Finding The Best Toys For Kids

Buying toys for kids can be challenging. Luckily, there are some gifts for girls that are specifically made to support their interests and help them grow into confident adults. If you're buying toys for your child, you should take into consideration their age range. A small child can't play with a toy that's too difficult for them. If a child's toy is too advanced for his or her age, it can be dangerous and can lead to injury.

toys for kids

Toys for kids should encourage creativity and encourage your child's development. You should choose toys that allow your child to explore their imagination and improve their skills. You can find toys that inspire your child's creativity, and you can even make your own. If you're buying a gift for your child, remember that toys for kids should be age-appropriate. The right toys will also be a source of joy for your children.

The best toys for kids for 7-year-olds are the ones that encourage them to use their imagination. Choosing the right toys for them will help them develop these skills and will keep them happy and healthy. They'll love their new toys and feel proud to play with them. This is an excellent time to invest in stuffed toys for kids. This will help your child develop his or her creativity. They will also have a lot of fun playing with the same toys that they do.

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There is no denying that children love toys. But every kid is different so they prefer different kinds of toys. They easily get bored and like to have another one just after a few days or even sometimes merely in a few hours. Therefore, many parents prefer to buy toys in bulk. If you want to buy your kid a new toy for their birthday or you just want to give him something new, you will find different toys for kids like Baby Doll Toys at With us, you do not have to leave your house with a kid for the best toy to buy online that your kid wants but now you can buy from a one-stop shop- where you can just sit with your kid and explore our huge variety of toys for kids. Now, you can buy toys for kids at your fingertips. You can shop the best quality toys and other games at the best prices and your order will reach your doorstep in no time. At, you will find a range of toys i.e. stuffed toys, action figures, collectible toys, and other outdoor toys that your kid is looking for— we have it all in store for you.

Games and Toys for Kids

Games and toys are the best companions of a kid. Toys for kids have a vital role in the learning, education, and grooming of a kid. Toys are specially designed for the age group of infants, toddlers, and babies. Toy companies keep in focus the cognitive, physical, and learning needs of the kids while designing a toy. The category of Action & Toy Figures, Activity Toys, Car Toys, Educational Toys, Playset Toys, Puzzles Toys, Remote Control Toys, and many more are available online in Pakistan at Leyjao.PK.

While buying toys online for your child, you must have a list of characteristics of those toys in your mind. At an early age, there is no big difference between toys for girls and for boys. Because infants show only reactions to the voice and color of a toy. But parents usually prefer buying different colors of toys for their baby boys and girls.

The basic purpose of a toy is to become a fun factor for your kid. If your kid is not having fun with that toy, you have invested money in the wrong toy. The noise of the toy must be like music to the ears of your baby. He must get attracted to the sound of that toy. Children love to do experiments with toys and look very cute while having fun with toys. They break toys while playing with them. So a toy must be long-lasting and durable. You can get the best toys online in Pakistan while considering the upper-described characteristics of a toy.

Get the Best Games and Toys for Kids available online at Leyjao.PK

Leyjao.PK offers you versatile toys online in Pakistan. These toys meet the high standards of demands of our customers. We have the best collection of toys online for infants, toddlers, babies, and kids of all age groups. Our toy stores have toys for both boys and girls. These toys encourage the urge to explore things in your kid. We, at Leyjao.PK provides you with toys for both outdoor and indoor play activities. We provide our customers the online delivery of toys all over Pakistan. You will find amazing prices and discounts on toys online in Pakistan on our platform. In the below content, we will cover the characteristics and online prices of toys in Pakistan.

Benefits of Educational Toys

These toys provide education to kids during play. They show positive impacts on the educational learning of kids. Their vital role is to produce familiarity in children with the alphabet and numerals. These enhance their logic skills and motivate them to learn things along with fun. These educational toys are recommended by many educational experts for preschool and early-age kids. Your kid will learn problem-solving skills while playing with these toys.

