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Things You Need To Know About Luxury Women Watches

The history of luxury women watches dates back to the year 1810. The watchmakers were not concerned about making watches for women before the 17th century. Breguet was one of the first brands which introduced women’s wristwatches. The timepiece was a pocket watch that could be adapted with a bracelet. This specific functionality made wristwatches popular with women at that time. It was exclusive and these types of timepieces were considered luxury accessories for women.   


Wristwatches were worn only by aristocratic women and women of European royal courts at that time. It was inaccessible for women due to its luxurious price tags. It was desired by every woman at that time because it was not merely a timepiece but a piece of exclusive jewelry studded with different precious stones. It is exciting to know that only a few watch brands like Patek Phillip were producing womens watches that royal women wore. And, branded watches for women were only made to the grace of royal blood.

Queen Victoria was one of the lovers of this kind of watch. And, she had an exclusive collection of watches at that time. By that time, many new watchmakers jumped and started making watches that became popular due to their elegant and beautiful designs. From decade to decade, the wristwatch for ladies evolved in shape and design to become a mandatory part of a women’s wardrobe. Women started wearing them as a fashion accessory along with calculating time. 


A woman’s wardrobe is not complete without a bunch of ladies clutches, makeup kits, designer clothes, and a lot of ladies handbags of different sizes and shapes. Ladies watches are not a piece of fashion accessory but also add up to the personality. As mentioned above, one of the first made woman’s watches was designed to be adaptable as a piece of jewelry. With the evolution, everything has changed in the women’s fashion industry. Women wear everything matching their dresses and jewelry. They wear matching watches, bracelets, and earrings with their dresses. This shows that the watch has taken place of a fashion accessory more than a fashion accessory. 

Different kinds of watches are worn by women on different occasions. For example, if you are going to a formal or official meeting, you need to look like a boss lady. Women prefer to wear a simple leather strap with a rectangular shape. Or, you can wear a wristwatch that has precious crystals studded in the strap and dials. You can wear gold, rose gold, silver ad black jewelry watches to add grace to your whole outfit. 

Pakistan has a modest culture, women generally like to wear jewelry ladies watches in Pakistan when they are attending any family function or event. The choice of every woman is different when it comes to buying watches. Some of them like to get luxurious but moderate women watches price in Pakistan which are affordable. Whereas you will also find women who want to invest money in expensive and exclusive watches. The womens watches price in Pakistan is different for every class and sector. Women from the middle class like to buy affordable but cost-effective watches. But women from the elite class like to buy watches that have luxurious price tags with an elegant look. 


Not only it shows your class and personality but it also shows what kind of personality traits do you have. The shape of the dial tells more about your personality as it defines more about your personality traits. The traits vary from the shape and size of the dial to the strap of your wristwatch. 

Normally, watches for womens come in different dials but women who love big and bulky dials want to live and enjoy their life to the fullest. Whereas, those who wear simple and small dials are perfectionists and they want everything according to details and precision. The funky and lustrous dials are loved by those women who want fame and popularity in life.

Similarly, straps also show the qualitative qualities of a woman wearing them. If she is wearing a loose metal strap that glides up and down with the movement of the hand, it shows that she has an open attitude towards life and she does not like anything gripping them. On the contrary, a static strap shows the commitment of that woman and her stronghold over things in life. 


Not only the size but shape also tells many things about your personality. If you wear a round or oval shape wristwatch for women it shows that you have a sincere, easygoing, and friendly personality that likes to interact and communicate with people at every level. It shows that you have a good sense o harmony that makes you more acceptable in every circle. Women who wear square dials usually have a close-ended personality. They are quite ambitious in life and they always want to have a professional career they are usually a perfectionist in everything they do in their lives.

