Best Water Dispenser Price in Pakistan For Modern Home

The Water dispenser price in Pakistan ranges between Rs. 24,700 to 58,240 at Leyjao. We offer dispensers from various brands in Pakistan. You can choose different types of dispensers at a reasonable price from us. We offer dispensers at easy monthly installments as well. You can choose a suitable installment plan according to your budget. So stay hydrated in summer. And drink cold water all day as it is the need of every modern home.

Water Dispenser in Pakistan

Affordable Option for Water Dispenser Price in Pakistan

A dispenser is the best appliance to stay hydrated in the summer. It is the best option for modern homes and offices. Leyjao allows you to explore different water dispensers in Pakistan.

You can get the best electric water dispenser from us at a reasonable price. We have one of the best brands in Pakistan. For instance, you can buy a dawlance water dispenser with unique features from us. So, you can choose different models based on your water consumption.

Furthermore, you can explore various types of water dispensers from leyjao with an exclusive price range. Such as:

Top load Water Dispenser

Topload dispensers are one of the most widely used products in this category. They are available in different sizes according to your usage. PEL has various models of water dispensers that give you a cold water capacity of 3.7 liters. It is the perfect solution for offices in summer.

It can give you 13-16 glasses of cold water in one go. Further, you can make coffee and tea for employees with a 1.2-liter hot water capacity. It gives so much convenience at a reasonable price. The Pel water dispenser price in pakistan starts from Rs.29,900.

Although, top-load dispensers are most widely used in homes and offices. Refilling these dispensers can be a challenging task. This water cooler dispenser requires careful refilling. Normally, filtered water dispenser bottles have a capacity of 19 liters. It is heavy so you have to refill it with attention while lifting the bottles.

Bottom load Water Dispenser

A bottom load water dispenser is the most convenient option. If you experience any back issues, you will face difficulty in lifting a 19-liter water bottle. So, you just have to slip the bottle into the dispenser. You do not have to lift the heavy water bottles.

It is the best water dispenser in pakistan for people with back problems. It is also a perfect option for older people. They can easily change the water bottle without any inconvenience. So, you can choose this bottom-load dispenser from various brands in Pakistan.

The best water dispenser brand in pakistan for bottom load is Dawlance. It gives you a variety of options for water dispensers. You can choose a water dispenser without refrigerator. The bottom-load dispensers do not have the refrigerator option.

Tabletop Water Dispenser

A table top water dispenser is the ideal option for small spaces. For instance, if you live in a flat room or small office, it is the best option. You can move these dispensers from one place to another with convenience.

Leyjao gives you the best table top water dispenser price in pakistan. We have the cheapest products in this variety of dispensers. For example, we have tabletop Gaba National water dispensers starting from Rs.24,900.

Tabletop dispenser is an affordable Kitchen appliance to fulfill your need for cold and hot water. Moreover, these dispensers are easy to install. You do not have to do any plumbing work to install this dispenser. Furthermore, you can control the temperature of water according to your convenience.

These water dispensers are without fridge capacity. Leyjao has the best water dispenser without fridge price in pakistan. You can get it at easy monthly installments from us. You also get a warranty for these dispensers. This mini water dispenser is essential for drinking cold water in the summer. However, choosing a water dispenser can be tricky, let us give you a guide to choosing your water dispenser.

Tips to Consider Before Buying a Water Dispenser

Appliances bring ease and convenience to our lives. Ice cubes are typically used to drink cold water in Pakistan. A best water filter dispenser can relieve them from refilling ice cubes. Here are some useful tips to consider before choosing the water dispenser:

Size of Your Family

If you have a big family of 10-15 members, you might need a dispenser with a large capacity. A dispenser that can provide a maximum amount of cold water. A Gree water dispenser solves this problem. It can cool up to 4 liters of water per hour. The temperature of this cold water is between 5C-12C. This gree water dispenser price in pakistan starts from Rs. 41,900. You can choose different models in it online.

The other notable feature is the lock on hot water. It saves kids from accidentally spilling the hot water on them. For instance, you can ask kids to give you a glass of water from the water as the hot water system is locked. Moreover, it has a spacious fridge with water dispenser. You can store your different items in this mini refrigerator. You can keep snacks and drinks in this small space.

