Huawei Smart Watch Price In Pakistan

Although Huawei’s smartphone business may have reached its peak, the company's wearables division is still doing very well. Since the release of the first Huawei Watch a few years back, this Chinese tech giant has continued to improve upon the capabilities of its wearables. These capabilities include simple yet elegant designs, extended battery life, and accurate tracking of physical activity. However, which of Huawei smart watches is the one you should get?

Huawei has created mobile watches for everyone, no matter you are a fitness lover, traveler, sports person, gym trainer, running trainer, or even a patient. Features in Huawei watches are added, looking at the consumer market. However, a question that pops up in the consumer’s mind is which Huawei smart watch is best for him/her. We will tell you below that how a smart watch can be useful for you if you belong to a division of people who love to be fit, healthy, and punctual.

A question that is considered to be the most asked question about Huawei touch watches is the price. If you are living in Pakistan, you will definitely know that people are price-conscious and purchase budget-friendly products. Looking at the market of Pakistan, Huawei launched the budget series Huawei watch and Huawei bands with the lowest rates. is listing Huawei products, especially Huawei smart watch. In this category. You can check it out or buy products online with very easy and simple steps.

Here, we are going to share with you a full buying guide. If you want to purchase a watch but facing a problem in making a decision that which mobile watch made by Huawei Pakistan, you should purchase online. Read the buyer guide carefully to have the best watch suiting you and fulfilling your needs.

Things You Should Look At While Buying A Smart Watch


If you are buying a watch as a fitness trainer, then you should look for a Huawei smart watch with features to count calories and steps. You should also check your blood pressure monitoring feature, heartbeats rate, and many more. The watch should help you with reminders and notifications for your punctuality, set the timetable, and with alarms. These features are a need of men and women who are fitness conscious.


Choose your favorite color with color variety in Huawei bands and touch watches. You should also look for screen and display size and quality. Huawei launches black, blue, pink, and green colored smart watches mostly. Strap or band colors are mostly different to give a glamorous look to the watch.

Health And Fitness Features

You should look to a watch for your old family members if you are more often worried about their health, where they are, or did they take medicine or not. Get rid of all these problems by choosing a smartwatch with features like a location tracker, blood pressure monitoring, sending messages and reminders, gyro sensors, and a pedometer. The watch should be connected to your phone if you are not at home with them. You should also look for band material, quality, and durability.

Connectivity, Storage, And Reminders

If you are a student or an employee, then you would definitely look for the features that suit you. Reminders and notifications are everyone’s need. Apart from this, better RAM and good storage and battery will be your consideration. Listen to music connected with your AirPods, and earbuds with a Bluetooth connection. Huawei watches have these features.

Design, Display, And Screen Size

Looking at Design, display, and screen size will be your priority if you are a girl or someone from the fashion industry. Choose your favorite color while buying a watch. Look at the bigger screen size and High-resolution display. Some watches by Huawei Pakistan, have 1.54 or 1.75 inches IPS displays with good dimensions. You should consider these things if you are young and want a fancy touch watch.


If you travel a lot or are even a hill climber, then all the features aside. You should look at just the battery of the watch. Huawei smart watches include a lot of watches from 120mah to 380mah batteries. You should go for a powerful battery that can last for a month at least. And it should be with a fast charger or a wireless charger. Battery should be the first priority, especially for travelers.

Reliability And Durability

 Reliability and durability should be the priority of every buyer. No matter which class of society you belong to. Huawei takes care of consumers’ mindsets. All the watches that are launched by Huawei were of high quality. Band material, sensors, straps, and watch material were amazing and of good quality even in budget series.


Buy Huawei smart touch watches at low prices online, full of specifications and features that meet your needs. Always prefer to purchase smart watches online because there are so many hurdles going to the physical market. 

Where To Buy From?

You can buy beautifully designed Huawei smart watches from at discounted rates. You can get the watch delivered to your doorstep if you are living in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Sialkot, and Multan. Likewise, you will get the product that you have ordered from this platform is also accepting online payments through banks, credit and debit cards, Easypaisa, Jazz Cash, and Qistpay.

In some products, has an installment plan. If you purchase Huawei band 6 smart watch with a gift and one-year warranty, you can get it in installments. Paying installments on is also very simple and easy. You can easily pay through Qistpay.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What operating System does Huawei use in its smartwatches?

Huawei used lite OS in old watches. However, in the latest watches, it uses harmony OS.

Does Huawei support iOS with android?

Yes, Most of the Huawei watches support iOS with android devices.

Is Huawei’s smart watch reliable and durable?

Yes, with the best quality in material, Huawei smart watches are reliable and durable.

Is Huawei’s smart watch value for money?

Yes, Huawei smart watches are feature packed and full of specifications. That’s why these watches are value for money.

What are in the Box contents of a Huawei Watch?

Huawei usually sends a watch with a charger, a charging cable and user guide.

What is the case of the watch made of?

Metal, plastic, and ceramic are used to make the watch case.

Is the Huawei Smart Watch Worth Buying?

If you value build quality and fitness tracking more than having a "smart" experience, then you should consider purchasing a Huawei wristwatch. However, if you are searching for support for third-party apps, you should look elsewhere.

Which smart watch is best in Huawei?

The Band 6 likewise prioritizes health metrics above smart watch fitness tracking. Heart-rate monitoring might be erratic during harder exercises. Huawei Watch GT3 is Huawei's finest watch.

Can Huawei Watch make calls?

HUAWEI WATCH GT 2's Bluetooth calling lets you make and take calls while exercising or otherwise busy. Communicate with loved ones.

Which Huawei watch has a SIM card?

A wonderful presentation of ingenious capabilities. The HUAWEI WATCH 3 is capable of operating as a standalone communication device thanks to the use of eSIM technology.

Is Huawei a good watch brand?

Above Rs 100k, the HUAWEI Watches are the most expensive and best-looking Android Wear gadgets. If you don't care about style, competing gadgets with identical functions are cheaper.

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