Best Budget Smart Watches In Pakistan

Pakistan is now becoming a huge market for smart watch sellers and brands. People from different sectors like fitness lovers, health-centric, travelers, Vloggers, students, etc. are in love with the features and specifications of smart watches. This category is trending in Pakistan. If we look at the users living in Pakistan, the first thing that pops up in our minds is the budget. People look for a feature-packed watch at a low price. However, the brands are creating watches with high prices that are not affordable for all.

Apart from brands, there are so many other android or iOS watch manufacturers who provide quality watches in budget series. These watches are similar to the watches created by brands feature-wise and quality-wise. Here, we are going to share with you some features and specifications which are included in other brands’ touch watches at lower prices.

These watches will help you as a fitness tracker with sensors, health rate monitors, location trackers, and connection with your smart phone. Other brands smart watches are useful for men, women, and kids as well because these can help you with tracking options. You can track your kid with the help of a watch. You can buy these watches from at a cheap price. Now, we are going to tell you why you should buy these watches and how can they help you.

How other brands watches help you?

These watches will help you in many ways. Also, these are unisex and can be used by both men and women. Ladies can take care of their kids with the help of smart watch. This will help them with a tracking option. Also, these watches can be useful for old citizens, students, and employees. They can choose a smart watch by looking at the features. You can get smart watch that suits everyone.

For example, if someone is a student, he/she might be looking for options that can help in studies like reminders, calculators, and managing the timetable of study and extracurricular activities. If you are an employee, these smart watches can help you with notifications and updates for their office. If you are an old man, it can help you monitor your health. Sensors used in these watches will help you monitor blood pressure, heart rate, and calories you’ve burnt.

If you are someone from sports, this watch will help you with the trackers, sensors, and reminders that are necessary for a sports person. You will have a notepad on the watch with which you can note you’re necessary things. You can’t carry a smartphone on the ground, but a smart watch can help you as same as a smart phone could.

For a person from the fashion industry, you should look at a watch with beautiful designs that suit your outfits and help you with the features that are needed in the fashion industry. All these things can be done with a small budget. The watches we are going to show you are amazingly very cheap in price but high in quality and best in features.

 Some amazing features in other brands watches


Bluetooth push notifications are the best and most useful option for you. The Bluetooth connection will open the door to your mobile phone, your social media, and your digital media accounts. This will send you notifications like Facebook news, we chat, SMS, email, and other app notifications. Not only with the notifications, but you can also connect Bluetooth with your earphone or earbuds to listen to music.

With a Bluetooth connection, you can connect your smart phone to your smart watch, your android watch to your car, or headphones. This option can help you more with attending calls and having an on-call conversation with the help of Bluetooth. This single option in a smart watch added value to it. The reason behind the boost in sales was Bluetooth push notification and connection to all other devices.

Screen size and Display

The display is the thing that is on everyone’s top priorities. You can read notifications easily with a beautiful IPS or AMOLED display. Also, the screen size matters. In other brand’s mobile watches category, you can see all the watches with different screen sizes, from 1.54 inches to 1.75 inches, with AMOLED and IPS displays. With HD high-resolution display with the best dimensions, from 240*240 to 320*385 pixels. Check and buy the best smart watch with the best display and huge screen size. The biggest screen under this category is 1.75 inches.


Battery should be in the consideration by travelers, hill climbers, sports lovers, and students. A powerful battery can last for a week or two, depending on the usage. In this category, a smart watch can have a 70 mah to 280 mah battery with a wireless charger and the best standby time. If you charge a watch for an hour, you can use it for a week without hassling about the charging. This is an era of lithium batteries, so these watches are of the best quality having lithium batteries. Some of the watches come with a wireless charger or magnetic pin charger that is best for travelers.

Material Quality and Durability

Material quality is surprisingly very good keeping in mind the price range. As these watches are very low in price, no one expects good quality but they are even using silicon bands and the best dials. The watches listed in this category are durable and reliable. Some of these also have a warranty. Companies have added strips, silicon bands, and other high-quality matters for watches even under Rs 3000/- in Pakistan. If we talk about durability, because of silicon bands, strips, and leather, these watches are extremely reliable.


Heart rate monitor

A heart rate monitor is one of the most useful features in smart watches. You don’t have to go to a doctor for a check-up and ask about your heart rate. Just put your android watch on your wrist, it will monitor your pulse and give you a report of your heart rate. This option will tell you your heart rate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are a sports person or an old citizen having heart issues, this feature is best for you. You should go for an android smart watch with a good sensor and heart rate monitor.

Fitness tracker

A fitness tracker is a feature that is useful for everyone including students, gym trainers, employees, housewives, etc. this can help both men and women. With the help of this feature, you can look at your daily burnt calories, this can count calories for you and tells you about your health by sharing with you tips from experts through google. Fitness tracker can also help you with notifications about your fitness and reminders also. Buy a budget series android watch from, especially in this category to get the best one with tracking accuracy and high quality sensors. A good smart watch, with the help of a sensor, can count calories, distance, and even steps. This task can be performed using android or iOS device.


A reminder is the main thing that should be on every watch, especially in android watches. In this Chinese smart watches category, we have added all the watches having reminders and notifications features. This will help you to be punctual. If you are a student, you will set reminders with your time and dates according to your school, college, or university times and the time for sports. If you are an employee then office time, break time, and task managing timetable can be set and the reminders can get on. A reminder is everyone’s need nowadays.

Sleep monitor           

A sleep monitor is another top feature in the latest china watches. With this monitoring feature, you can analyze and record your sleep status. This function has an inbuilt scientific and quantity measuring capability. You can manage your sleeping time with the help of reminders that a smart watch sends to you. Initially, this function was added to fitness options. Sleep is connected to fitness directly. However, by adding more things to it, companies added a new option for tracking sleep.


