Uplift your Mood by listening to music through hand free:

Music provides energy. It keeps you motivated, even increase your concentration and keep you intact with your work by isolating you from distractions. However, it all comes to by what sounding equipment you are listening to music. Handsfree are best thing to listen to high quality music without any distractions. They are perfect to let you enjoy the music in every condition due to their built-in designs and plethora of great features that set them apart from the rest of other sounding equipment. These hand free headsets amplify the sound, clear the distortions, limit the volume, have fine tips to stay in your ears even during fast movements, and have many other features that boost your music listening experience like no one else.


There are many types of hands free including neckband handsfree, wired handsfree, in-ear hand free, on-ear hand free, and handsfree with clips. All of these handsfree have different specifications and are designed for different purposes to cater to the music listening needs of various user categories.

Many handsfree feature a modern technology to clear the surrounding distortions & extra noise from your music. For a premium listening experience, there is nothing better than these hands free. Whether you are listening to popular news from world, enjoying a recently released song by your favorite artist, or hearing a talk show, these handsfree create an opposite wave by measuring the noise around you and eliminate all the noise to ensure you can enjoy a noise-free listening experience. This feature of handsfree distinguishes them from other sounding devices that have no active noise cancellation features.


Handsfree are always a great choice if you want to hear music during your workout sessions. They are designed with fine tips having subwoofers joints to stay in your ears while you are lifting heavy weights, doing calisthenics movements, or even working on explosive movements. Some hands free are designed with clips over the ears that roll over your ears and save you from the hassles of setting the hand free all the time during an exercise.


A great music experience will become perfect when it comes to extra utilities. Keeping this fact in mind, handsfree come up with built-in voice assistants or designed to work with voice assistant services like Apple Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. You can control your music playback, answer your calls, check messages, and use apps without using your phone through these handsfree while you are driving or carrying out another activity. If you are on the go, these handsfree are a perfect way to enjoy music while controlling your multi-media device or cell phone.


Usually, both wired and neckband handsfree feature a built-in microphone that allows you to answer calls while listening to music and use voice commands without taking your phone out of pocket. Wired hands free mostly have a microphone attached with volume limiting buttons and attached to the cord so you can easily use it during a hard HIIT workout session. However, neckband handsfree have an easier-to-use microphone as they can be found on the neckband itself.



Browse a large variety of handsfree available at Leyjao.pk and buy the best you require

Looking for handsfree having all such features for a true music listening experience? Leyjao.pk is a one-stop-shop for all audio devices, sounding equipment, Computer & smartphone accessories, fashion trends, and many more things. A massive variety of handsfree of various brands having different features are available here. They are all great, designed with superb quality features, possess extra-efficiency, big warranties, sound amplification & noise cancellation features, and all other qualities that are urging you to buy a hand free. A multitude of hands free are available here that are categorized according to their usage, so you can easily find your required one. Depending upon what you want to do with your hand free, you can find it here for sure. Browse from our quick list of a few of our hand free categories to discover the one that suits your needs:


Regular Handsfree:

Using a regular wired hand free to enjoy lo-fi music can help you a lot. Therefore, we at leyjao.pk have a seemingly endless array of handsfree that can distance you from the distractions of the workplace and help you listen to regular level of music. All these models are designed with a noise cancellation effect so you can enjoy the light music without any distractions. Plus, our range of handsfree also includes in-ear handsfree that isolate you from outside sounds while keeping your music private.

Long Chord Handsfree:

These handsfree are available in different colors, models, and qualities at Leyjao.pk. They are all great with surround sound, noise cancellation, and sound amplification so you can enjoy your music video at home without the noise of children, pets, vacuum cleaners, and blenders. These handsfree allow you to easily watch TV with the perfect sound quality from a long distance without disturbing others because they have long chords that you can connect with your TV easily. A wide variety of long wired handsfree are available here. IF you don’t have a home theater but want to get the feel of watching a movie in a cinema while at home, these handsfree are perfect for you. Shop them now and get fast shipping all across Pakistan.

Stylish Hand free:

Style differentiate you from others. Thus, for the ultimate music experience with extra style, leyjao.pk offers a massive variety of stylish handsfree that have built-in boom-mounted microphones, RGB lights, neckbands, and other style features to let you communicate easily , listen music while show off your personality. These handsfree also provide a deep bass response and have virtual multichannel surround capability to let you enjoy the ultimate music experience. A huge range of these handsfree is also available with RGB lights and customized stickers to provide a true stylish feel.


Handsfree with Neckbands

These handsfree have neckbands to hold them in place while you are active. A huge range of handsfree with neckbands is available at Leyjao.pk. This range includes most of the Bluetooth handsfree, premium quality in-ear and over-ear handsfree having long-lasting battery life. Most of these handsfree have neckband-mounted microphones so you can answer calls and use voice commands to control your music playlist without slowing down your activities.


Hand free Price in Pakistan:

Handsfree models vary from each other. As their features are different from each other, hand free prices in Pakistan are also different and vary from model to model & brand to brand. However, users of handsfree may want to get maximum features while staying at the minimum budget. This is not an easy task to categorize handsfree in such a way that they provide all the required features to the users at a minimal price. However, at leyjao.pk, our well-qualified experts work with our experienced marketing analysts to assure the class of our targeted audience, their required features in a hand free, their average budget, and their choices of brands. After analyzing all these stats & figures, they categorize all the available hand free options in such a way that customers will get all the required features such as sound amplification, noise cancellation, long battery life of wireless hand free, strong Bluetooth connectivity, and built-in microphones while staying within their budget. For the ease of users, we also provide search filters on top of this page in which they can put in their minimum price range to maximum price range, and our user-friendly interface will show them all the hand free options falling in their budget range having all the features that a user wants in a headset. This feature sets apart leyjao.pk from its competitors and makes it a customer-centric company that cares what their customer needs. So, no matter what the hand free price in Pakistan is, you can find your required handsfree without breaking your banks and enjoy the ultimate music listening experience. All handsfree for kids, handsfree for work, hand free for fitness fanatics, Handsfree for women, and handsfree for travel are available here at Leyjao.pk. You can also browse Handsfree with the category they relate to like handsfree with microphone, wired handsfree, wireless handsfree, and Bluetooth handsfree. Having such an ultimate endless range of handsfree makes Leyjao.pk a one-stop-shop for music lovers to buy sounding equipment while staying within their budget. We are working with verified sellers that why you will always get genuine products whenever you place your order with Leyjao.pk. We provide fast shipping throughout Pakistan so you can get your products delivered to your doorstep in a minimum time frame of 5-10 days depending upon your location. We never let you down in terms of product quality but if you still face any kind of issue, our supportive customer care representatives are always available to help you out in every kind of situation.

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