Hammer Moroccan Exfoliating Massage Mitt Back Scrubber Glove - 1 Piece


Visibly Removes Dead Skin:

  • Our Body Scrub Exfoliating Gloves provide deep exfoliation to visibly remove dead skin. 
  • The skin of your body, arms, and legs will be more radiant and healthier than ever. 
  • Enjoy the benefits of an FZJBOR exfoliating spa treatment at home.

How to use:

  • After applying and rinsing soap/shower gel, use it on wet skin. 
  • Designed for precise friction action. 
  • The skin should be soap-free when using gloves. 
  • The dead skin buildup will slough off immediately after 
  • following the directions in a steam shower or warm bath.

Fresh and Natural Skin:

  •  Our exfoliating gloves remove dead skin buildup and impurities to reveal your fresh 
  • and natural skin. When you use our exfoliating gloves once a week,
  • The skin of your body, arms, and legs will be more radiant and smoother than ever. 
  • The ideal pre-tan routine to prepare the skin for a long-lasting golden tan.

More Effective:

  • The 100% viscose construction of this microdermabrasion glove is stronger than a loofah 
  • and chemical exfoliants, which means they are good at removing dead skin. 
  • Our gloves are rough enough to deeply exfoliate, yet soft enough to polish and smooth.

Restore Healthy Soft Skin:

  • This exfoliating glove is made of 100% natural viscose fiber, 
  • suitable for all skin types of men and women. Use FZJBOR Body Scrub Bath Gloves
  •  to combat itchy, bumpy, dry skin caused by keratosis pilaris. 
  • It is made of soft viscose that allows you to apply a comfortable level of pressure.
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