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Led Emergency Desk Lamp Torchlight (Dp-9035)

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  • blue、orange Model: DP-9035B
  • 3W Torch
  • 1.2W Desk lamp
  • Power charging plug
  • Soft/Strong light
  • Technical Parameters
  • Model No: DP-9035B
  • Battery Capacity: 800mAh
  • Voltage: AC 100—240V 50/60Hz
  • Current: AC 0.08A 0.5W
  • Using Time: 5/10 Hours
  • Power Factor: 0.1
  • Charging Time: 12 Hours
  • Power: 3W+1.2W
  • Made In China


  Put the plug into the AC 100—240V~ power socket. When the indicator is on, 

the battery is recharging and it needs about 12 hours to recharge.  

Soft light or strong light can be chosen by pushing the switch. Open the desk lamp panel that using the desk lamp function.

After being fully charged, the battery could be used 10 hours for flashlight function,

the battery could be used 5 hours for desk lamp function.

When the light becomes weak during using, that means the battery is in lack of power. At this moment, stop using it and recharge it in time so as to protect the battery. Recharge it before the light is completely invisible, otherwise it will cause damage to the battery.

Frequent use is required, long-time none use is unadvisable. If you don’t use it very often, please recharge it every 3 months, or the battery’s life-span will be shortened.
Do not use it while it’s recharging so as to avoid damaging the internal components.
Do not point the light to eyes directly, or it will affect eyesight. Children must be supervised under adults before using it.
Keep it away from rain and dampness.
Keep it away from the explosives and inflammables while it is charging.
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Battery Capacity:
800 mAh
Charging Time:
12 hours
multi color
emergency light
Dp - 9035
High Quality
2 - 3 Days
torch light
Voltage - Current:
100-240 50/60hz
7 Days Replacement Warranty

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