Pack Of 7 Bundle 350 Notes Fake Money For Kids


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  • Educational Play: These fake money notes provide a fun and educational way for boys and girls to learn about currency, counting, and basic math skills in a playful manner.
  • Realistic Design: Designed to resemble actual Pakistani currency, these nakli notes offer a realistic look and feel, enhancing the imaginative play experience for children.
  • Safe Material: Crafted from safe and non-toxic materials, these toy notes ensure a worry-free playtime for kids, allowing them to explore and engage in creative scenarios.
  • Role-Playing Fun: Encourage imaginative role-playing games where children can take on the roles of bankers, cashiers, or shoppers, fostering creativity and social interaction.
  • Colorful and Vibrant: The notes feature vibrant colors and detailed graphics, making them visually appealing and capturing the attention of young minds during play.
  • Teach Money Concepts: Use these fake money notes as a tool to introduce basic financial concepts to children, helping them understand the value of money and how it is used in everyday life.
  • Ideal Gift: Perfect for birthdays, holidays, or as a surprise gift, these fake money notes for kids make a delightful and entertaining present that both parents and children will appreciate.
  • Durable and Long-Lasting: Constructed from durable materials, these toy notes are designed to withstand the enthusiastic play of children, ensuring longevity for extended enjoyment.
  • Versatile Learning Tool: Whether used at home or in educational settings, these fake money notes serve as a versatile learning tool that can be incorporated into various activities to make learning engaging and enjoyable.
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