The women who love to wear hexagonal dials are family women and they care a lot about their loved ones and family, they are more sensitive and empath in nature. They always want to console others while helping them with different emotional and financial needs. They like to keep everyone’s interest in mind before making business decisions. The octagonal dial wearer is the most multitalented and workaholic person. Due to this habit, they have to deal with stress and turmoil at the same time. Their ability to work always leaves an impression on the person they are trying to communicate with in their work life. And obviously, they only know how they are handling this underlying pressure because they want to live a life of a king. Anyhow, you can love any dial, shape, or strap that goes with your personality.


The online marketplace of leyjao is your go-to stop if you are looking to buy watches for girls with price low and affordable range. Their online shelf has the best luxurious watches for women at the most reasonable price. They are offering women’s watches in different materials like leather, plastic, and metal coated straps. They are superior in quality and the color of the coating does not vanish after regular use. Moreover, the watches at leyjao are quality checked and they are offered with a cash-on-delivery option. And, leyjao is offering a 7-day money-back guarantee which makes it the most effective website for women watches sale on the internet in Pakistan.

As mentioned above, women mostly like to wear jewelry watches in Pakistan when they are going to any event or family gathering. The jewelry watches collection of leyjao is the best in town. You can look for a variety and designs all in one place. Whether you want to have a jewelry watch with a crystal-studded bracelet or you want to have a jewelry watch with a matching bangle set, you can easily find it on the digital shelf of leyjao. 

Anyhow, if you like to wear a vintage leather strap with a bracelet also made of leather, you can check out the collection of this kind of watch easily with just one click. If you want to gift luxurious watches to your loved ones with an affordable range, you can check and compare the prices on the leyjao marketplace. Which has listed luxurious analog, quartz, and floral watches for women at the cheapest price on the internet. Women who like to wear bracelets and watches together do not need to worry now because they can wear watches and bracelets on different hands. 


Usually, wristwatches are worn on different hands for men and women. Traditionally, men wear watches on their left hand, as since the invention of watches in history, pocket watches were popularly kept on the left side. And, traditionally women also wear watches on their right hand. However, if you look into the science behind wearing watches on your hands, you will find they should be worn on your less dominant hand. 

We traditionally eat and drink with our right hand, which makes our left hand the less dominant hand in our daily life. The brain’s energy is divided into different sides of our hands. The left hand is associated with masculine energy which represents our physical side whereas the right side represents our feminine energy which represents the emotional side. 

It is a common notion that women are more emotional than men and consequently men are physically dominant. 

Therefore, you can choose which hand is convenient for you to wear a watch. If you have a habit of doing mostly your daily work and home chores with your right hand, you can simply choose to wear the watch on your left hand. Another benefit of wearing a watch on the less dominant hand is protecting your watch from scratches and damage. The accessories made of glass like ladies glasses require maximum attention and care due to their fragile nature. 


A wristwatch adds grace to your personality because it grooms your overall appearance. Suppose you have an official meeting to attend and you forgot your phone, your wristwatch not only helps track time but also enhances your outfit. The main purpose of wearing a watch is that your hands do not look empty when you are dressed from head to toe. Your personality shines when your wristwatch matches your outfit. You can contrast it will different colors.


Women’s watches have evolved over time and they remained part of women’s jewelry in all forms. Whether they are necklaces, bracelets, and bangles, watches were adapted as jewelry pieces with your outfits. The accessories like women gloves, earrings, and nose pins are something specifically related to women. However, if we look into women’s watches they have different implications for our personality. The dials and straps tell everything about what kind of personality we have. And, anyone can wear a watch on either of the two hand’s wrists. The best wristwatches are available at leyjao’s online marketplace, which is providing a variety of new designs to buyers. 

They are providing exciting discounts and vouchers on wristwatches. You can save up to 40% on different watch articles. You can validate the quality of watches from the reviews and comments given by people who bought wristwatches from the leyjao. This online marketplace is popular for delivering up-to-the-mark and authentic products to its buyers all over the country. More in Pakistan, leyjao is the most trusted e-commerce website that is delivering products on time with optimum quality.

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