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Ventilation is the need of every living space. Exhaust fans keep your home ventilated. These fans remove humidity, odors, and pollutants from your home. They make the air breathable. Moreover, they also improve the air quality. They are mostly used in kitchens, bathrooms, and places where moisture is generated at your home. At leyjao, we provide a wide range of collections of exhaust fans at a reasonable price.

Exhaust Fans in Pakistan

Factors To Consider Before Buying Exhaust Fans

The purpose of the air extraction fans is simple. They help you maintain a breathable environment for the room. There are certain factors to consider when buying an air extraction fan for your bathrooms, kitchen, and other rooms.

Adequate Ventilation

Airflow is necessary for adequate ventilation in your home. An air extraction fan works effectively when the same amount of air enters the place. For instance, for a bathroom exhaust fan to function effectively, the place of installation matters a lot.

Affordable Ventilation fans have an important role in making your environment suitable to live. They make your room moisture-free. They help maintain the temperature in your rooms. Leyjao gives a handful of options for these types of fans.


It is the most crucial factor when buying an air extraction fan for your different places. It typically measures the airflow capacity of the fan. CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) ratio tells you how much air will be moved out. 

To identify the right air extraction fan size, you can approximate it per square foot of your place. If you have a small kitchen, you can choose a small kitchen exhaust fan by measuring the size of your kitchen. 

Moreover, the ceiling exhaust fan is installed in the room to remove muggy and dirty air. If you have a room of 10 square feet, you will need a 10 CPM exhaust fan. These fans are also available in different sizes. The exhaust fan 12-inch design is perfect for a small room.

The exhaust fan 12-inch price in Pakistan is Rs. 5470. This is the price of a GFC exhaust fan. However, the price may vary with the size of inches. Leyjao offers the cheapest GFC fans in Pakistan.


The latest brands in air extraction fans help you save a lot of energy. For instance, a royal exhaust fan has a royal steel sheet and 99.99% copper winding. This fan gives you the best energy efficiency and results at home. This is a low-voltage exhaust fan that consumes low energy.

Furthermore, royal exhaust fan price in Pakistan varies with body and size. Royal fans have metal exhaust fans from 6’’ to 24’’ sizes. The 24’metal exhaust fan price in Pakistan is Rs. 11,100. 

This fan is also called an industrial exhaust fan. It is installed in factories to maintain an odorless and calm environment. It is the best climate control appliance for industries.

Noise Level (Sones)

Noise level is measured in sones. Fans with higher sones make more noise. Pedestal fans in Pakistan usually have higher sones. However, they are they are portable and easy to carry. Just like these fans wall mount fans in Pakistan also have higher sones.

Anyhow, the plastic exhaust fan for the kitchen makes relatively less noise. They are designed in a way that they produce less noise. Furthermore, the price of these types of fans is usually higher. And there is no harm in paying something extra for a quieter fan.

Moreover, fans with 1.0 or less Sone are rated as quiet fans. These fans are usually installed in the living rooms and bedrooms. For instance, these fans can be the best solution if you live in a humid climate. However, ventilation exhaust fans are available in different materials. You can select one based on what works best for you.

Types of Exhaust Fans

Air extraction fans come in different materials and shapes. Various famous brands in Pakistan manufacture these fans in stylish and appealing designs. These materials are:

Plastic Body

Plastic body fans have unique colors and designs. You can choose these air extraction fans according to the interior of your room. Furthermore, These fans are suitable for walls and windows. GFC air extraction fans are available in sleek ergonomic designs that complement the decor of your room. This plastic GFC exhaust fan price in pakistan is around Rs. 4750 to 5370.

However, you can explore different designs in plastic air extraction fans from leyjao. We have the best variety of plastic air extraction fans. The LOWEST plastic exhaust fan price in Pakistan is available at leyjao.

Furthermore, small extraction fans are also suitable for windows and washrooms. GFC has a wide range of bathroom exhaust fans in Pakistan. You can buy these fans GFC fans from leyjao at a reasonable price.

Metal Body

Metal body air extraction fans are locally manufactured in Pakistan. They are available in different sizes. These are power exhaust fans for bathrooms and kitchens. These fans have high-performance motors that work efficiently.

Moreover, these fans have high durability. These fans have low maintenance. Popular models of these fans are pak fan exhaust fan, GFC, and Khursheed fans. These brands also have metal body air extraction fans in different shapes. You can buy these from leyjao at a special discounted price.

Leyjao also offers exclusive discount coupons on buying these fans. You can also win cash coupons from us worth Rs. 1000. Moreover, we have a wide range of products in our climate control listings.

Steel Body

These fans have the VIP steel design and body. Aerodynamics are kept in mind while manufacturing these fans. They have a lower sone rate as compared to metal. They are available in different sizes from 6’’ to 18‘’. These fans are the best solution to improve air quality in rooms. These fans work efficiently on windows and walls.

However, you can install small-size fans in the kitchen as steel does not get corrosion and acid alkali fumes. The kitchen exhaust fan price in Pakistan varies with size and brand. The 12-inch steel body air extraction fan is available at Rs. 5510.

Other than that, ventilation air fans are also available in duct sizes. These air exhaust fan wattage changes with size. Moreover, these air extractors are installed in the washrooms, bedrooms, and other indoor spaces. These exhaust air fans have the best results.

Leyjao is the best household appliances store online. You can buy all types of appliances for your home at a reasonable price. Whether air conditioners, air coolers, ceiling fans, or exhaust fans, you can buy them at a sale price from us.

Best Room Exhaust Fan Price In Pakistan

The price of air extraction fans varies with the place and manufacturer. The prices are lower in the manufacturing and industrial cities. For instance, the exhaust fan prices in Karachi are the same for the brands. However, it changes when you buy these fans from the local manufacturer.

Leyjao is the best shopping website for buying exhaust extractors. Leyjao has more than 25,000 sellers on board. We have products from renowned local brands in Pakistan. You can buy GFC, Royal, Pak, and Khursheed fans from leyjao at a discounted price. Moreover, You can buy false ceiling exhaust devices from leyjao with a warranty. Leyjao has the best ceiling exhaust fan price in Pakistan. It is a GFC False Ceiling Fan AC 18" With a Remote at Rs. 9950. So, hurry Up and grab the best exhaust fan for your home now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Can An Exhaust Fan Remove The Moisture From Your Rooms?

Exhaust fans remove moisture and bad odors from your room to give you fresh air.

How Much Energy Does An Exhaust Fan Consume?

The energy consumption depends on the size and manufacturing of the exhaust fan. However, these fans can consume as low as 30 watts.

Is It Safer To Use Exhaust Fans Overnight?

Yes, you can use exhaust fans overnight. They keep the air breathable.

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