Flash Drive 16GB USB 2.0 with Speed Data Transfer and Easy Connectivity
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ColorBlack + Silver QualityHigh Quality Storage Capacity16GB TypeUSB Drive Warranty7 Days Replacement Warranty
ColorSilver QualityHigh Quality Storage Capacity4GB TypeUSB Drive Warranty7 Days Replacement Warranty
16GB OTG USB with Ultra-Fast Performance, Easy Data Transfer, and High Quality Speed
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8GB USB with Light Weight, Portability, 130MB/S Transfer Speed and Metal Body
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USB Device 32 Gb with Fast Speed, Easy Sharing, Connectivity and Stylish Design
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QualityBranded Storage Capacity32GB TypeUSB Warranty7 Days Replacement Warranty
ColorBlack QualityBranded Quantity1 Piece Storage Capacity32GB TypeUSB Flash Drive

Store & Share data with ultimate convenient through high quality USB drives

USB is one of the most proficient, advanced, and portable kinds of flash memory that help you keep your information stored with additional security so it can be transferred and displayed to other systems with immense ease and convenience. In comparison to other storage devices, USBs are smaller in size, portable, inexpensive, and fast in transferring data.

Want to transfer a large file from your personal computer to your official one but don’t find a way to do it conveniently? Need to print a file but searching a way that how to send this file to the printer shop as it is not possible through a social media or messenger medium? Don’t worry at all. USB can help you out in this situation. The best feature of USBs is that they enable you to transfer large files from one system to another or move data from systems to printers, TVs, gaming consoles, routers, and a lot more other devices. As USB stands for Universal Serial Bus, it can be used universally on any modern system. You just need to put it in the USB port of your personal computer, drag and drop a file into its folder and you are ready to carry a file anywhere in the world.


The compatibility USBs have is matchless in any case. If they seem not a suitable USB device for your computer, they probably have an additional connection that helps you connect it to any computer or any other device. Like if you have a device with a squared-off USB-A port, but your USB comes up with a rounded c port, you may find a connector easily that helps you connect this USB to your computer. You can also get a connector that allows you to connect a USB with your smartphone, tablet, and MacBook with immense ease. Some of the latest universal serial busses even come with secondary Lightning connectors to plug them into iPhones and transfer files there.

Getting late from your work and want to transfer a file from your laptop to take it to your workplace? There is nothing faster than a USB to transfer a file. USB memory sticks are much faster read and write speed than any other storage device like CD, floppy disks. Even USB's own speed of transferring data is evolving and improving day by day, thanks to the new protocols, memory chips, and storage costs. For a matter of few bucks, you can carry large files of 2TB with you anywhere else.0

Thinking about the expenses of transferring huge data from one place to another? No issue at all. USBs are inexpensive options to keep and transfer data. As they can be easily scaled and can be manufactured at a very low cost, they are not too much expensive like other storage devices. Their prices may vary from each other depending upon their storage capacity, and quality of memory sticks but in all terms, they are easily affordable to people with low budgets and help a lot in transferring data without any hassles and breaking your banks.

Are you transferring a small file to your friend’s computer and OOPS! You lost an internet connection and file sharing has been stopped. What will you do now? Get a USB and there is no need for internet connections or wires. You can carry your files to your friend’s house on your own and enjoy a cup of coffee together while the file transfer doesn’t remain an issue. However, USB flash drives don’t require any internet connection for transferring data, they have relatively high-speed transfer rates. But it all depends on the quality of memory sticks, protocols, and USB version, and hardware bus of USB you are using for this task.

There is nothing to worry about the storage capacity of USBs. They are getting advanced and improved with every passing day. During the initial stages of USB, they are expensive, have a very short lifespan, and have very small storage space. But nowadays, either you want to transfer 4K movies or short funny clips or documents in large numbers. USBs can help you transfer data of up to 2TB without any additional burden of carrying external hardware devices like hard disks in the instances of large storage capacities.


Getting frustrated with carrying the burdens of heavy external storage devices for keeping your important data with you all the time during working hours? Get advantage of the portability that USB offers. They are really easy to carry, small in size, light in weight, and is a stylish way to transfer and keep your data all along. You can keep them in pockets, properly place them in your bags, put them in your keychain or keep them with you all the time without any inconvenience. They are perfect to replace hard drives and tablets that may store data but require a large amount of space to be in your bags that may cause inconvenience.

The security of data USBs offer is matchless. They are less prone to mechanical shocks, scratches, dust, and exposure to other factors. Due to mechanical shocks, you can lose all your data saved in a hard drive but in USB the case is not the same. It is safe to keep and take a USB anywhere without any fear of losing your important data. Unlike CDs and DVDs, USBs are not vulnerable to scratches and exposure to magnetic fields so they are a perfect way to keep and store data for a long time with complete security.

Worried about how to run a newly purchased USB drive on your system? Thinking about installing the best drivers to run a USB flash drive without any issue? Literally, there is no need of installing device drivers or running new compatibility software for using a USB storage device. Peripheral USB devices have auto configurations so that when they are plugged into your system, they will be automatically loading their drivers that have to be installed once and you don’t have to install them separately or every time you need to use a USB flash drive.

