Suction Knife Sharpener For Kitchen Knives


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  • Easy Sharpening: Push and pull back and forth, you will have a sharp knife in 3 seconds. With this mini knife sharpener tool in kitchen you can always use a new knife.
  • One Hand Operation: Press the bar, then it will attach to any smooth surface firmly, preventing your hand from any accidental cuts.
  • Firmly Attached: Our suction cup is professionally designed by German specialist, so that it does not shake during use like most brands. You can also sharpen the knife on the wall.
  • Saving Space: This small & potable knife sharpener tool is lightweight, easy to move. It not occupies much space at your kitchen.
  • Useage: Put it on a smooth desktop or surface, and press the black bar, and it will suck very strongly on the table. Then you can sharpen the knife.
  • Note: Suit for sharpening smooth blades & serrated blades.
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