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Sukri Dates-Premium quality Sukkari Kahajoor 1Kg


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  • It's a traditional Saudi Arabian fruit,
  • which is the king of all fruits in Saudi Arabia and the only fruit with a Royal title. In Saudi Arabia,
  • this fruit is considered as a symbol of wealth and good fortune.
  • The dates are considered to be the best among all other types of dates.
  • A delicacy from the Malabar region of India, Sukri dates are prized for their unique flavor.
  • They have a rich and intense taste that is sweet yet mild.
  • They are an excellent source of energy and have been known to cure many diseases including asthma.
  • Recommended as a natural cough suppressant, they are also beneficial in improving one's digestion.
  • The date palm tree produces these dates during the monsoon season when the fruits swell in size and form the famous 'ball'.
  • Also known as the Royal dates, Sukari dates are cone-shaped with marked folds in their skin.
  • Their color is a rich brown with golden-yellowish tones.
  • They have a caramelized and fruity taste and a soft, silky aftertaste of honey. Originating in Al-Qa.
  • These dates grow naturally in the Sukkur district of Sindh, Pakistan and the Sukkur district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
  • These dates are considered of prime quality and are mainly exported to regional and international markets.
  • Sukari dates are known for their good taste and are on the top of the list in terms of quality.
  • Sukari dates come in different varieties and they include black, red, yellow, green, brown, and white.
  • Sukkari dates have a soft, sweet taste and are known to have medicinal effects.
  • Sukkari dates grow in the region of Oman, Saudi Arabia, Oman and the United Arab Emirates.
  • These dates are considered to be the best on earth.
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