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Product Overview

  • We realize that your time is valuable; it should be spent on better things rather than checking for incoming water in the main lines and checking the underground tank for over flow all the time.
  • Imagine you wake up in the morning and you find your underground water storage tank full
  • imagine that you go to your office in the morning and when you return home in the evening you find your underground water storage full or imagine that you are sitting in your home and can
  • Monitor and control the status of your underground water storage, overhead water tank and motors on your mobile, while sitting in your home.

Benefits of using Smart Pump:

  • Increases pump life
  • Increases motor life
  • Preserves electricity
  • Saves water wastage
  • Reduces electricity bill
  • Prevents motor wear and tear
  • Prevents water pump running redundantly
  • Never worry again about water overflow again
  • Never worry again about water shortages again
  • Smartly manage your pump and motor using your mobile while sitting in your home

Main Features:

  • Checks the incoming water pressure
  • Timer feature for overhead tank motor
  • Checks underground storage tank status
  • Mobile App displays all features of Smart Pump
  • Turns off the main pump if underground tank is full
  • Allows users to connect with Smart Pump using WiFi
  • Mobile App also allows users to configure timing of pump
  • Turns off the overhead motor when timer countdown is zero
  • Controls the main line pump to manage incoming water supply
  • Mobile App allows users to turn ON and turn OFF pump at any time while sitting in house
  • Monitors overhead tank and turns off motor when overhead storage overflow is detected
  • Turn off pump is water pressure is less than the desired limit and check again after 30minutes
  • LCD display shows digital details of incoming water, underground tank status, motor status and motor operational timings 

Status Indications!

  • Pump on/off status display
  • Wait for water pressure timing status
  • Water checking frequency in seconds
  • Overhead motor ON/OFF status display
  • Overhead Tank motor timer information
  • Incoming water flow pressure status: (0-100%)
  • Overhead Tank status information: Empty / Full
  • LCD Display used to display detailed information
  • Underground Tank status information: Empty / Full

Mobile App Features:

  • Allows users to control overhead motor
  • Allows users to control underground motor
  • Displays status of overhead motor (ON/OFF)
  • Allows users to change timer for overhead motor
  • Displays status of underground motor (ON/OFF)
  • Allows user to change duration for water detection
  • Displays status of incoming water pressure (1-100%)
  • Displays status of overhead water tank (Empty/Full)
  • Displays status of underground water tank (Empty/Full)
  • Allows users to change timing of motor on/off for water detection.
  • WiFi based mobile connectivity options available on WiFi version only
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