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  • ENJOY A BETTER LIFE :This self-stirring mug is simply what you need for trave .Just one push, it will simply stir the content smoothly by itself. Enjoy your morning coffee milk tea juice drink cocoa chocolate oats and while driving, without worry of spilling and making a mess. Powered by 2 AAA batteries with perfect stirring speed mechanism: not too slow and not too fast.It can provide you more perfect for your self-timer that can show on facebook .
  • SUPER DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL AND AIRTIGHT SEAL: Imagine that you are doing bussiness with a mug full of hot coffee in your hand. Sounds like a surprise waiting to happen. The cup's lid has a hole allows you to use a straw to sip coffee and others. When the mixing function is turning on, keep the lid closed and the solid cover can reduce any spillage.Moreover,the high grade silicone seal will secure your mug tightly to preserve the heat and coldness of your drink about 3 hours.
  • BIGGER CAPACITY THAN ANY OTHER MUG :We know how much you need your coffee intake, the more the better, right? Thats why our self-stirring mug has bigger capacity to quench your thirst. It can holds 12-16 oz of your drink, almost a half bigger than any other mug. More is always better.
  • SWITCH BUTTON AND AUTOMATIC MIXING:We put the switch button exactly at the top of the hold, so its easy to turn on and reach by your thumb. The handle itself is firm and comfy to grip.One key waterproof switch operation is simple,can effectively prevent the liquid into the switch.
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