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Finding the right baby chair & booster is no easy feat. There are far too many options available online which can leave many parents confused and overwhelmed. New parents aren’t aware of the need to have a baby chair and maybe some will overlook having it altogether. When your baby has reached the stage where you have to teach them how to eat solid food, having a baby chair & booster will be no short of a blessing. Eating can turn into one messy experience and fun at the same time. But the cleaning that follows isn’t something to get excited over. While you want to get the child to eat with the family but putting them in an adult chair isn’t exactly an option yet. This is where the baby chair & booster comes in as it is the perfect way to feed the child and place it next to your chair or the dinner table.

Baby Chair & Booster Offers Better Positioning

The right seat will improve mealtime behaviour which is why you must get the right chair suitable for your little one. The chair must be adjustable so you can change it according to the need. A well-positioned baby chair & booster will allow the child to endure the activity for a longer period. We all know how kids can lose interest and a comfortable chair will make it possible to keep their interest intact.  The best thing about putting your baby into these chairs is how easy it is to clean them rather than putting them on a playmat where you will have to mop the floor and perform more cleaning.

Before you go out to an actual store or online to make a purchase for a baby chair & booster it would help to learn a few basic mechanisms of how to operate it and what factors to look out for. These often get sidelined and many parents realise that their baby doesn’t seem to enjoy sitting in it. Whereas the problem actually is that you bought the wrong product and most importantly it doesn’t provide the right support needed for the baby to sit upright and enjoy the activity.

2 in 1 Rocking Ride for Kids

This is designed to ensure that the child doesn’t lean on either side. A baby chair & booster is a very safe and great way to start feeding the child. In case you feel there isn’t enough support and the baby isn’t able to sit upright you can always add rolled pillow or towel on the sides as this will provide support. For starters don’t leave the child for too long in the baby chair & booster. It is better to do it slowly and gradually. Sitting in this position isn’t very healthy for the toddler if done for too long. We suggest you check the size before purchasing but if it does turn out a little big you can always add some cushion as it will become much more comfortable.

The tray must be placed just in the right position so it is easier for the toddler to reach the food from it. At the end of the day, it is about teaching and making sure the baby learns to eat solid food. Stay away from all baby chair & booster that come with reclining positions. This isn’t a feature you want and a child must never be fed while leaning backwards.

Baby Sofa Floor Seat

These are some of our favourite baby products available at leyjao.pk. They are very popular amongst parents and very practical to use. It promotes good posture and is highly recommended for growing babies. When we evaluated the baby chair & booster, adjustability, ease of cleaning, positioning are some points that this has met. It is a fun sofa seat that the kid will love and will be entertained for hours. It is very easy to clean and quite durable. It is made from material that isn’t toxic for the kid and very skin-friendly. It promotes good sitting dynamics and can be used for the child while eating or during playtime.

This is available on leyjao.pk at a very affordable price point. You can easily order by visiting the website from the comfort of your home. No need to wait in long queues or visit stores. Have the baby chair delivered right to your doorstep within 3-5 working days. If this is your first time buying baby products online always read the reviews so you know exactly what you are going for. Also, check the instructions if there is anything specific that needs to be followed. This allows you to get the right product.

New Booster Seat

These are some of the most popular selling fast baby chair & booster that are not only useful but very easy and practical to use. It is available in colours that will fascinate the child. It has a user-friendly tray and can be cleaned easily. It is designed to provide comfort and stability to the child. There is a footrest and armrest. You can find many brands offering baby chair & booster but you look for those that provide comfortable use. At the end of the day if the child isn’t very keen to stay on it or can’t eat easily so the whole purpose of getting one is wasted. Not to mention your money as well. So make sure you do proper research before buying online. The tray has portions so you can put a variety of food in it. Kids get excited when they sit in it. It is elevated and it gives them a feeling of being a part of the family. This is very essential for the parents to teach kids as it is part of the development process. You can also introduce many exercises and learning time can also be done while the kid is sitting.

Branded PVC Chair for Kids & Adults

Booster seats may come across as a new term for some parents. But it is simply a way to transition a toddler from a high chair. You want the kid to be able to sit with the family on the table at the right height and what better way to teach that through a baby chair & booster. Booster gives more height to the regular chair so the child is able to see their food.

We often are asked when is the right age for the child to get into a booster and there isn’t really a number. It is all a matter of how comfortable the child is and parents can decide accordingly. As a parent you want your baby to be able to sit with the rest of the family during dinner time. This way you can also enjoy your meal and have the child close by instead of leaving them in the nursery or alone on the floor mat. Before you place the child into a baby seat, spend some time to help them understand the mealtime. Since many parents struggle with mealtime behaviour and have to put in the effort.

How to choose the right baby chair & booster

When buying a baby chair & booster you must look for a safety harness. Ensure that it is present and intact. This is the most important thing to look for when making a purchase. It will avoid any accidents. Some are designed with tight spaces and trays which makes cleaning very difficult. The right chair must make cleaning easy and you are able to wipe down food with a cloth. If the chair doesn’t have straps so you must look for some other means of protection. Basically, it is for the safety of the child. As a parent, it isn’t possible to keep eye on the toddler 24/7.

It is very important to check the height of the table or kitchen counter wherever you plan to put the baby chair & booster. Some chairs are short so you want to match them accordingly.

The chair should always be placed as close to the table so the baby isn’t eating at a corner. They must feel like eating with the family as close as possible. Having a tray that can be removed is a great feature. See with the seller if they offer a baby chair & booster with removable trays. Children grow up fast and a time will come when they will outgrow it. So you can later use the chair without the tray while watching tv or doing any activity.

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

  1.     Are your products in compliance with testing standards?

Yes. We only recommend what has been developed with a pediatric dermatologist and all products are in compliance with baby safety standards. Here you will find everything made of 100% BPA-free, phthalate-free, and non-toxic material.

  1. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept COD, VISA, Mastercard, Jazz Cash, Easypaisa.

  1. Are baby skincare products expensive or affordable?

They are not expensive. Everyone can afford them easily as baby essentials are available at affordable prices. And, our baby products are available from various brands, some are from top-notch brands and others are from middle and low tier brands. We have products for all price ranges.

  1.     Where is my order confirmation and/or tracking information?

You will receive an email as soon as your order is placed, and when it is ready to ship. Please check your spam as they often get there or contact us at Call #: 0304 1111 029


  1. Does Leyjao.pk deliver all across Pakistan?

Ans: Yes, they deliver all across Pakistan. You can order your purchase anywhere at any time of the day because their team is available 24/7 to process your order. So, you can get your order as soon as possible. 

  1. In how many days one would get their product?

Ans: Once their team confirms your order then it will only take 3 to 5 working days depending on the location of your area and city. However, they make sure that you get your order within the mention or before that. 

  1. Does Leyjao.pk have any physical store located in Pakistan?

Ans: Leyjao.pk is an online platform. So, it does not have any physical stores but you do not have to worry because their e-store has it all covered. You will find every essential and necessary thing. 

  1. Is there any particular time to order something at Leyjao.pk

There is no particular time to make your order because their team is available 24/7, you can order anything you choose day-in and day-out. You do not have to wait a full night to get your order processed.

  1. Is there any refundable policy?

Refunds will only be entertained in case a buyer receives a product that:

  • Does not match the product image or product description presented in the product catalogue or product page.
  • does not meet the specifications mentioned in the product description
  • is a replica of the product the buyer ordered

Then the buyer is under no obligation to keep the product and can contact Leyjao.pk to exchange or replace the product or receive a refund after the mutual consent of Leyjao.pk and the buyer.




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