Wireless Headphones Price in Pakistan

The headphone is the thing that can help you listen to music, songs, podcast, news, and much more in excellent sound quality without external disturbance. Here, we are going to tell you about headphones with prices, specifications, features, material qualities, and types as well. These headphones are made with a combination of aluminum, artificial leather, copper, ceramic, plastic, memory foam, rubber, silicon, vinyl, and fabrics. 

We are going to tell you about categories, types, features, specifications, and a general overview of headsets. We will also discuss gaming and call center headphones. Read the full information written below and get useful information before buying a product. The best thing about this category is you can get things in any category, type, or the way that a customer wants to use them.

 Types of Headphones

 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones in Pakistan


The people using headphones in Pakistan are a bit price-conscious. As wireless Bluetooth headphone price in Pakistan is high, people look for budget headphone with fast Bluetooth connectivity and good design. This platform is providing the best Bluetooth Headphones at a low price range. We have listed Wireless Headphones as having the latest technology and every brand.

Do you want to create the optimal listening environment? Then look no further than Bluetooth headphones. Wireless Headphones are the ideal companion for any phone or tablet, whether you're at home or on a trip, working out, or relaxing on the couch. Their small size and powerful sound make them excellent for listening to music via Bluetooth, Micro SD, AUX, and FM radio, thrilling movie audio effects, uninterrupted moments with your favorite sounds, and transparent conversations with loved ones. Wireless headphones are designed with aesthetics and comfort in mind. These headphones are all about better design, seal, and sound, and they can only be found at leyjao.pk.

Explore our Bluetooth headphones collection today and discover amazing technology that allows you to enjoy sound over a wide frequency response range. Browse our best assortment of headphones online. Find all of your favorite brands in one location. You can anticipate a high-quality device with superior sound quality, a built-in HD mic, a long battery life, a low price, and ease of use from this category. Our professional sales and support personnel are here to assist you with any questions you may have.

 Wired headphones in Pakistan

 With the innovation of Bluetooth headphones, wired headphones are losing their value but if you want to buy low-priced and reliable headphones, you must go for a wired headphone that is durable, reliable, and of the best quality. There are two plus points of a wired one. First is the price. An average wired headphone price is about Rs 600/- and goes up to Rs20000/-. The second thing is these headphones don’t need charging. They have cells inside their body that can last for months.

If you are going to buy a headset for gaming or to listen to songs, and your budget is low, then you should go for a wired headphone. These headphones are more reliable than others because of the price and the cell. If we talk about the quality of the material, this is purely depending on the price. Other features are the same. The sound quality of some of the wired headphones is still better than the Bluetooth headsets.

Visit our platform and get discounts while buying wired headphones under Rs 1000/-. You will get the best user experience as well as customer service. 


Circumaural is an attractive way to describe a headphone that fit your ears with big ear cups. These ear cups are adjustable at any time. This is the best headphone for travelers and jogging lovers. This over-eared headphone is very popular because of the stylish design and all the options in foldable and adjustable. If you are the one who is looking for a headphone with a comfortable and easy-to-wear design, sound quality, and a good battery, then you should go for a headphone like that. You will get the best user experience enjoying the best sound. 


Supra-aural is another on-ear headphone with the best and decent design. The ear cups of a supra-aural are usually smaller than those Circumaural. This headphone is best for athletes because it makes them more stable during practice or conditioning. If you are an athlete or you are going to buy a headset for rough use then this headset is the best option for you. Above all, with this comfort and stability, this headphone has also the same specifications and features.


Noise-canceling headphones are an absolute requirement if you're traveling on a crowded train or airline. The ear cups are exceptionally soft and comfy. These headphones effectively separate you and your audio material from external sounds. This headphone also includes all the specifications and features.  

 Bone conduction

Most headphones completely cover the ear canal, preventing any other sound from entering. In contrast, bone conduction headphones convey vibrations to the bones in the inner ear. They are worn above the ears, making them ideal for people who have hearing problems. This is an innovation for music lovers and is ideal for youngsters to enjoy music and songs.


A closed-back design makes your listening experience private. It's the most frequent style of fit since the speaker is located on the inside of the cups, allowing you to keep the sound close at hand. With the best design, this headphone includes all the features that a wired or wireless Bluetooth headphone has.


Although it may appear unusual, open-back or open-air headphones have speakers mounted on the exterior of the ear cups. When songs are played live on soundstages or in music studios, this technique is often employed if you are the one who is looking for a headphone with different sound stages and studios, then buy open-back headphones at a lower price from our platform.


Semi-open headphones are a good compromise between closed-back and open-back models. They do not completely seal the speaker, allowing some air and ambient sounds to get through. They're ideal for casual listening while resting at home. This is the headphone for those who don’t like both open-back and closed-back headsets. 


While any type of headphones may be used by a DJ, the experts prefer a pair that allows for separate sounds - one in the left speaker and one in the right. These headphones can even play separate music in each ear cup for when you're really into it! You can use this headset at a party, or club or chill with your friends and enjoy the 


Cheap Headphones in Pakistan

Looking at the market, every tech product is becoming expensive. However, people are now moving to online platforms to buy products. The best platform is Leyjao.pk as this platform is providing products in the best quality material and features.