Types of Educational Playing Toys available online in Pakistan

These toys are versatile and open-ended in nature. They encourage creativity in kids. These learning toys are usually the same for both boys and girls. These include Led Drawing Writing Learning Tablet for Kids, Digital Graphic Tablet for Drawing and Playing, Mathematics Rubik's Cube, Alphabets Practice Wooden Board for Kids, 7 Row Abacus Children’s Puzzle, Building Blocks, and many more are available online on Leyjao.PK.

Educational Game Toys Online Prices in Pakistan

 Online prices of educational game toys in Pakistan vary from product to product. Usually, our online store start prices of these toys from RS 150/-. We offer economical rates for these toys.

Purchase the best Action and Toys figures online in Pakistan

The benefits of toys are not just limited to playing. They contribute to enhancing the imagination and cognitive abilities of your kid. Toy figures include many versions of toys. The characters from Marvel and DC comic series are famous fun figures in toys. Our online store offers Batman and Spider-Man Action Figure Toy, Stegosaurus Dinosaur Walking Animal Toys, Sonic Boom Figures Toys, Avengers Figures Set, and many other famous toys figures online in Pakistan.

Available discounts on Action Figure Toys online

Our online store gives you affordable online prices for action toys and also offers discounts of up to 38% for different toys in this category.  

Benefits of Fun Figure Toys

The saga of these fun toys is usually screen-free play. These include both classic and innovative play-around. These add to the communication skills of your kid when he roleplays the superheroes of his choice.

Role of activity toys in the cognitive development of your kid

Kids can play with activity toys in groups and individually also. These toys build coordination and social skills in your kid when he plays with these toys in groups. Meanwhile, creativity and muscle grooming are also on the list of benefits. These toys include both indoor and outdoor activities for your kids.

Famous Types of Toys for activity available online

There are numerous types of these types available online on the internet. The most demanding activity toy-like are Kids Playing Plastic Flying Balls, Ben 10 Phone and Sun Glass Set with Battery, Massive Bubble rattler Toy Gun, Laser Sound Music Flashing Lights Toy Gun, Duck Plastic Ring Tower, dinosaur toys, and many more are easily available online on shopping platforms.

Prices of toys with activity online in Pakistan

Prices of these toys vary on the number of bulk items include in the toy set. Its prices start from RS 150/- per toy online in Pakistan.

Buy your favorite baby doll toys online in Pakistan

Having beautiful baby doll toys in her toy collection is the dream of every kid girl. Its sweet memories turn her nostalgic even when she is in her old age. Girls love to play with dolls as compared to boys. These doll toys come along with many accessories of matching colors and different themes. You can buy dolls for every age girl online in Pakistan. There are multiple brands of doll houses worldwide which include the Barbie doll series and the Lol Doll series.

Doll toy prices online in Pakistan

Prices of doll accessories depend on the characteristics of the items available in the doll house. Single-doll items are available at economic rates online in Pakistan. Normally a simple doll price starts from 450 PKR in Pakistan.

The best characteristics of a toy Doll available online

Girls prefer a baby doll for many reasons. They like the magical hair, skin color, shape, theme, and dresses of the doll series. Having an emotional attachment to dolls teaches children about empathy and philanthropy.

How Block and building toys play a significant role in the learning activities of a Kid

Toys must have open-ended characteristics so that they challenge the imagination power of a kid to build new things every time he plays with the same toy. For this sake, Block and building toys are the best gifts for your kid. These toys motivate your kid for divergent thinking. These toys improve his hand-eye coordination because he has to build different things from toy items which include towers and imaginary houses.

Find comfortable prices for block toys available online in Pakistan

The prices of block toys start from RS 399/- online in Pakistan. You can buy your desired blocks package online from LeyJao.PK up to a 40% discount rate. These toys include Transformer Building Blocks, Spider-Man Building Blocks, Jenga Classic Block Stacking Game, Wooden Block Train, and 3D Soft Blocks-Panda.

Purchase the best car toys for kids at amazing prices online in Pakistan

Every kid likes different types of toys but it is found that car toys for kids are equally desired by both boys and girls. These car toys have different specifications designed for different age groups of kids. Sometimes adults also find it very interesting to play with remotely controlled cars. These are easily available online in Pakistan at amazing rates.

car toys

How to find an innovative car toy online in Pakistan

A car toy always engages kids in STEM skills which further motivates them to learn engineering phenomena. Kids can play with this toy indoors and outdoors. Even they can go to playgrounds for toy car racing. This toy vehicle can be purchased from different toy stores online in Pakistan. These online can be received in any city in Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and Peshawar.

