Orient electronics and appliances are famous across Pakistan for their durability and elegant designs. So, it is a made-in-Pakistan brand, and the Orient group of companies has been working across Pakistan Since 1960. But Electronics From Orient especially Orient LED is equipped with the latest features.

orient led tv price in pakistan

Orient offers two types of TVs in Pakistan: smart TV and Non-Smart TV. You can choose these LEDs according to your use. But, if you want to use LED only as a source of working or playing videos, a non-smart TV is the best option for your place. Smart TVs are the latest option for you where you can enjoy your favorite TV shows online. 


Orient LEDs are designed by keeping Pakistani viewers in mind. So, High picture quality with color optimizer is the most budget option if you are looking to buy a TV for your home. It has a slim design with a narrow bezel which enhances your cinematic experience. 

The premium Dolby sound quality makes it a must-have option for your movie time. Meanwhile, The sound quality elevates your cinematic experience. There are a lot of reasons that make your entertainment fun if you buy an orient lcd in Pakistan. 

Similarly, orient smart TV is an excellent choice for a cheap home entertainment system. However, Smart LEDs from the Orient have UHD displays that give you stunning picture quality with vivid colors. The deep blacks, bright whites, and vibrant colors are a treat for your eyes. 


OTT Platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime have become a source of entertainment among families in Pakistan. Smart orient led price in pakistan is around 46000=. But, if you are looking for a cheaper option, you can buy a non-smart TV from Orient.

Therefore, it is the orient led 32 inch price in pakistan which is suitable for every household. Because it is cheap and does not require a lot of investment. So, You can check a variety of models to identify the most suitable option for you. 

You can enjoy movies and series from all over the world on platforms like Netflix. Similarly, Orient LEDs are available in various sizes such as 32,40,43, 50, 55, 65, 75, and 85 inches. However, If you are not satisfied with the size of orient 32 inch led, you can try 40-inch screens. 

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Leyjao offers all types of branded LEDs on its platform, you can get the LG smart 4k LED along with other international brands from Leyjao with the convenience of free shipping. So, get various other branded LEDs with smart features from us.

For instance, you can get a Sony LED TV from Leyjao at a reasonable price. Meanwhile, Leyjao makes sure that you get original and quality products from brands. These LEDs are offered on a year’s warranty.

TCL UHD Smart TV is the other suitable option if you want to experience high-quality cinematic views at home. Wherein, The 4K UHD resolution brings more clarity and sharpness to the images and Dolby Atmos sound adds crispness to the sound quality.

However, You can get the best Smart and non-smart orient led tv prices in pakistan from Leyjao. Whereas the price might differ with the size of the screen. You can choose LED according to your requisite budget easily from leyjao. 

But, The major difference between these two LEDs is that you can stream online apps and the internet on smart LEDs. Whereas this feature is not available in non-smart LEDs. The Android operating system powers a smart orient tv. However, non-smart-orient LED is without an operating system.

Similarly, a 40-inch smart LED is the best device to enjoy your shows online. You can get the cheapest orient android led 40 inch price in pakistan from leyjao. Here are the specifications of smart and non-smart LEDs.


  • 4K Ultra High UHD Resolution
  • HDR 10
  • Upgradeable Google Licensed Android Operating System
  • 1.1 GHz Quad Core processor
  • RAM 2.0 GB
  • ROM 16 GB
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • Built-in NETFLIX
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • YouTube
  • Built-in Google Assistant
  • Google Play
  • File Manager
  • Dolby Audio
  • Built-in Bose Sound System
  • Audio Connect
  • USB
  • HDMI
  • Built-in Chrome Cast
  • Built-in Fastcast
  • Digital Television (DTV)
  • TV Booster
  • Full-Color Optimizer
  • Headphone Jack

The price changes according to the screen resolution. Consequently, orient lcd 32 inch price in pakistan is different than that of the UHD Orient TV in Pakistan. Whereas, LCD is the oldest version of evolved flat TV screens. 

This is why orient lcd price in pakistan is relatively lower than that of LED. Therefore, LCDs are slowly becoming obsolete as more consumers are inclined towards smart LED TVs that provide high-image quality.

A 4k UHD orient led 42 inch price in pakistan is cheaper than Orient LED 50-inch price in Pakistan online as compared to the physical stores. Whereas, Brands want to boost their presence online which is why they give special discounts on buying online. Here are a few features of non-smart LEDs

  • Full-Screen Display
  • FHD Resolution
  • Full-Color Optimizer
  • Dolby Audio
  • USB Port
  • HDMI Port

Non-smart LEDs are perfect for enjoying your games. The cheapest orient led 43 inch price in pakistan is offered by leyjao.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Does Orient Have A Smart TV?

Orient has the latest Android smart TVs with advanced technology features. These features include voice control and built-in OTT apps.

What Is The Price Of 32-inch Smart Orient Led In Pakistan?

The cheapest 32-inch LED price in Pakistan is offered by leyjao. The price starts from 46000=/ and changes according to the size of the screen.

Is Orient A Pakistani Brand?

Yes, Orient is a Pakistani Brand and it has one of the cheapest LED TVs in Pakistan.