Here, all the products are at discounted rates. If you are here to buy a headphone under 2000, under 3000, under 5000, under 4000, or under 10000, you are exactly at the right place. You will get these headphones at the lowest price. We are going to list the top best and cheap headphones in Pakistan. 


 Specifications and features of the headphones



Headphones listed in this category are of high quality with the best sound. Some budget series headphones have extra bass sound and digital noise canceling. These headphones fade out sound lost in compression, and DSEE restores high-frequency sound. You can enjoy music, songs, and podcast with 40MM or 50MM speakers. 

Sound quality is different in Bluetooth headphones and wired headphones. These both have different sound bass for different uses.


Bluetooth connectivity

Wireless Bluetooth headphones listed here are with fastest Bluetooth connectivity. If you want to connect your smartphone, tablet, computer, or laptop with your headphone, it will take less than one second. Flagship headphones can connect with a tap or click. 

Some of the wired headphones also have Bluetooth support. This is the best thing that a wired headset supports Bluetooth if the wire is damaged.



Bluetooth headphones have a beautiful design with soft cushioned pads. An average budget series headphone has an ABS case and PU. Usually, headphone-making companies use high-quality plastic material for the body, leather cushions for ear comfort, high-quality and reliable wires inside the headphone, and a Mic. Some headphones also include light pattern flash. With the best designs, this category is trending in Pakistan after Bluetooth hands-free ear buds, Air Pods, and neckbands.

The design of a wired headphone is almost similar to the wireless Bluetooth headset. Just with a difference of a wire and USB type charging port. The wired headsets usually have a space for a cell. It works like a battery and lasts up to a month or two.


Reliability and durability 

Wireless Bluetooth headphones are reliable because of high-quality plastic material, wires, and speakers. Some of the headphones included in this category come with a 1-year warranty. Wireless experience with headphones is a plus for these headsets. Bluetooth supports almost 4.0 or 5.0 minimum in these headphones. Because of no wire involved, Bluetooth runs with updates and is more reliable.

Wireless and wired headphones both are reliable and durable but a wired one usually has a cell instead of a battery. This is the difference. The headphone having an inbuilt battery is less durable than a cell. A cell lasts a long.



The headphones listed above with price have AUX input support, TF card support, and FM radio support. Some of the headphones have USB-type ports for charging and some have wireless charging support. This is considered to be a revolution in headphones that now they can support these things.

In support, the wired headset cannot compete with the wireless Bluetooth headphone. This is because of the wire and a USB port that supports a USB-type charging cable.


Color variety 

Color is the thing that every buyer looks at while buying a headphone in Pakistan. These headphones come in blue, black, white, pink, purple, brown, green, and yellow colors. You can also go with a customized color before ordering a headset. These colors are not affected or damaged by anything because of their quality. Girls love the pink color and young boys go for black, blue, green, or brown color.

As far as color is concerned, both wired and wireless headphones are available in various colors. Pink, yellow, black, green, and blue is the top-selling headsets. And for gaming headphones, use so many colors and designs to make them attractive for youngsters.



These headphones have long-lasting batteries. We have listed headphones for every budget. If you buy a headphone under 10000, the battery of that phone will last up to 8 hours with a single charge of 2 hours. And if you buy a flagship series headset, the battery used in that will last up to 30 hours. It exactly depends on the product that you are buying.

Usually, a wired headphone has a space to add cells and a Bluetooth headset has an inbuilt battery. The battery lasts up to 5 hours with a single charge and a cell lasts for months. 



The size of an average headphone is approximately 6.5" * 5.91" * 3.54" or similar to that. More often, the size of a headphone created by a company is adjustable and foldable. If you are the one who is looking for a headphone in a small size, don't buy a small one. Go for an adjustable one so that you can adjust it as per need and it is useable for anyone.

Size of wireless and wired headphones are almost the same. Anyhow, the type and category may have different sizes



Price of a headphone at leyjao.pk starts from Rs 800/- and goes up to 63000/-. Features, specs, support, and material quality vary with the price. In this category, we have listed so many headphones with different prices, colors, and qualities for our consumers. If you are one who wants to know the best wireless Bluetooth headphone price in Pakistan or want to buy a headset, then you should consider our listing. 

The price of a wired headphone starts from just Rs 600/- and goes up to Rs23000/-.



Pakistan is a huge tech market, especially tech gadgets are the most selling things in the market. Bluetooth wireless headphones are gaining a boost in sales. The buying sector belongs to teenagers and youngsters. Initially, headphones had issues because of wires and material quality, now, these issues are solved. You can get Bluetooth headphones with a wireless experience at a lower price.


If you want to buy a feature-packed headset, you don't have to go anywhere else, just go above and choose your desired headphone. On this platform, we are offering the best in features, specs, battery, reliability, and color variety headphones at discounted rates. You can get up to 50% off on these headphones. These platforms also facilitate the buyer with home delivery and cash-on-delivery options. 


You don't have to get worried about the payment method. You can pay through JazzCash, Easypaisa, credit or debit card, or Qistpay for installments. You can order headphones in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Rawalpindi, Sialkot, or Faisalabad.


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