Best Methods to Play with Collectibles Toys Online

These are the toys that are widely purchased by the fans of a specific character franchise and have yearly collections. These Collectibles Toys can be video games. The demand for such toy series is increasing year by year worldwide.

Get amazing prices for collectible toys online in Pakistan

The price of a collectible toy is not high in Pakistan. It varies on the type of collectible. You will find Pakistan Collectible 25 Paisa Coin of 8 Years 1967-1974, Pakistan Collectible 2 Rupees Coin, a Small Green Money Box for Kids, and many other fun collectibles online in Pakistan.

Purchase novelty and gag toys at economic prices online in Pakistan

Basically, a novelty toy is known for its uniqueness. Its humor is endless and it keeps you busy making new things with the help of novelty and gag toys every time. Its prices are cheap and can easily get online in Pakistan. Novelty toys are incredible for creating humor during playtime.

Types of Novelty toys available online in Pakistan

Classic toys and novelty toys are not the same in nature. Novelty toys have evolved a lot compared to the past. These gag toys are not expensive. Some people claim that gag toys are “toy-pet”. Such toys make you look cool when you play with them. These toys are a big addition to your toy collection. You can buy gag toys online in Pakistan.

Purchase Play Equipment at Affordable Prices Online in Pakistan

Children love to play both indoor and outdoor games. The Play Equipment for these games is not the same. When kids go outdoors for playing on a bright day, they usually play with slides and climbers, car truck toys, Toptent Children Play Tent, and many other kinds of toys. These toys for boys and girls have the same functions. There are ropes, swings, playground climbers, spinners, riders, and other kinds of toys available online in Pakistan. These toy equipment can be purchased online easily.

Get a 60% discount on toy equipment online in Pakistan

If you are looking for a discount on purchasing toys online in Pakistan, you have landed on the right page. We, at leyJao.PK offers up to 60% off different toy equipment. You can purchase these toys online in Pakistan at economical prices. We offer this discount on sandboxes, pogo sticks, slide toys, see-saws, stilts, swing sets, and play sets of every kind online.

How to Get Playset Toys Online in Pakistan

A toy Playset can be made of different materials. It can be plastic, wood, or some other material. If your kid is too young, then you must prefer buying a playset made of wooden material. Such Playset Toys have a theme to play, where kids experience unique play ideas.  You can purchase them online from any toy website.

Types of Toy Playsets Available Online in Pakistan

These toys have a complete set of items that create a specific theme play like playing the role of a doctor with a medical toy playset. Such toys include Plastic Hardware Tools Toys for Kids, Kitchen Sets for kids donuts, Ice Cream, Lollipop Play Set, Beauty Set Cross Body Bag Toy, Best Small Animal, and, Number Wooden Train.

The Best Puzzles Toys Price Online in Pakistan

The purpose of such toys is to enhance the reasoning ability of a kid. They have to complete a puzzle with the help of small pieces. The prices of Puzzles Toys online in Pakistan start from RS 350. You can get these toys at different prices online in Pakistan.

Effects of Toy Puzzles on Kids’ Cognitive Abilities

These puzzles are designed to indulge kids in mind-gaming tasks. These have multiple functions. Such toy puzzles include Wooden Intelligence Puzzle for Kids, Geometric Intelligence Wooden Puzzles Board, Eva Puzzle Mats Fruits, Medium Quality Rubik Cube Puzzle, and Children's Tangram Puzzle Game.

Why Buy Remote Control Toys for your kid Online in Pakistan

Toys can be divided into two main categories Remote Control Toys and manual toys. These remote toys are versatile. These can be controlled with the help of a remote from a distance. These toys are very famous among children. Even adults also play with remote-controlled toys. There are numerous types of such toys. Drones, airplane toys, helicopter toys, Avengers Car Remote Control Battery Operated, Deformation Robot Transformer Rechargeable, and Gesture Control Double-Sided Stunt Car are hot-selling items.

