Xiaomi Mi Smart Watch Price in Pakistan

Pakistan is a huge market for tech gadgets indeed. Nowadays, there is a trend in making. That is swearing a smart watch on the wrist. And in these tough watches, there are so many companies and brands that are creating excellent smart watches. Among them, the Xiaomi Smart Watch is causing quite a stir in the market. These are incredible devices created just for you. The design is long-lasting and scratch-resistant. Even in strong sunshine, the always-on display is easy to read.
The MI Smart Watch is resistant to dust, rain, splashing, and unintentional submersion, which is why you should get your hands on one. You may now enjoy jogging, fast walking, bicycling, climbing, indoor running, spinning, yoga, gym, free training, basketball, football, and boating with the Xiaomi Watch. It is compatible with Android 4.4 and above, as well as iOS 8.0 and higher.
Our objective at Leyjao is to deliver high-quality items that touch people's hearts at affordable and the best rates and to enable everyone to enjoy technology. If you are one who wants to get an affordable smart watch from Xiaomi, you are just one tap or click away. And if you want to know Xiaomi smart watches price in Pakistan, just check the price written below the watch photo. Below, we are going to share all the specs, features, and details about Xiaomi smart watches.


Some Features and Specifications

Quality and Material

Xiaomi Mi smart watches are created with high-quality material. That’s why they are a little bit expensive compared to other smart watches. Xiaomi mostly uses silicon bands, silica Gel, and TPU to create high-quality and reliable smart watches. This is one of the main reasons behind the top selling position of these touch watches.


Xiaomi created android watches for every user. So there is variation in each and everything. Some of the watches are like bracelets, smart enough that a good battery cannot be installed within them. And a powerful smart watch with a huge battery as well. This varies from 70Mah to 320 Mah.

Screen Size and Display

In Pakistan, display and screen are the main things to consider when buying a smart watch. Xiaomi is a company that creates smart watches in every size, screen, style, and material quality. Some of the touch watches created by this company are TFT screens and some have IPS screen 2.5D curved displays. These watches are created with a screen size that varies from 1.25 inches screen to 1.75 inches.

Variety in Colors

Xiaomi is providing smart watches in every color. We have red, black, yellow, brown, and blue Android touch watch. You can also order a custom color but this can cost you more. Choose your favorite color before ordering a touch watch. The most selling and favorite colors for boys are brown and black, the girls love pink and yellow.


Almost all the watches created by this company are affordable for people belonging to the middle-class sector. The price of a budget series smart watch starts from Rs 5000/- and goes up to Rs 65000/-. The best thing about Xiaomi Mi smart watches is that they are available in every price range with some excellent prominent features and specifications.

Bluetooth and Radio Connection

The importance of a device increases when it connects directly to the other device. One of the strongest reasons behind the boosting sales of Xiaomi Mi smart watches is the fastest Bluetooth connection and Radio sound quality. You can get these features even in the budget series smart watches from this brand.

Run Apps

Xiaomi Android smart watches, Pebble for Pebble devices, iOS for Apple, and Tizen OS for Samsung are the primary operating systems presently supported by watches. Because of the huge app space, Xiaomi now dominates the market of wristwatch rivals. Evermore, dictation software, Google Maps, and a phone finder tool to help you discover your devices are just a few of the well-known apps for Android Wear.

 Wireless Charging

Wireless charging works a little differently. This is also referred to as inductive charging. Using an electromagnetic field to transmit energy from one location to another. You just insert a charging dock and your watch will begin charging without the use of a cable. You may charge your smart watch while you are exercising.

Heart Rate Monitoring Option

Smart watches use in-built heart rate sensors to detect your heart rate during activity. These sensors are often located on the back of your watch. These sensors are attached to your skin and may monitor your heart rate. Some smart watches can monitor your pulse rate automatically and provide you with a daily report.

 Gesture Control Option

Some smart watches operate as a home command center. You can manage your home appliances, lights, fans, and smart TV with a single gesture. This gesture control is similar to a wizard. This is said to be the most useful function for housewives. Control gestures without touching the gadget with Xiaomi smart watches.

Make and Receive Calls

You can make and receive calls using any Xiaomi Mi smart watch easily. It’s like you have a mobile phone on your wrist. You can also check notifications from social media applications, messages, and reminders at any time. Even a smart watch with the lowest price have these features and specifications.


RAM and ROM are the most notable things that a buyer looks at while buying a watch. These two things tell the storage and speed of a smart watch. Xiaomi is providing smart watches with 128Kb RAM to 1GB RAM and 128Mb Storage to 2GB storage. This varies price wise and model wise.

Play or Record Music

You should get a watch that allows you to listen to music without needing to connect to your smartphone. Simply press the watch music button to begin listening to your favorite song. Xiaomi Mi smart watches include this feature built-in with all smart watches. This option is best for music lovers.

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