Organic Lion'S Mane Mushroom Dietary Supplement - 60 Capsule

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  • Many Are Missing Out On The Benefits Of Lion?S Mane Mushrooms Capsule
  • Supplements Enriched With Lion?S Mane Mushrooms Have Rapidly Grown A Positive Reputation
  • They May Support Your Brain Function And Help Bolster Your Immune System
  • Most People Who Have Not Yet Discovered Lion?S Mane Rely On Artificially Processed Supplements, Which Expose Them To Health Risks And Possible Allergic Reactions
  • On Top Of These Threats, They Only Get The Bare Minimum Of The Nutrients They Need
  • Unlock The Health Benefits Of Lion?S Mane With Smarthabits Lions Mane Mushroom Extract
  • It?S About Time You Experience What Pure And Authentic Lion?S Mane Has To Offer
  • These Superstar Mushrooms Have Been Setting Health Experts And Seekers Abuzz?And For A Good Reason
  • Each Capsule Is Imbued With Pure Beta Glucans And Hericinones
  • These Compounds Are Essential And May Support Cognitive Functions, Like Clarity And Focus
  • Like Reishi Mushrooms, Lion?S Mane May Support Your Immune System And Nerve Function
  • We Maximize All Benefits Of Hericium Erinaceus
  • The Fruiting Bodies Are Carefully Selected From Sustainablygrown Mushroom Farms, And Extracted Using Hot Water Process
  • To Ensure Fresh And Quality Batches, The Capsule Are Sealed Inside An Airtight Container
  • Still Not Convinced? Check Out These Features To Help You Make A Decision
  • Formulated For Higher Bioavailability
  • Easy To Dissolve In Water For Hasslefree Consumption
  • We Made Use Of Thirdparty Testing To Guarantee The Mushroom?S Purity
  • Unlike Other Mushroom Supplements, Ours Have Below The Usual 5% Starch Baseline
  • Pure Lions Mane Our Supplements Contain Organic Lions Mane, Sustainably Sourced And Chosen By Hand
  • No Added Mycelium, Starch, Grains, Or Fillersonly Authentic Wild Crafted Mushroom
  • Guaranteed Active Compounds Labverified As A Rich Source Of The Healthy Adaptogen
  • Our Tablets Boast A High Concentration Of Betaglucans, Which Have Been Found To Support Cognitive And Immune Function
  • Carefully Extracted To Extract All The Beneficial Polysaccharides From Lions Mane Mushrooms, We Used Hotwater Extraction
  • Each Powder Capsule Contains Guaranteed More Than 25% Beta Glucans
  • Maximum Potency Leading Health Experts And Practitioners, Mushroom Specialists, And Longtime Supplement Users May Attest To The Nutritional And Immunesystem Boosting Powers Of Lions Mane
  • Safe & Organic These Vegan Lions Mane Powder Capsule Are Kosher, Non Gmo, Gulten Free And Dairy Free
  • Results From Thirdparty Testing Shows No Presence Of Contaminants Or Harmful Toxins
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