Jamun Extract For Sugar Control 90 Capsule

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  • ?Nutriherbs Jamun Extract Capsule are enriched with multi-nutrient benefits
  • Jamun Capsule have the correct combination of essential nutrients with fewer calories
  • The presence of flavonoids, essential oils, and organic acids like malic acid and oxalic acid makes it beneficial in managing many health conditions
  • ?The enzymes in Jamun extract may help promote hemoglobin production and thus may support the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to all cells of the body
  • Jamun seed Capsule may support the health and of the cardiovascular system
  • Jamun extract Capsule may also help maintain proper blood pressure in the body
  • ?Jamun seed extract Capsule are a great dietary supplement that contains flavonoids and phenolic compounds which may help in the easy detox of the body and may help to get rid of harmful substances or free radicals from the body
  • Our sugar control Jamun Capsule may help in improving the metabolism
  • Jamun seed Capsule are densely packed with fibers that keep you full for a longer duration and thus suppresses appetite and this dietary supplement may help in effective weight management in men and women
  • ?Jamun Capsule are considered to be a blood cleanser that may help clean the system and promote healthy circulation of blood and oxygen through the body
  • Jamun is also known to be antibacterial
  • This may promote healthy skin and may also be helpful for blood glucose regulation in the body
  • It may also improve energy and stamina level and helps in detoxification
  • ?Dosage: It is recommended to take one Jamun extract capsule, two times a day, before meals, or as directed by your healthcare professional
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