Listen to your favorite music with convenience through earbuds:

Before the invention of earbuds, people listen to music through big, heavyweight and funky colored headphones. The sound quality headphone delivers is good but they are not so convenient to be used at any place of anytime. However, earbuds are totally different from headphones. They are small in size, perfectly fits in ears, really portable and very easy to carry along anywhere. They can be used at any place and at any time. They are not heavy on ears, don’t strain ears, deliver high quality sound with deep base, and clearance from ambient sounds.

They are ideal to let you enjoy the music in every condition due to their built-in convenient to wear in-ear design and multitude of other great features that distinguish them apart from other audio devices.


No one denies the concerns when it comes to listen pure soulful music. A little bit of harsh, ambient or surrounding noise can ruin the whole music listening experience. But the modern technology used in earbuds can save you from this nightmare. Earbuds are designed in such a way that they perfectly fits in the ears and isolate them from any surrounding noise. For more premium listening experience, earbuds are designed with the hi-tech feature of noise cancellation that eliminate all the distortions, surrounding noises and ambient sounds to provide you better music and sound. So, no matter, you want to listen a high bass song of your artist or listening to a reverbed old song, these earbuds with noise cancellation feature let you experience ultimate music listening experience like never before.


Due to their sleek design, light weight and convenient fit into ears, earbuds are always a great choice to listen an upbeat music during workouts and fitness activities. Their in-ear sleek design make them a perfect thing to listen music during explosive movements like rope skipping, frog jumping, jumping jacks, burpees and mountain climbers. They stay fit in your ears, delivers you high quality stereo sound during workout and keep you motivated during whole workout session.


Listening to music in rain gives the true music lover vibes and boost the mood like never before If you are a music-loving person then you know how beautiful the experience of listening to music while walking in the rain is. Here, premium quality earbuds come into play. They are designed with such material that resist splashes of water and sweat while keep your music running in same quality. You can use these earbuds to listen to music during rain and they can resist water from destroying their capabilities of providing you a great music experience.


Music experience will be multiplied when you are able to control your cell phone or multi-media device with same sounding equipment you are using to hear music. Keeping this in view, earbuds are the best thing to listen music while controlling your device and changing songs without operating your phone. Many earbuds have fingerprint touch sensors. You can use google assistant, Apple Siri and Alexa of Amazon by touching both of the earpieces for some seconds. You can control the volume with these touch earbuds. In most cases, touching right earpiece increase volume and left one decreases it. However, other earbuds have some buttons on them. You can control the volume, answer call and change songs with buttons on these earbuds.


Earbuds are designed with built-in microphone but it is not like headphones. The microphone in earbuds can be used to answer calls and carrying out conversations with friends during games. Furthermore, earbuds have a long battery life when compared to wireless headphones. They come up with a charging case that allow you to charge earbuds more than 3 times. First you have to charge the case and put earbuds in it. Your earbuds will automatically charge and let you enjoy music for 4 to 5 hours continuously. The charging case do the same work for earbuds that a power bank do for cell phones. So, if you want to listen music during long travels, earbuds are best choice for you.


Discover a massive variety of earbuds available at and buy your required one 


Searching for earbuds at low prices having all such features? is a one-stop-shop for all audio devices, sounding equipment, Computer & smartphone accessories, fashion trends, and many more things. An endless array of earbuds of various brands having different features are available here. They are all great, designed with superb quality features, possess extra-efficiency, big warranties, efficient battery life, sound amplification & noise cancellation features, and all other qualities that are tempting you to buy a pair of earbud. A multitude of earbuds are available here that are categorized according to their features, so you can easily find your required one. Depending upon what you want to do with your earbud, you can find it here for sure. Browse from our quick list of a few of our earbud categories to discover the one that suits your needs:


Earbuds with Perfect fit and Water Resistance

During a workout session, a person can perform better if stay motivated during the whole session and an upbeat music can do this for you. So, turn the pump on, let your blood rush to your muscles, lift heavy and get the best out of your workout by listening to high bass music during workout through earbuds. No matter, how much you are sweating or how much explosive movements you are doing, earbuds are made water & sweat resistant and their tips are designed in such a way that stay fit into the ears. A huge range of such earbuds is available at This range includes most of the premium quality in-ear earbuds having long-lasting battery life. Most of these earbuds have touch controls so you can answer calls and use voice commands to control your music playlist without slowing down your sprint or HIIT workout.

Earbuds with High Bass:

Earbuds designed with stereo sounding are best for users that want to experience high bass without any distortion, high frequency, and unparalleled sound quality. These earbuds are available in different colors, models, and qualities at They are all great with surround sound, noise cancellation, and sound amplification so you can enjoy your music video at home without the noise of children, pets, vacuum cleaners, and blenders. Shop them now and get fast shipping all across Pakistan.


Earbuds with long lasting battery

Most people want to listen songs & beats for a long time and they hate to untangle the chords of their headphones and hands free. Earbuds with long lasting battery life are perfect option for such users. To deliver the most accurate and premium quality sounds to you for a long time span, we have a seemingly endless array of premium quality earbuds with good life batteries and charging cases. These earbuds have such charging cases that allow you to charge earbuds for almost 5 times. Here at they are available in large numbers, you choose whatever suits your needs.


Earbuds with Noise Cancellation:

If you want to avoid distractions and hindrance from your work during productive hours of your day, you can get advantage of listening a lo-fi music through earbuds having great noise cancellation and sound amplification feature. Therefore, we at have a seemingly endless array of earbuds with noise cancellation that isolate your ears from all the surrounding sounds and ambient noises to give you ultimate music listening experience.

Earbud Price in Pakistan:

Having multitude of features, earbud models vary from each other. As their features differentiate them from others, earbud prices in Pakistan also vary from model to model & brand to brand. However, music lovers and users of earbuds may want to get maximum features while staying at the lowest budget. This is not an easy task to categorize earbuds in such a way that they provide all the required features to the users at lowest possible price. However, at, our well-qualified experts work with our well-versed & experienced marketing analysts to assure the class of our targeted audience, what features they require in earbuds, their average budget, and their choices of brands. After analyzing all these stats & figures, they categorize all the available earbud options in such a way that customers will get all the required features such as sound amplification, noise cancellation, long battery life, good quality charging case and built-in microphones while staying within their budget. For the ease of users, we also provide search filters on top of this page in which they can put in their minimum price range to maximum price range, and our user-friendly interface will show them all the earbud options falling in their budget range having all the features that a user wants in a headset. This feature sets apart from its competitors and makes it a customer-centric company that cares what their customer needs. So, no matter what the earbud price in Pakistan is, you can find your required earbuds without breaking your banks and enjoy the ultimate music listening experience. All earphones for kids, earbuds for work, earphones for fitness fanatics, Earbuds for women, and earbuds for travel are available here at You can also browse Earbuds with the category they relate to like earbuds with fingerprint sensors, earbuds with charging case, water resistant earbuds, and perfect tip earbuds. Having such an ultimate endless range of earbuds makes a one-stop-shop for music lovers to buy sounding equipment while staying within their budget. We are working with verified sellers that’s why you will always get genuine products whenever you place your order with We provide fast shipping throughout Pakistan so you can get your products delivered to your doorstep in a minimum time frame of 5-10 days depending upon your location. We never let you down in terms of product quality but if you still face any kind of issue, our supportive customer care representatives are always available to help you out in every kind of situation.

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