Haier HWM 120-826E 12Kg Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine

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TM-HWM 120-826E

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  • Features:
  • Washing is revolutionized and has become much easier with Haier HWM 120-826 12Kg automatic washing machine. It comes with 8 modes suited to the types of clothes you are washing. Alongside, storm wash for better cleaning will help save time and clean more rapidly with no dust or stains left.
  • Moreover, Haier provides a 10-year motor and a 2-year parts warranty which eliminates customer worries for a longer period of time. Furthermore, it has a variety of handy features such as an LED display, a child safety lock, rinse cycle, quick wash, memory function, and much more.
  • Performance and Delivery
  • Haier HWM 120-826 12Kg fully automatic washing machine comes with a Pillow drum that allows smooth cleansing. Pillow drum technology ensures that your clothes are cleaned without being rubbed hard or damaged. Alongside, Super wash will use less water and makes a water current that will go through your dirty laundry and remove stains with better efficiency.
  • Knob Control and Washing Modes
  • Haier HWM 85-1678 8Kg fully automatic washing machine contains an LED display and a knob adjuster. This knob allows you to change washing modes as per your laundry. In addition, there are 8 washing modes like delicate, cotton, synthetic, quick, and more. Hence, selecting the mode is important as it will allow the washing machine to adjust its rotations, water usage, and spin speed accordingly. Thus, your laundry is washed intelligently by Haierââ¬â¢s automatic washing machine.
  • NZP Technology and Auto Memory
  • Haier HWM 120 826 12Kg automatic washing machine includes NZP (Near Zero Pressure) technology. This allows the washing machine to adjust its operations, spin speed, and detergent use even when water is less in the drum. Furthermore, in case of power cuts, when the machine goes off, you can turn on auto memory and the machine will start from the presetting adjustments. It also has hydraulic top lid closing that closes the safety lid smoothly preventing any mechanical damage to the machine.
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