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Ribbon and streamer toys would encourage the kids to play and exercise at the same time. Your little one would love watching these ribbons spin and float around them as they run and dance. They would lift them in the air and watch the wind move through them.

Each ring has specific width and has a certain number of ribbons tied in different tied. Each when it is not tied has a specific length. Because of the nature of this toy, therefore parental supervision is required and it is not designed for newborn babies and this cannot be used as a teether.

This hand kite features ribbons are in neon pink, orange, yellow, neon green, turquoise, purple, and many more colors. The ring is kiln-dried chemical-free hardwood, grown and finished with homemade beeswax wood polish. The ends of the ribbon and streamer toys are heat sealed to prevent fraying.

The ribbon streamer toys are safe and well crafted, the ring is made up of hardwood which is very well crafted. They look pretty good to look and are easy to grip, and the ends of the ribbons have been sealed to prevent fraying, long and beautiful and they feel super soft and satiny.

They can be used for multiple purposes whom you can play these creative wrist ribbons indoor for music and dancing, and outdoors for fluttering in the wind, they are sturdy and super reliable and can be hung on the closet doors in the playset in the play area while not in use, and add little bit aesthetics to your room. So what are you waiting for, you can easily buy ribbon and streamer toys at at the most reasonable prices.

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