Dong Quai - 90 Capsule

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  • Dong Quai (Angelica Sinensis) is a superior tonic for gynaecological conditions, primarily those related to hormonal imbalances
  • Natural Factors Dong Quai Extract contains both a 4:1 extract and powdered herb, to help relieve pain associated with menstruation and to help balance hormone levels
  • Advanced Info
  • Dong Quai is also referred to as ?female ginseng?, and is the leading Chinese herb for gynaecological health
  • In Chinese Medicine, Dong Quai (Angelica Sinensis) is revered as the ?Queen of Herbs?
  • It is traditionally used as a remedy for painful menstruation, anaemia, premenstrual syndrome, pelvic pain, recovery from childbirth or illness, and fatigue or low vitality
  • Today, clinical evidence shows dong Quai to be an effective treatment for painful menstruation
  • Dong Quai works as a tonic for the female reproductive organs and is helpful for regulating female hormonal health
  • It is ideal for relieving the pain associated with menstruation
  • This action is attributed to aromatic compounds in dong quai root that relieve smooth muscle spasms, especially in the uterus
  • Like many herbs used for female reproductive health, Dong Quai is a phytoestrogen
  • It has effects similar to estrogen and may interact with estrogen receptors, making it helpful for restoring the delicate balance between estrogen and progesterone
  • atural Factors Dong Quai Extract offers effective relief from the pain of menstruation and promotes gynaecological health
  • This formula offers a standardized 4:1 extract plus dong Quai powder to ensure consistent and potent levels of active ingredients for effective support
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