Energy Consumption

Electricity consumption is the major factor when you are buying any appliance in Pakistan. Homage appliances have one of the best energy-efficiency. Their price changes with the type of manufacturing and features. For instance, homage water dispenser prices in pakistan are different for Glassdoor and plastic models.

The cooling dispenser consumption of homage is 100 watts. It has an energy-efficient compressor. Just like this Kenwood Water dispenser has the best energy consumption. So, it consumes 90 watts. Whereas, the heating capacity of the homage dispenser is 470 watts. You can drink cool water without spending a lot of money. The Kenwood water dispenser price in pakistan costs you around Rs. 26,800.

Homage mini water dispenser price in pakistan is available at Rs. 28,600. It is also a convenient option with hot and cold water options. And it produces low noise during operation. It has one of the best refrigerator capacity. Its storage capacity is 20L. You can store Fresh & Dairy products in this small fridge to keep them away from the smell of other things.

3-Tap Design

When you are exploring a water cooler dispenser price online, make sure it fulfills your needs. Commonly used small water dispensers for homes have two taps. These taps are hot and cold. However, if you fall sick, you do not feel like drinking cold water.

Many consumers keep simple Water Bottles for this situation. So, the normal tap option ensures that you can drink room-temperature water. You can get a 3-tap water dispenser of Boss dispenser variants. Boss is known for its water dispenser cheapest price. You can get this water dispenser at as low as Rs. 13,800. It has a simple design with effective cooling and heating features.

However, the boss water dispenser price in pakistan varies with the model. It has new tap designs. The food-grade stainless steel water tank gives you fresh water throughout the day. You can enjoy cold and hot water according to your convenience.

Tank Capacity

Every water dispenser for sale in lahore has a different tank capacity. It enables you to choose a suitable choice for your home or workplace. For instance, the largest water tank capacity for dispensers available in Pakistan is 4L for cold water. Similarly, it has a 5L capacity for hot water.

This dispenser water price in Pakistan is available at Rs. 71,000. Moreover, it does not increase your electricity bill. The maximum power consumption for hot water is 580W. However, it does not have a fridge. If you want a water cooler dispenser with mini fridge, you can choose a Haier water dispenser.

The haier water dispenser price in pakistan changes with features and specifications. Haier water dispenser with two taps price is lower. It has the best water dispenser with fridge price in pakistan. It can cool up to 4L. This makes it a cost-effective option.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning is the major concern when you buy an appliance for cooling. Deep Freezers are difficult to clean which is why they are the least priority. So, make sure that you buy a cooling device that is easy to clean. However, water dispensers are easy to clean and maintain.

You can store different types of beverages in the refrigerator under the dispenser as they are suitable for various environments. The climate of Karachi is different than other cities. That is why water dispenser prices in Karachi are lower than in other cities.

Affordable Water Dispenser Price in Pakistan

Leyjao offers water dispensers lowest price in Pakistan. You can keep yourself hydrated all day in summer with chill drinking water. Moreover, you can store Soft Drinks in the fridge compartment of the dispenser. So, you can also choose to buy different types of dispensers from us at a sale price.

If you are looking for a water dispenser for sale in islamabad, leyjao is here for you. Leyjao is the best online shopping platform that provides high-quality products all over the country. You can buy stylish glassdoor water dispensers that match your space's interior. So, you can get up to 12% off on this water-cooling solution. So, hurry up! And grab your water dispenser now!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What Is The Capacity Of A Commercial Filtered Water Dispenser?

A commercial water dispenser’s capacity of water starts from 65 liters.

What Is The Size Of The Water Dispenser With Freezer?

The standard size of the freezer with a dispenser is 20L. Leyjao has various models with this capacity at a reasonable price.

Is A Bottleless Water Dispenser More Efficient Than A Bottle Dispenser?

Bottleless dispensers require cleaning every 3 months. However, bottle dispensers require cleaning every 6 weeks.

Which Is The Best Purifier Water Dispenser In Pakistan?

Various brands such as Nasgas, Ecostar, and Orient offer the best rated water dispensers with purifiers.

Which Is The Most Affordable Water Filter For A Water Cooler Dispenser?

There are various water filters available at leyjao. You can explore and buy your suitable filter from us.

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