L-Glutamine Proper Nutrition Powder 100G

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  • Glutamine Is The Most Abundant Free Amino Acid Circulating In The Blood As Well As Stored In The Skeletal Muscles
  • Glutamine Is A Diverse Amino Acid That Is Utilized In Numerous Vital Functions
  • It Is Necessary For Rapidly Dividing Cells, Including Those Of The Gut And Immune System
  • It Is Also Used As An Energy Source In Mitochondria, 180 And Is A Precursor Of The Brain Neurotransmitter Glutamate
  • Glutamine Is Also Needed For Optimal Nucleotide Biosynthesis And Protein Synthesis
  • The Function Of Glutamine In Stimulating Glycogen Synthase, The Enzyme Which Controls The Synthesis And Storage Of Glycogen Fuel In Muscles And Liver, May Provide A Mechanism By Which Glutamine Supplements Promote Enhanced Fuel Stores
  • Glutamine Is An Important Fuel For Some Immune Cells, Such As Lymphocytes And Macrophages, That May Have Specific Immunostimulatory Effects
  • People That Do Heavy Exercising Can Lower Their Glutamine Levels Causing Stress To Their Body And Immune Systems
  • For That Reason, Supplementing With Glutamine Can Be Important To A Serious Athlete, Someone Challenged With Muscle Loss, Or Who Wants To Help Maintain Optimal Immune Function Under Heavy Stress
  • Glutamine Supplements Cause A Rapid Rise In Cellular Glutamine Levels And Glutamine Stores In Muscle
  • About This Article
  • Essential For Muscle Recovery And Wound Healing
  • Boosts The Immune System
  • Ideal For Digestive Health
  • Ingredients
  • Lglutamine Amount Per Serving 1
  • 95 G% Daily Value , Other Ingredients None
  • Nongmo
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