Get Remote Control Cars at Affordable Prices Online in Pakistan

These toys are getting more innovations day by day. Usually, they are operated by rechargeable batteries. These have transmitters in it which are connected to the distant remote device. Kids prefer purchasing Remote Control Cars compared to manual toys. You can buy these toys online in Pakistan starting from 799 PKR.

Buy the Best Riding Toys for Your Kids Online in Pakistan

Riding is always fun. When kids see adults driving cars and motorbikes, they also yearn to have a driving test. We, at LeyJao.Pk is offering you the best Riding Toys for your kids online in Pakistan. These toy rides are outdoor activities for them. This will enhance the eye-to-hand coordination of your kid and will also prepare him for future car driving practices.

Ride Toys are Perfect for Which Age Kids

These toys have different levels. Some are remotely controlled and some work manually. These toys are perfect for kids between the ages of 2-9. These toys are in different shapes like cars, motorbikes, trucks, and bicycles. You can get these toys online in Pakistan. These are available in many colors and durable quality.

Get your Kid the Best Sports Toys Online in Pakistan

Your kid watches different sports on TV. Maybe he is a fan of Babar Azam in cricket or likes Ronaldo in football. You can purchase the best Sports Toys of his choice for him online in Pakistan. These are the toys for girls and boys.

What kind of sports toy are available for your kid online in Pakistan

There are different types of these toys available online in Pakistan like Baseball Toys, Basketball Toys, Boomerangs, Bowling Toys, Fitness Toys, Football Toys, Hockey Toys, etc. You can get these toys at the best prices online in Pakistan.

What are the Top Stem Toys for Your Kid Available Online in Pakistan?

Here, S stands for science, T stands for technology, E stands for engineering and M stands for math in STEM. These toys are created on the idea of educational learning concepts for kids. These toys include different science projects. You can give knowledge to your kids about outer space or the solar system with help of Stem Toys while playtime.

Benefits of Buying STEM Items for Your Kids Online

These toys have multiple benefits for the mental grooming of your kids. These promote the spatial skills in your kid. Not only this, you will also see improvement in the hand-eye coordination skills of your kids after playing with these toys.

Get the Best Stuffed Toys Online in Pakistan

Toys have multiple purposes in a kid’s life. Kids make an emotional attachment to their toys. Sometimes they find their best friends in the form of Stuffed Toys, which they cuddle or talk to while playing. Girls mostly prefer teddy bear for playing. These toys are not super expensive and you can buy these at reasonable prices online in Pakistan.

Types of Stuff Toys Available Online in Pakistan

There are a lot of sub-categories of stuff toys but teddy bear toys are very famous among children. These can be in the characters of Pooh Panda or Kungfu Panda. You can get Cute Teddy Bear Blue with Bow, Hasbro Avengers Super Hero Soft Plush, dinosaur toys, and many more online in Pakistan.

Purchase the Swimming Pool Toys Online in Pakistan

As the weather is getting hot day by day, kids need summer toys. You can buy them Swimming Pool Toys, which will provide them with fun in such hot weather and keep them safe from the effects of extreme summer weather.

Summer Toys Prices Online in Pakistan

You can purchase summer toys at affordable prices online in Pakistan. Usually, Water Toys include water guns, swimming pool toy, Intex Rainbow Ring Play Center Pool, Intex Play Box Baby Pool, water slides, and many other toys.

What are the Best Traditional Games for Your Kids Available Online in Pakistan?

There is no doubt that toys have an eminent role in the learning phase of a kid’s life. There are multiple Traditional Games that you can buy online in Pakistan. These games are designed for every age group of kids. Jigsaw Puzzle Game Customized, Ludo Board Game, Mobile Water Game for Kids, Creative Sudoku Activity Box, and Board Games.

Get the Top Traditional Toys on Your Doorstep at Amazing Prices

In Pakistan, you will find Traditional Toys at affordable prices online. The rates of these toys start from RS 180 in Pakistan. You can get a discount of up to 60% on these toys while purchasing online from LeyJao.PK.

