Itel Keypad Mobile Price in Pakistan

Itel is one of the more recent companies to enter The Pakistani phone space. The Itel keypad mobile price in Pakistan makes it a great option for those looking to get a budget phone.

Itel feature phones for sale

Features of Itel Feature Phone Options

  • Budget-Friendly: The Itel Keypad mobile options are known for being some of the most affordable options on the market. So, they are a great option if you are looking for a basic but reliable phone.
  • Great Batteries: Because of efficient processors and low-power displays on an Itel feature phone, they usually have quite long-lasting batteries. They are great if you want a phone that can last for multiple days without needing to charge.
  • Large Buttons: Most Itel Keypad mobile phones come with relatively large size buttons on them. This makes them a great option for those who, due to age or illness, have limited dexterity.
  • Dual SIM Support: The majority of Itel feature phone in Pakistan come with support for two SIM cards. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of two different networks in one phone.

Popular Itel Phone Options

There are a large number of Itel new mobile options currently available to purchase. These are just a few of the popular options right now.

Itel 5026

Itel 5026 Price in Pakistan: Rs. 2,749/-

This is a different and quite stylish-looking Itel phone option. The Itel 5026 feature phone comes with dual SIM support. This allows you to keep a separate SIM for work and for friends and family. In terms of features, the phone has a 0.08 MP back camera, allowing you to take basic photos. The phone has Bluetooth and GPS functionality in it. The option of a 3.5mm headphone jack allows you to take calls while driving or engaged in other tasks.

Itel Power 700

Itel Power 700 Price in Pakistan: Rs. 3,699/-

This Itel new mobile is a more classier-looking feature phone from the company. This phone has the unique ability to hold three different SIM cards at the same time. The LCD display is 2.8 inches in size, meaning that you get a decently large screen. The Itel Power 700 comes with a battery capacity of 2500mAh. This means that you do not have to worry about running out of battery. Additional features in the phone include a Multi LED torch, auto call recording and guard lock.

Itel Muzik 110

Itel Muzik 110 Price in Pakistan: Rs. 2,699/-

This is another nice-looking Itel phone option with some unique features in it. The Itel Muzik 110 has a 1.77-inch ‘3D Curved Display Lens’ advertised by Itel. The company says that this helps with better viewing angles and image quality. The recording function of this phone is not just limited to calls. You can also use it to record FM radio broadcasts so that you can go back and listen to them later on. Don’t miss any important detail with this helpful function.

Itel Value 110

Itel Value 110 Price in Pakistan: Rs. 2,599/-

This is the most conventional-looking Itel phone option on our list. It makes sense why it has the name ‘Value’. It maintains the most basic option in each category to provide you with a budget phone option. The Itel Value 110, as stated, is a more basic option, and thus comes with a 1000mAh battery. But that should still be enough to run the basic functionality of the phone. The phone comes with a web browser, Facebook, a call recorder, and message-scheduling functionality.

Itel Muzik 400

Itel Muzik 400 Price in Pakistan: Rs. 3,999/-

This Itel feature phone is another very stylish-looking phone option from the company. The company boasts that the Itel Muzik 400 has a 36mm 3D stereo sound dynamic speaker. This means that listening to music on this phone should be a pleasurable experience. This phone also has a decently large 2.4-inch screen on it, which is bright as well. The device also comes with a large 3000mAh battery on it, which means it will easily last multiple days. There is also a super battery mode for even better battery timing.

Itel Value 100

Itel Value 100 Price in Pakistan: Rs. 2,549/-

Another close to conventional-looking Itel new mobile phone is the Itel Value 100. The phone has the option to expand memory with the use of a memory card up to 16 GB. This means that you can save songs and movies on the phone easily. The phone also comes with a USB port, which allows for easy transfer of data to and from a PC. The option for a Dual SIM allows you to enjoy the benefits of multiple networks on a single phone.

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