjao decided to cultivate their own niche in the market place by generating a long-term truly trust based ties between vendors and buyers. The podium of Leyjao offers access to quality goods and services to online buyers’ at the most cost-effective prices and we are also committed to keep our promise of creating values through quality retail services.

Company Statements


To be the first choice in online shopping across Pakistan. Jo bhi aye, ley jaye Atimad sey!


Our mission is to providing a seamless and less time-consuming online shopping experience, driven by customer centricity. We strive to enable customers find and purchase all sorts and the best quality products ensuring speedy delivery across Pakistan.