Buy walkie talkie toys for your kid online

If your kid is a fan of spy movies, then he would definitely be asking for a walkie talkie toys gift from you. This is an amazing toy for your kid. It will have a positive effect on the psyche of your kid. It will also improve his communication skills in role-play games. Kids usually play with these toys, when they are playing police-thief games. These toys can work on multiple frequencies and work on the radio phenomenon.

Purchase walkie talkie at an economical price online in Pakistan

You can buy walkie talkie at affordable prices online in Pakistan. Its prices are low as compared to other toys. This will be the best surprise birthday gift for your kid.

Buy the Best water play equipment at an affordable rate online in Pakistan

In summer weather, children need some entertainment that keeps them safe from the intensity of hot weather. There is multiple water play equipment available online but Water Tables, Play Sprinklers, and water slides are famous among kids. You can buy these at economical prices online in Pakistan.  

Variety Of Online Toys For Kids

We have toys for every kid on board. Our range of toys includes building blocks, dolls and action figures, educational toys, indoor toys, puzzle games, and many more. Whatever you kid like to have, we have it. Browse through all the options in just a few taps and you can make your order in just a few seconds. Why would you shop in any other place when you can buy every kind of toy for your kid under one roof? Do not wait further just order our online toys and get your kids their favorite toys.

Baby Toys Online At The Most Reasonable Prices

You, at, can buy baby toys that will further help your kid develop some amazing skills. By giving baby toys, they get involved in physical activities and develop their fine and amazing gross motor skills. As simple as coloring and dressing up a doll is making them develop fine motor skills as they are utilizing their sense of touch and sight.

Furthermore, walkers, toy cars, and bicycles will expand and build their physiognomy and motor skills by reinstating their arms and legs. We, at, also provide toys in Pakistan that further help your kid to develop balance in their bodies. As a result, they can coordinate and maintain a healthy lifestyle without being unfit or overweight.

We, at, offer a wide variety of online baby toys available in Pakistan where you can choose and shop for your kids’ favorite toys. Furthermore, toys provide plenty of happiness and enjoyment to toddlers and babies where they learn to tackle difficult situations.

Best Quality Girl Toys, And Baby Doll Toys

Baby doll toys and girl toys are some of the famous toys for girls. Every other girl loves to have a Barbie doll, it plays an important part in their life. And, Barbie dolls help them learn and understand different things and build the power of their creativity. Here, at, you can buy all kinds of Barbie dolls and other baby doll toys in a one-stop-shop.

With our baby doll toys, your little one can have a chance to bring home and befriend every girl’s best friend—the Barbie. Also, these girl toys come in various sizes and forms such as a pop star, fantasy doll dressed in ethnic clothes, doctor, and sometimes as a stylist. Furthermore, Barbie sets include lots of different items i.e. changing of clothes, accessories, hair extensions, etc.

Baby doll toys have been a young kids’ best friend ever since their inception. Although, all these years barbies have been redefined to promote the image of the modern world. Moreover, these girl toys have taken hundreds of different roles to encourage young girls to take up different career options.

Get Amazing Boys Toys, Car Toys, And Car Toys For Kids

Boys can be demanding, especially when it comes to buying new toys for kids toys online. But we cannot blame them because we have also done that and been there for most of the time, right? When you were a kid, you had a special corner for boy's toys i.e. car toys despite how many you own already. But, nowadays kids may not be fascinated with the same toys as you were. Because the world we live in today is pretty much fast-paced, it is very important to give your kid something that will help them to have a whale of a time, but also encourage them to explore new things and increase their curiosity as well. So, what kind of toys helps one do all that? Well, there are so many varieties of car toys for kids are available but the most significant one would be to buy remote control toys for them.

You do not have to worry if you do not know anything about these car toys because of Leyjao. pk would help you. By definition—a remote control toy is something that cannot perform any task without automation and need an external control typically via remote which comes with the toy set. Isn’t it a great idea to gift your kid a remote control toy like a car, train, robot, and other action figure!

Kids Mini Electric Water Dispenser Toy
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