Browse from a massive range of USBs available here at Leyjao.pk and order your required one now!

Searching for such USBs that have all the aforementioned features and great qualities in them? You are obviously at the right place to get them at affordable prices with convenient ordering and fast delivery. Leyjao.pk is a one-stop shop for all storage devices, flash drives, Computer & smartphone accessories, hardware, and many more things. A massive variety of USBs of various brands having different features are available here. They are all great, designed with superb quality features, possess extra-efficiency, big warranties, long lifespan, premium memory sticks & great protocols, and all other qualities that are tempting you to buy a USB. A multitude of USBs is available here that are categorized according to their storage capacity and other qualities, so you can easily find your required one. Depending upon what you want to do with your USB, you can find it here for sure. Browse from our quick list of a few of our USB categories to discover the one that suits your needs:



Cost-Effective USB flash Drives

Get your huge data stored & share it in minutes to another computer or device without breaking your banks through our cost-effective USB flash drive selection. Perfect for people with a low budget, our affordable USB flash drives offer all the standard universal serial bus features, but due to their low price, they are an ideal option to transfer & keep large data for users that are unable to purchase high-end hard drives and expensive tablets to keep their files and data all along with them all the time. With good protocols, true quality memory sticks, and high portability, you can keep your files safe and secure, carry them anywhere else without the burden of large hardware devices. Whether you want to share video files of a wedding ceremony or want to transfer your personal computer data to your official laptop, you can do all this on your fingertips without disturbing your monthly budget through our massive variety of reasonably priced USB flash drives.

USB memory sticks by Storage Capacity:

Whether you want to share small video clips of up to 400MB to your friend's system or need a device to keep large yet important data of 97GB or more with you during a business trip to another country, you can do all these things with immense ease and convenience through our large variety of USB flash drives available in different storage capacities. From 2GB to 4GB, 8GB to 16GB, 128GB to 512GB, and 1TB to 2TB, USB memory sticks in all storage capacities are available here at Leyjao.pk. All of them are designed by well-known brands, possess good quality, durability, compatibility, and high-quality protocols to share data at high speed and efficiency. Choose the best one according to your storage needs, buy it and get it delivered to your doorstep through our quick & swift shipping services all over Pakistan.

USB flash drives with Auto-Configurations:

Get your data transferred without any complicated setups and sophisticated driver installations through our massive collection of USB flash drives with auto-configuration. Perfect for fast data transfers and maximum time savings, these memory buses are ideal to use if you don’t want to face hassles of complex procedures and useless installations on your computer. Just plug these USB devices in the port of your computer and let them do their own procedures. Their drivers will automatically start installing in your system and in a matter of minutes, you are able to share data at a high speed of up to 100Mbs depending on USB version and port type.

USB drives by Physical Size:

From small to large and from stylish to simple, a huge variety of USB drives in a variety of sizes, styles, and shapes are available here at Leyjao.pk. Get small USB drives if you want more portability. They are perfect for you if you also want to use the adjoining ports. A USB with a big size may block the way to plug any other device in an adjoining USB port. From our huge collection of USB drives, choose stylish USB flash drives if you want to keep them with you all the time so they will mark a good impression on onlookers and makes you a more stylish & sophisticated personality.


USB Price in Pakistan:

USB types vary from each other due to their connector type, versions, and many other things. As their features vary from each other, USB prices in Pakistan also vary from model to model & brand to brand. However, users of USB drives may want to get maximum features while staying at the lowest budget. This is not an easy task to categorize USB drives in such a way that they provide all the required features to the users at the lowest price. However, at leyjao.pk, our well-qualified experts work with our experienced marketing analysts to assure the class of our targeted audience, their required features in a USB, their average budget, and their choices of brands. After analyzing all these stats & figures, they categorize all the available USB options in such a way that customers will get all the required features such as enhanced portability, compatibility, long life span, and good transfer speed while staying within their budget. For the ease of users, we also provide search filters on top of this page in which they can put in their minimum price range to maximum price range, and our user-friendly interface will show them all the USB options falling in their budget range having all the features that a user wants in a Universal Serial Bus. This feature sets apart leyjao.pk from its competitors and makes it a customer-centric company that cares what their customer needs. So, no matter what the USB price in Pakistan is, you can find your required USB flash drives without breaking your banks and enjoy the ultimate data-sharing experience. All USB drives for data transfer, USB drives by portability, USB for by versions, USB drives by connectors, and USB drives for style are available here at Leyjao.pk. You can also browse USB drives with the category they relate to like USB drives with high speed, USB drives with type C connector, USB drives with standard connector, and Slim USBs. Having such an ultimate endless range of USB flash drives makes Leyjao.pk a one-stop shop for tech lovers to buy flash drives while staying within their budget. We are working with verified sellers that why you will always get genuine products whenever you place your order with Leyjao.pk. We provide fast shipping throughout Pakistan so you can get your products delivered to your doorstep in a minimum time frame of 5-10 days depending upon your location. We never let you down in terms of product quality but if you still face any kind of issue, our supportive customer care representatives are always available to help you out in every kind of situation.

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