American almond price in Pakistan

American almonds are considered to be one of the top-selling types of badam in Pakistan.  This is also not so expensive as compared to other almond types available in Pakistan. American almonds price in Pakistan vary from season to season, but if we talk about the average, it’s nearly Rs 2800/- per kilogram. American almonds are available in different packs with different weightage. These packs are available at with 100 grams, 200 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams, and 1 kg packs. Buy these high-quality almonds at discounted rates. The price is lower than the physical market.

If you are one who prefers American almonds over other types, you have come to the right destination. On this page, you will be able to get American badam in every size of packing. Below, we will provide you with all the information regarding American badam of every size packing and the price in different cities like Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Multan, and Faisalabad. We will also add the health benefits of American almonds. By reading the below content, you will be able to know about American badam price in Pakistan in every pack. Let’s move towards it.

Types and Packs of American almonds in Pakistan

There is a wide choice of American almonds offered for purchase in Pakistan, including American badam Giri, American almond softshell, American hardshell badam, and premium quality almonds imported from the United States. Let's take each of them in turn and talk about them.

American badam giri price in Pakistan

High-quality American almonds are available at You can get them at the lowest prices compared to the physical market. American almonds 1000 gram price in Pakistan is Rs, 2800/-. You can buy American almonds without shells in 250-gram and 500-gram packing.

180g American Almond Plastic Shaker

180-gram American almonds' giri is also available at with high quality. If we talk about its price, the price of this shaker in Pakistan is just Rs 692/-. This is the lowest rate ever offered by any online selling platform in Pakistan. These almonds are of premium quality hardly found elsewhere in Pakistan.

American giri badam 250 gram price in Pakistan

On this platform, you can also purchase American giri almonds packaged in increments of a 1/4 kilogram. For only Rs 700, you can get your hands on this premium quality pack of American badam that does not come with a shell. These almonds come in very nice packaging for their retail.

American giri badam 500 gram price in Pakistan

These 100% original premium quality American almonds are also available. The price of this pack is Rs 1759. If you are trying to find these almonds in the physical market, there is a lot of hassle. Buy this from above without worrying because these are always quality checks at

American badam 1 kg price in Pakistan

American badam giri is available in Pakistan with high-quality packaging. The price of these almonds is high because the quality is premium. You can buy American badam 1 kg without a shell for just Rs, 2800/-. This rate is only at

Premium quality American badam

Almonds are always categorized quality-wise. Low-quality almonds even in America are always cheaper. But at, you can buy premium quality almonds with beautiful packs of different sizes at discount rates. You don’t need to buy from the physical market because always brings the best quality almonds for customers.

American Almonds Price in Different Cities

The price of American badam varies in different cities of Pakistan. The price varies because of transport charges added to the original price. Let’s talk about American almond giri price in different cities of Pakistan.

American badam giri price in Karachi

Karachi is the most populated city in Pakistan and is also situated in the last corner of the country. American almonds price in Karachi is higher than that of Lahore and Islamabad. However, you don’t need to get worried because the price difference is very slight. Get American badam 1 kg at your doorstep without hassle.

American badam giri price in Islamabad

When measured in kilograms or half a kilogram, the price of American almonds in Islamabad is slightly less than what one would pay in Karachi for the same quantity. The majority of people in Islamabad get their groceries and other necessities for daily life from online marketplaces rather than going to traditional stores. Take advantage of our discounted American badam giri. The price in Rawalpindi and Islamabad are the same.

American badam giri price in Lahore

Lahore is one of the major cities of Pakistan. Everything including groceries is brought to Lahore at decent costs. If you are one who lives in Lahore. Premium quality American badam rate in Lahore is Rs 2799/- at online platforms but over three thousand rupees in physical markets. Get premium badam at lower rates from above.

Badam Rate in Different Provinces of Pakistan

If we talk about the provinces of Pakistan, the American badam giri price in KPK is a bit lower because almonds are grown in some areas of KPK and Gilgit Baltistan. Those types give competition to American almonds. The American badam price in Punjab is the 2nd number after Khayber. The price in Sindh is also high, but Baluchistan enjoys the lowest rates. Quetta and ziarat are considered to be 2 hubs of Balochistan in fresh and dry fruits. No matter whether you live in which region of Pakistan, get dry fruits, nuts, and other grocery products at the lowest rates from our platform.

How to Buy American Almonds Online in Pakistan?

Customers who purchase online products have significantly higher expectations than in the past. Modern consumers are well aware of what they require and when they will require it. As a result, they prefer to collaborate with companies that provide them with context and information rather than those that send them one-way marketing messages. Our platform is the best place to buy online badam. Here, people can get online badam at lower rates than in the physical market.

That was not an easy task before covid pandemic because people didn’t believe in buying online items, but now, all of this became easy and trustworthy. is one of the top marketplaces from where you can buy badam online with reasonable rates, and high quality, and facilitates the best ever customer service. You can buy online badam in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, or any other city or town. Just place an order and get it.

Bottom Lines

Almonds are highly nutritious nuts contain protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. American almonds are the most popular ones around the world. However, in Pakistan, premium quality almonds are only found at If you are one who is bothered to find the best quality badam in Pakistan, get them from at the cheapest rates. This platform facilitates customers with the fastest delivery at your doorstep and accepts online payments. You can also select the cash on delivery option to pay when the product is received.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What is the rate of American almonds in Pakistan?

American Almonds giri can be bought in Pakistan at, where they cost Rs. 400 per 100. We ship to Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Faisalabad, so you can buy American Almonds online and save time.

What is the benefit of American badam?

Almonds have a lot of fiber, protein, magnesium, and vitamin E. They also have a lot of healthy fats. Almonds are good for your health in many ways, like lowering blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol. They can help you lose weight as well as make you feel fuller for longer.

What is the difference between Mamra almonds and American almonds?

California almonds have more protein and vitamins A, B, and E than Mamra almonds. Compared to almonds from America, Kashmiri Mamra almonds have more fat. The Kashmiri Mamra variety of almonds has more cars than the American variety. Kashmiri Mamra almonds have more calories than American badam.

What's the difference between California almonds and American almonds?

The Mamra almond is smaller, less sweet, and has a thicker shell than the California almond. Because of its mild taste and thin shell, the California almond is sometimes called the "sweet" almond. They are a common ingredient in candies, cookies, cakes, and other sweets.

Why American almonds are so expensive?

American almonds are checked to make sure they are safe to eat, and then they are packed and sent to stores all over the world. These Almonds are often more expensive than other nuts like peanuts because they take longer and take more work to grow.

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