Why Leyjao.pk was started

Leyjao.pk is the brainchild of Awais Gillani and Siraj Mehmood. They are currently serving as Chairperson and Managing Director, respectively. Both the founders had two things in common: provide a reliable e-commerce marketplace and build trust amongst the online buyers. Hence, Leyjao.pk was founded as a trusted homegrown online shopping marketplace where quality is never compromised and customers shop in a safe and secure environment. We have deliberately localized the name as Leyjao so that customers can rely on us while shopping! Given the economic hardships our country is facing right now. Our work will foster community spirit and open new opportunities and aspirations for our young people, Syed Awais Gillani, Co-founder and Chairperson of Leyjao.

Our Story

The office of Leyjao.pk was acquired in late 2018. We took that premises to initially start some other business but the idea never saw the light of day. After three months of analyzing the market feasibility, we realized that there was a huge gap between sellers and consumers. Therefore, we set out to create a reliable and authentic online marketplace. Leyjao.pk became the ultimate shopping destination where consumers get the best value without having to worry about online fraud.

When we were developing the website, the name was still undecided. One day, one of the founders was staying back late, working on the website when suddenly few names for the website clicked in his mind. He discussed with the designer and they both started checking whether these were available. After some search, finally Leyjao.pk was available. We decided the name for our e-commerce business as Leyjao.pk. Hence, Leyjao was started with only two people and currently, we have almost 50 employees working for us!

Mr. Awais Gillani

“Given the economic hardships our country is facing right now. Our work will foster community spirit and open new opportunities and aspirations for our young people.”
—Syed Awais Gillani, Co-founder and Chairperson of Leyjao.


“The utmost challenge we encountered was to form a team that could manage the operations of online shopping in the most efficient way. Leyjao puts customers at the center of everything it does. We want to make every aspect of the customer experience the best.”
—Siraj Mahmood
Message From Co-Founder/ Managing Director

Company's Timeline


Venture Started In 2019

Leyjao.pk was a venture capital that started in early 2019 in the 690 sq. feet office, in the heart of Lahore. The main reason was to utilize the untapped potential of an online marketplace of Lahore. Lahore is one of the tech cities of Pakistan and has a rich technical human resource capital. Initially, we worked on the following things:

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Outdoor Compaign In 2020

Leyjao.pk, in the second year, was in the growth stage. We started working on our set goals and targets but with just 2 months in the year, the world came to a halt due to the Covid’19 pandemic. Everything started closing down but it created an opportunity window for Leyjao.pk.As people were restricted inside the four walls of their houses and could not go out to shop for their essentials, Leyjao.pk provided a platform to potential clients.

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Seller Meetup In 2021

We expanded our office from 690 sq. feet to 5000 sq. feet due to the expansion of our team. We established the fulfillment by Leyjao (FBL) which fixed problems between sellers and customers. Moreover, Leyjao added new logistic partners and payments so that our customers didn’t face any hindrances while placing and receiving their orders. We structured our teams and added more departments and therefore, reached 200 per cent growth in sellers and products 1/3 of a year.

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Android App Launch In 2021

As mobile use continues to grow significantly, testing new technologies that enable an improved shopping experience is the need of the hour. Leyjao.pk, Pakistan’s homegrown e-commerce marketplace has always remained a step ahead when it comes to meeting customers’ expectations.We are excited to announce the launch of our online shopping app for Android where you will find unbeatable deals, millions of quality items and exciting giveaways all at your fingertips.

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Leyjao Outdoor Signage In 2021

Leyjao signages mounted outside seller’s shops. This development comes at a time when sellers have realized that they can accomplish a lot online post-pandemic. By utilizing signage, Leyjao.pk has been paving the way for the Pakistani seller community to provide exceptional customer service through its online shopping platform.

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Influencers Flock In 2022

Leyjao.pk is making rounds on the Internet for its excellent customer service, a wide array of fast-shipped, fashion-forward pieces to buy and affordable price range.Influencers have come forward to lend their support and show how much they love shopping from Leyjao.pk.We are thrilled to share this video where influencers with millions of followers have given wonderful feedback. We want to thank everyone for believing in us and hope to see everyone shop atimad sey!

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