Calcium D-Glucarate 500 Mg Dietary Supplement - 90 Capsule

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  • Diindolylmethane (Dim) Is A Powerful Chemical Compound Found In Cruciferous Vegetables Like Broccoli And Cauliflower That Supports The Bodys Metabolism Of Estrogen Excesses
  • Many People Supplement Dim For Support Of Typical Menopause Symptoms, Hormonal Acne Support, And Bodybuilding
  • *
  • However, Because Of The Hormone Shifts It Causes, It?S Common For Users Of Dim To Experience Headaches, Lethargy, And Other Unpleasant Symptoms During The First Few Days Of Usage
  • * Calcium Dglucarate Ensures Faster, More Successful Elimination Of Metabolized Excess Hormones, Making Dim More Efficient And Easier To Adapt To
  • *
  • The Positive Impact To The Liver Also Minimizes The Potential Discomfort Sometimes Associated With The Initial Phases Of Dim Supplementation
  • * We Always Recommend Taking Calcium Dglucarate For Two Weeks Prior To Starting Dim In Order To Get The Most Out Of The Supplement And Decrease Or Avoid Uncomfortable Side Effects
  • Support Your Bodys Hormone Balance Cdg Works To Inhibit The Reuptake Of Metabolized Hormones By The Digestive System, Allowing For More Efficient Excretion Of Unwanted Toxins
  • * That Means More Efficient Hormone Balance And Healthier Estrogen And Androgen Levels
  • * Great For Menopause Support, Weight Loss, Mild Hot Flashes, And More
  • * For Women And For Men
  • 500Mg Per Serving, 3Month Supply
  • Perfect Partner For Our Dim Supplement Diindolylmethane (Dim) Is One Of The Most Popular Solutions For Estrogen Balance
  • Calcium Dglucarate Is The Ideal Complimentary Supplement
  • * Dim Supports The Metabolism Of Hormonal Excesses While Cdg Prevents Hormone Reabsorption
  • *
  • Rids Toxins Calcium Dglucarate Binds To A Variety Of Chemicals And Toxins In The Body, Which Then Allows Them To Be Easily Excreted
  • * Make Sure That Your Body Can Get Rid Of Unwanted Toxins Efficiently Without Risk Of Reabsorption
  • Support Liver Health The Detoxification Cleanse Benefits Of Calcium Dglucarate Are A Particular Benefit For The Liver
  • * By Helping The Body Actually Excrete Metabolized Toxins And Hormones, The Demands On The Liver Are Greatly Reduced
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