Aloe Vera Soothing Gel Face Sheet Mask - 92% Aloe Extracts By Bioaqua


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  • Wrapped Moisturizing. Supplements Skin With Essential Moisture, Leaving It Soft And Moisturized.
  • Oil Control. Oily Skin Is A Result Of Overactive Sebaceous Glands. While We Can’t Change Our Genetics, With Bioaqua Products, You Can Get Your Oily Skin Under Control.
  • Shrink Pores. Helps To Eliminate Dryness Of The Skin And Keep Your Skin's Elasticity And Firmness.
  • Skin Nourishment. Gently To The Skin. Quickly Absorbs And Contains Natural Ingredients. Nourishes Skin, Making The Skin Soft, Delicate And Smooth.
  • Natural Herbal Skin Care With Aloe Vera Natural Plant Has Healing Properties. Moisture, Oozing From The Cut Stem Helps To Heal Wounds. Aloe Vera Contains Moisturizing Extracts. Gentle Tonic Nourishes Skin With Moisture, Making It Flawless And Smooth.
  • The Gel-mask With Plant Extracts Is Moisturizing. The Gel-mask Contains Aloe Vera Extract, Has A Moisturizing Effect, Makes Skin Tender And Moist. Aloe Vera Contains Moisturizing Ingredients, Helps To Replenish Skin With Essential Moisture.

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Soothing Gel Face Sheet Mask
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