Huawei Smart Watch Price in Pakistan

Huawei is most known among brands for its smart watches, after Apple and Samsung. The Huawei Smart Watch Price in Pakistan puts it at competition with the Android flagships. The products show that they are not someone to be ignored.

Huawei Smart Watch Price in Pakistan

Prominent Features

  • Durability: Getting a Huawei mobile watch means that you get a product that is one of the highest durability everyday watches on the market. Materials like sapphire glass, stainless steel, and titanium make for a very strong watch.
  • Great Battery: The great thing about Huawei Smart Watches is that they have power-saving options. This allows you to get up to two weeks of battery life on a single charge.
  • Navigation Features: Huawei watches come with either connected or stand-alone navigation options. This means that they are great options for those looking for a fitness watch that also has great communication features.
  • Communication: The option of an E-sim in many of the modern Huawei watches means that you do not have to depend on your phone when you go out.

Most Popular Huawei Smart Watches

The best Huawei watches in Pakistan are not only extremely popular but also cost slightly less than the flagships.

Huawei Watch GT 4

Price: Starting from Rs. 58,500/-

The Huawei Watch GT 4 is the everyman’s watch that Huawei currently sells. The watch comes in a very traditional looking circular design. This combines with a leather strap to make it one of the better looking watches in the space. The metrics that the Huawei Watch GT 4 tracks are highly accurate. Huawei, in fact, is known for having some of the most accurate metrics bar Apple themselves. From heart rate and sleep tracking to many workout profiles, it is a great watch overall.

Huawei Watch Ultimate

Price: Starting from Rs. 224,990/-

The Watch Ultimate is a more specialized ‘adventure’ watch by Huawei. The watch can be considered a premium version of the GT series watches. Thus, it is one of the best Huawei watches in Pakistan. Huawei claims that the watch has a ‘zirconium-based liquid metal case. According to them, this makes it even stronger than a stainless steel body while remaining lighter in weight. In addition to over a hundred different fitness modes, the watch also has twenty professional-level modes for advanced tracking. Huawei claims that the watch will give you more than a week of battery even with heavy usage. And when you do charge it, it will charge fully within just one hour. This is due to their fast wireless charging technology.

Huawei Watch Fit 2

Price: Starting from Rs. 30,500/-

The watch fit is an interesting watch. It is Huawei’s attempt to make a fitness band that also has some smart watch DNA. The watch has a band-shaped design, but its screen is much wider than typical. You get a 1.74-inch wide AMOLED display that provides an interesting look. The watch not only tracks your activities but also gives you recommended warm-ups and stretches depending on your chosen physical activity. 97 different workout modes combined with a sedentary reminder make for quite a comprehensive fitness device. Huawei claims that with typical usage, the watch will give you ten days of battery life. This indirectly shows how the watch is more focused on hybrid functionality rather than pure fitness, which usually lasts longer.

Huawei Band 8

Price: Starting from Rs. 14,500/-

The last watch on our list is the more conventional fitness band that Huawei currently makes. Huawei’s TrueSeen technology allows the band to automatically track different health metrics. These include blood oxygen tracking and heart rate monitoring. The watch automatically detects and tracks 100 different workout modes without the need for you to do anything. A great thing about this device is that it isn’t limited to purely fitness. You can still get all your call and message notifications on the watch. It even gives you a quick reply function to respond to messages.

Getting a Huawei Watch from Leyjao

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What operating System does Huawei use in its smartwatches?

Huawei used lite OS in old watches. However, in the latest watches, it uses harmony OS.

Does Huawei support iOS with android?

Yes, Most of the Huawei watches support iOS with android devices.

Is Huawei’s smart watch reliable and durable?

Yes, with the best quality in material, Huawei smart watches are reliable and durable.

Is Huawei’s smart watch value for money?

Yes, Huawei smart watches are feature packed and full of specifications. That’s why these watches are value for money.

What are in the Box contents of a Huawei Watch?

Huawei usually sends a watch with a charger, a charging cable and user guide.

What is the case of the watch made of?

Metal, plastic, and ceramic are used to make the watch case.

Is the Huawei Smart Watch Worth Buying?

If you value build quality and fitness tracking more than having a "smart" experience, then you should consider purchasing a Huawei wristwatch. However, if you are searching for support for third-party apps, you should look elsewhere.

Which smart watch is best in Huawei?

The Band 6 likewise prioritizes health metrics above smart watch fitness tracking. Heart-rate monitoring might be erratic during harder exercises. Huawei Watch GT3 is Huawei's finest watch.

Can Huawei Watch make calls?

HUAWEI WATCH GT 2's Bluetooth calling lets you make and take calls while exercising or otherwise busy. Communicate with loved ones.

Which Huawei watch has a SIM card?

A wonderful presentation of ingenious capabilities. The HUAWEI WATCH 3 is capable of operating as a standalone communication device thanks to the use of eSIM technology.

Is Huawei a good watch brand?

Above Rs 100k, the HUAWEI Watches are the most expensive and best-looking Android Wear gadgets. If you don't care about style, competing gadgets with identical functions are cheaper.

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