Blood pressure measure

A blood pressure monitoring and measuring feature was a need of every smart phone or smart watch user. But it was not implementable on phones. These watches are wearied on your wrist so they can measure by tracking pulse speed. This is the best thing in smart watches for elders and blood pressure patients. Along with this, these watches will keep you informed with health guides and tips to maintain normal blood pressure. Put a watch on your wrist and keep yourself updated with your health at all times.


Variety in colors

Here, we are giving you the details about watches with beautiful designs and colors. Color choice is a thing that varies from person to person. Girls mostly like yellow and pink watches and boys like black, brown and silver. There are so many Chinese brands that provide different designs and colors by doing research on the consumers. These watches are on the market in black, pink, silver, red, silver, yellow, green, and white colors. The top trending colors are pink, black, blue, and brown. Ladies always look for a watch that matches their dress and shoes.



How to buy a smart watch online in Pakistan

Buying anything in Pakistan became easier with the digital revolution. This became possible because 3G and 4G came into Pakistan. And then because of the Covid-19 pandemic in Pakistan. People started taking it seriously.  Then people started shifting their businesses to online marketplaces and websites. There were some issues in buying products online for example adding to the cart, paying online, or delivering to the customer’s doorstep. These issues are now solved.


If you are buying a product from the internet, then you should go with There are thousands of products at discount rates. Just go and search for the product, add it to your cart, or directly buy the product by putting your details like address, phone number, etc. that product will be transferred in 2 to 3 working days. This platform is the best ever marketplace with a good rating and customer support.


If you are worried because of payment methods, then there is a very easy process on  You can pay through credit card, debit card, Qistpay, Easypaisa, and jazz cash. If you want to pay at the time of delivery, you can go with the option “Cash on delivery” given in the payment methods on Everything on this platform is smooth and simple.

Along with this, services can be availed in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Quetta, and Peshawar. This platform also offers delivery to small cities and even to villages within a few days.



Smart watches are now a top trend in Pakistan as everybody is in love with them. Brands are launching new smart watches with the latest versions. Prices are a bit high but you don’t have to worry about it. China watch manufacturers are manufacturing similar watches with high-quality materials, the best design, durability, and good battery time in budget series. On this platform, international brands, local brands, and Chinese watches are listed with a photo, price, and all the details. Select the best one for you and order it. offers thousands of products. All the products are of high quality, reasonable price and reliable. If you are one who wants to buy a product online, go with this marketplace and get what you have ordered online. There are so many vendors that are not providing quality. Let us know by mailing us or telling us in the comment section. We will investigate and take action. If you want to know more about the products listed in this category, please tell us or contact us at the given contact information. Our team is always here to help buyers who are facing issues getting their products.

Band MaterialSilica Gel RAM128 MB WifiYes Warranty7 Days Replacement Warranty TypeSmart Watch
Band Materialsilicon Quantity1 Weight0.1g Warranty7 Days Replacement Warranty TypeSmartwatch
Band Materialsilicon Quantity1 Weight48g Warranty7 Days Replacement Warranty TypeSmartwatch
AndroidYes RAM128 MB Warranty7 Days Replacement Warranty TypeSmart Watch Transmit Distance15M
AndroidYes Quantity1 Pack Warranty7 Days Replacement Warranty TypeSmart Watch Transmit Distance15M
AndroidYes QualityHigh Quality Warranty7 Days Replacement Warranty TypeSmart Watch Transmit Distance10M
Band Materialsilicon Quantity1 Pack Warranty7 Days Replacement Warranty TypeSmart Watch Strap Materialsilicone
Band Materialsilicon RAM128 MB Warranty7 Days Replacement Warranty TypeSmart Watch Strap Materialsilicone
i7 pro max smartwatch price in pakistan
8% Off
BluetoothYes RAM128KB Weight0.2 Warranty7 Days Replacement Warranty TypeSmartwatch
D13 Bluetooth Smart Watch Bracelet With Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor
10% Off
Android4.4 and above Quantity1 Pack Warranty7 TypeSmart Watch Transmit Distance15M
I7 Pro Max Smartwatch 1.8 Inches Hd Ips Heart Rate Bluetooth Call Waterproof Ip67
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Battery Capacity180 mAh BluetoothYes Bluetooth Version3.0 ,4.0 BrandOther ColorPeach
T500 Plus Series 5 Smartwatch price in Pakistan
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Android5.0 Shipment5 - 7 Days QualityHigh Quality Quantity1 Pack RAM128KB
i7 pro plus smart watch price in Pakistan
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Android5.0 Size 120*120*25mm RAM128KB ROM128MB Screen Size1.75"
dt no 1 smartwatch price in Pakistan
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Android5.0 Size 120*120*25mm ROM128MB Screen Resolution390*435 Screen Size1.9"
MC72 Pro series 6 smartwatch price in Pakistan
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Android5.0 SIMNo RAM128KB ROM128MB Screen Resolution320×385 Pixels
T100 Max  Series 7 Smart Watch price in Pakistan
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Android5.0 SIMNo Quantity1 Pack RAM128KB ROM128MB
Original HW8 max smartwatch series 8 price in Pakistan
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Android5.0 Or Above SIMNo RAM128KB ROM128MB Screen Resolution420*480
z55 ultra series 8 smart watch price in Pakistan
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Android5.0 Size 120*120*25mm ROM128MB Screen Resolution385*385ppi Screen Size2.02"
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Android5.0 SIMNano-SIM RAM128KB ROM128MB Screen Resolution330x330
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Android5.0 SIMNo RAM128KB ROM128MB Screen Resolution330x330
Y7 pro smartwatch price in Pakistan
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Android5.0 SIMNo RAM128KB ROM128MB Screen Resolution390*435
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