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In a world where a phone is an essential part of our day-to-day existence, protecting it is just as important. This is why a mobile cover is an important purchase to make no matter which phone you have.

Mobile Cover and cases

Important Elements of a Phone Cover

There are different elements in mobile phone covers that make them worth buying. Here are some of the things to look for in a mobile case when purchasing one for your phone.


The first and most important element of a mobile back cover is of course what kind of protection it provides you. This is the main reason that someone puts a case on their phone in the first place. So, it is easily the most important. There are a few things that decide how protective your case is. The most important are the case’s material and the build. These usually also are the biggest contributing factor in the mobile cover price in Pakistan.


It makes sense that different materials provide different levels of protection to your device. Most mobile phone covers are made out of either rubber (or silicon), leather or plastic. Generally speaking, silicon or rubber cases provide the best level of protection. These cases absorb most of the shock of a fall without transferring it over to the phone itself. Leather is usually the next best, while plastic and other hard materials will tend to be the least shock-absorbing.


The other thing that makes a major difference is how your mobile back cover is built and designed. Many cases are especially designed in a way that makes them shockproof and/or waterproof.  For example, bumper cases come with enlarged corners to protect the most vulnerable parts of your phone. Most quality cases come with an increased lip that encircles the edges of your phone’s screen. This protects it if your phone happens to fall on the ground screen-first. Increased bumps around the camera also offer additional protection for your device. All of these additions directly impact the mobile cover price in Pakistan.


Of course, with mobile phones being something you have on your person at all times, how they look is just as important as what they do. Mobile cases covering your phones mean that they are made in different stylish designs as well. The most simple cases are transparent back covers. These covers let the phone’s own back design shine. These are also quite popular for putting on an iPhone, as people often like to flaunt that device. Fancy mobile covers in Pakistan have become quite popular for use in public spaces. These covers tend to be flashy and prominent, bringing attention to your device even from far away. A Fancy mobile cover will usually trade protection for style. Nowadays, you can also find covers specifically designed for each gender. A ladies mobile cover will usually have things like stones and other flashy colors like pink and gold. A mens mobile case on the other hand will be more subdued and dark.


Nowadays many phone cases come with unique features and functions attached to them. This additional functionality improves your phone experience to some extent. These include features like built-in kickstands that are useful to watch content without holding the phone. You can find a mobile pouch with a ring on the back that makes the phone easier to hold. Some modern mobile pouch options even come with attached wallets or card holders on them. This removes the need to carry a separate holder for your cash or cards, adding additional convenience.

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